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Painted Red (chapter 21 of "My Backwards Fairytale)

Short story By: neji chan

Confusion is running rampant within Kaori's head. What on earth is going on with Ryo?!

Submitted:Mar 7, 2009    Reads: 99    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

"Ry-Ryo!" I stammered whilst pushing him away. I was too shocked to speak a full sentence. "I-I have to go to school!" I shouted as I raced toward the door, only to be stopped by a hand round my wrist. I struggled against the restraint, but to no avail. "Kaori-chan, please…I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. " I turned my head slightly so I was now looking at his face. I stared into his now-yellow eyes which were apologetic. I pulled my wrist from his hand and left for school. Thoughts swam freely within my cranium as I sat on the crowded school bus' brown, leathery seats. Some were optimistic, others pessimistic, but all perplexing. Maybe Ryo was being honest when he said he didn't want to kill anymore.
That idea was slashed instantly once I reached my destination. At first, all was normal. I descended the bus, stepping carefully on the steep steps and making sure not to trip. I walked toward the building, absent-mindedly staring at my books, when an infuriated yell-A rather familiar yell spoke my name. Curious to see who the voice belonged to; I shifted my eyes in the direction of the sound. What I saw was enough to make me pass out. To the right of the school's main entrance stood Ryo with his fist through Ani's abdomen. He roughly pulled his hand out, resulting in a blood-curdling screech and a puddle of blood. Ani fell to the ground and lay pale and still. Ani-My dearest friend was dead.
My books dropped to the ground with a "thud" and tears ran freely from my eyes, staining my cheeks. Instinctively, whilst blinded by rage and confusion, I ran towards the scene. "Ani!" I cried, desperately searching for some-any signs of life. When I found none, I hugged her corpse close to my body and wept hysterically. "Ryo, how could you? I thought you weren't going to kill anymore! I thought you said you loved me-Well, is this what you call love!?" Tears now fogged my image. He let out a dark, amused chuckle-A chuckle similar to when he fought Akimitsu in cold blood. "I gave you a chance Kaori-san; I confessed my love-Offered my heart on a platter before you, only to have it thrown back at me. This is only a taste of my long-needed revenge." His words sent shivers down my spine. Then, he disappeared in a gust of wind.
I had never felt so scared in my entire life. My dearest friend was laying in an ocean of crimson, odd-smelling liquid and Ryo just swore to make my life miserable. Now, I can say that I am happy that Akimitsu isn't here or else he might get hurt, but I do miss the secure feeling I got around him. Before long, the ambulances and police cars began showing up. The outside of the building was abuzz with policemen, paramedics, and worried parents. "Excuse me young lady," Said a deep voice, "do you know anything about what happened?" Part of me was relieved that he asked. "Yes" I wanted to cry. But, there was another part of me that knew they'd be no help. "No sir, when I came she was already dead." That wasn't completely a lie. He nodded and grunted disappointedly. My body began to shiver as I stared at friend's body. "Don't worry, we'll catch this sicko very soon and we'll make sure that everyone is safe." Somehow, I doubted that.
School was cancelled for the time being, which lightened the mood a bit. However, to tell the truth, I was terrified of returning home. "This is only a taste of my long-needed revenge." His warning echoed throughout my mind. A young girl with hair like milk-tea and the energy of a new born pup skipped up to a loving and responsible mother. A few blocks away, two old women conversed about the "old days" whilst drinking coffee outside of a small café. They were all vulnerable.


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