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Wake of Advent

Short story By: Neutrastaff

Rated PG This is a dream I had a month ago, giving them names was the only thing I changed. Thought it would make a good pilot for a novel. Next day, had to go to class, had to hide my face as I couldn't look at birds that day:O

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I look outside to see if the others are here yet. I check the clock; it's about ten minutes to five in the evening. I start to think they wouldn't come. A few minutes later, a black SUV pulls up in the driveway and I instantly know that it's them. I grab my travel sack of clothes, supplies and large heavy coat before heading outside. I notice all the snow still in the woods by the house before I even get off the porch.

Two days ago it snowed a few inches and since then it's been mostly cloudy, the sun hasn't thawed it much. In fact, from what I hear on the news, they're suppose to be calling for some more but can you really trust the weatherman? I open the passenger door behind the shotgun seat and a pale bulb lights up the ceiling. I throw in my bag and hop in the seat.

"Hey y'all." I call out, shutting the door as I enter. I notice the two beside me saying hi but my attention is grabbed to my front.

"Hey, Staff!" Rhoda calls out from the front passenger seat.

Rhoda's your modern day hippie, all free spirited and stuff. I see her long reddish brown hair from behind. She's very free spirited and always wears shorts, tank tops, woven bracelets, low converse and a headband across her forehead. She's a bit of an airhead, actually if you ever seen the show 'Victorious', she is almost exactly like Cat, one if it's characters. I thought she was cute when I first meet her and spoke to her. We became friends. The only thing about her that bothers me is...how can she wear shorts out in the middle of winter?

"You're late, Kate!" I call out sarcastically and in a playful, joking manner.

"It's not my fault, Staff. We had to keep stopping because of dumb ass one and dumb ass two ." calls out Kate from the driver's seat.

Kate's your typical southern belle/ valley girl type, the rich blonde girl who's always taking daddy's money. Yeah, she's spoiled as hell but I'm not complaining as she's volunteered to take me with her on this trip. She owns this SUV that her dad brought for her.

"What did they do this time?" I say with a sigh, glancing over to the two sitting to my left.

"We didn't do anything," Steve pretty much shouts out at me.

"Yeah, just fooling around a bit is all." says Eric all hyper-like.

Steve and Eric, Steve's the black one, Eric's the white one. They're both pretty much skinny tall nerds who me and Kate somehow befriended a while ago (don't asks how) and have been with us ever since. They're into the whole anime/manga, video game RPG thing. They both seem to have a lot of energy and show it especially when their either exited or scared, talking a mile a minute.

"Fooling around?" I asks them, "You should had known better then to act up, especially around Kate up there."

"So, what are you saying there, Staff?" asks Kate.

"Oh nothing, just well...you do have a short fuse."

"No, I don't!"

I decide to stop right there, if I go further I'll just piss her off and she'll say something around the lines of "If I have such a short fuse, then get out of my car".

Kate drives off and we head a few miles down the road. Steve and Eric are playing some kind of games, I think either game boys or those Nintendo DS things, don't know don't care. Ahead of me, Rhoda is leaning side to side singing some kind of mess, sounding like she's singing Kumbaya or something. I look out the window, at the snow covered ground. There are many large hills covered in leafless trees, course that's to be expected out here in the country. Far to the side, I notice railroad tracks. I begin to get bored and look to the front.

"So tell me, where are we going again?" I asks Kate, "You never did say where we'd be going, just 'hey do you want to come with us' when you spoke on the phone."

"We're going to my family lodge." she says, "My mom said we could use it."

"A lodge eh, Is it nice up there?" I asks.

"You'll have to see for yourself." I see her smile slightly from the rear view mirror up front.

Kate makes a right turn off the main freeway and heads over the train tracks to a plain looking road. The road isn't marked, no yellow lines, few signs and has tons of steep hills. A few minutes later, we find ourselves in a heavily wooded area going up and down these large hills, feeling like we're going up and down mountains.

"This is where the lodge is?" I asks.

"Yeah, we just have to keep going down these long roads." says Kate, "I know they're steep but just enjoy the ride."

"Alright, just don't drive us over an edge." I say, feeling kind of nervous as this place does look a little creepy.

We continue on our way, the entire time I hear Rhoda still singing that hippie stuff up front. I'm not the only one, as I can tell Kate is getting evermore irritated by Rhoda's singing.

"Rhoda, can you chill with that a bit?" asks Kate calmly.

Rhoda doesn't respond, as she seems to be lost in her own little world. Both Steve and Eric put up their games and are looking out the windows curiously. I go back to looking out the window beside me. Kate stops in a low area with the road curving sharply to the right. There's a small snowy field to the left side in a corner but the rest of the area surrounds us with trees.

"Why did you stop here?" I asks Kate.

"I need to check something real quick." she says, pulling out a road map from beside her.

"I thought you said you know where this lodge is."

"I do, just making sure. This is the first time I'm driving there on my own and I want to make sure I go in the right direction." she says even though there are no other roads out here.

As Kate looks at the map, we all hear Rhoda continuing to sing to herself, still wobbling back and forth waving her arms around like some Spanish dancer. I look up and see her with her eyes closed through the mirror to the side and I decide to get her attention so I tap her on the shoulder.

"Um, Rhoda, are you alright? You've been doing that for a while now."

Rhoda doesn't respond, still doing her thing.

"Hey Rhoda!" exclaims Kate looking over to her, "Shut the hell up!"

Both Steve and Eric jump after Kate's shout. Believe it or not, Rhoda still doesn't respond.

"What's wrong with her?" Eric whispers to me, I shrug my shoulders in response.

Kate makes a hard frown at Rhoda. She reaches over and unfastens Rhoda's seat belt and reaches over and opens the passenger door.

"Here you go. If you want to act like a goofball, do it out there!"

Kate places her hand on Rhoda's shoulder and shoves her out the SUV. As soon as Rhoda hits the ground, the door closes back shut.

"Kate, what the hell!? I exclaim at her, "Why did you do that, she was just singing!"

"No, you saw that. We told her to stop but she didn't. She was irritating the hell out of me! Let her sit her ass out there then, out in the cold if she wants to keep making that noise." she glances over with a hateful look in her eyes, "Goofball."

"Dammit, Kate! Let her back in!" I shout at her.

"Whatever," she says with a sigh, "she better not still be making that noise or doing that dumb looking dancing."

Kate begins to lean back over to reach the handle on the passenger door. I look out the window to find Rhoda, but she's not there.

"Rhoda?" I say quietly, "Where did you go?"

As soon as I say that, all of a sudden I get this eerie feeling. You know, that feeling you get when you feel that something bad is about to happen, when it feels as if your stomach is squeezing and your heart is on fire. I also begin to feel nervous and shake a little.

"Hey, what's wrong?" asks Eric curiously, looking over to notice my worried look that I'm not aware of.

"I don't know. All of a sudden...I don't know, something doesn't feel right."

"What do you mean?" he asks.

Kate opens the door and looks to find Rhoda gone as well.

"Where is she?" she asks.

The door closes back shut. Then, I can't explain it, it's like this sudden dark feeling is in the air. We're all being quiet inside and begin to notice an unusual quiet outside. Of course most of the animals are hibernating this time of year but still, there's no wind blowing, nothing making any sort of noise, nothing at all. I keep getting this deep feeling in my stomach. I'm starting to feel really sick. This feels like someone who doesn't want to die, but has someone pointing a gun at their head, like something horrible is going to happen but there's nothing you can do about it.

"You alright, Staff?" asks Kate, "You look like shit. You better not puke in my car."

Almost out of nowhere, there seems to be a tremor under the ground, like when a train passes by. The things is, it seems to be all around, not just going from one place to another, but all over the surrounding area to the right. I can feel it underneath. It moves closer and feels stronger with each passing moment. It starts to feel less like a train and more like roaring thunder in the ground. It comes closer and closer. By the time this shaking reaches the SUV, it feels like an earthquake shaking the entire area. Inside, we're all being rocked, bouncing all around. Kate is screaming as does Steve and Eric who are holding each other. I look around and hop in the back with all the gear and luggage looking out the back window. I see the trees shaking violently. It's late evening and of course it gets dark quicker this time of year, but the darkness seems rather...funny, not funny haha but funny as in not right, though it's not completely dark. The shaking passes by, heading to the hilly wooded area to the bottom left. I take a deep breath and feel my heart racing like it wants to hop out of my chest.

Now I just have to get this out, as soon as the shaking stopped, that bad feeling I had before it came, now it's gotten much much worse. The air outside looks thicker, darker, the only way I can think to describe both how it looks outside and how nervous I feel right now, basically...there's hell in the air, for lack of a better term. I'm sitting in the back feeling like I'm having the worst anxiety attack of my life, I've never felt this scared before in life. I look behind to the others who seem similarly scared.

"Guys, something's wrong. I can't explain it, but something's not right." I say, breathing hard clenching my chest, "Kate, we have to leave, forget the trip, we just have to get out of here. We need to get Rhoda back in and get out of here now."

"Fine, whatever." she says nervously.

As we all look for Rhoda, looking outside through the windows, we hear this rustling noise coming from a bush to the far back left on the side of the road.

"What's that?" asks Steve looking out.

All of a sudden, this gigantic bird comes rushing out. We all scream in surprise as no one saw it coming. It flies in the air for a second before crashing down right beside the left of the SUV. I move over to look down on the bird which resembles a large condor, it has a long tan colored skinny neck, a black feathered body with white feather tips on it's wings.

"Oh my god! What is that?" exclaims Steve.

"It looks like a condor." I say calmly continuing to look down at the bird.

I look up to the left and see on a branch, all these sparrows beginning to land on it. More and more sparrows appear, completely filling the tree. There's so many that they end up filling up several trees. We're all inside the SUV looking out amazed and scared at the sights. I look to the front and there are flocks of robins landing on trees ahead. Eric moves over to where I was sitting earlier and looks out the window.

"Guys! Guys, come look at this!" he exclaims panicky.

We all move over to the right windows and find several different kinds of birds grouped individually with each other. Crows here, blue birds there, hawks, eagles. There are different kinds of birds all over the place, some of which I've never seen before, some don't even look as they even belong here out in the country. In fact one group of birds, have several rainbow colored patterns on them resembling parrots, course they can't be parrots as there are parrots to the upper right corner of trees. They look as if they belong out in an exotic place like a rainforest. I just happened to glance down to the right and...

"Yo, what the hell..." I say slowly, I can feel my eyes getting wider as I look down, "are you serious?"

I'm no animal expert but I know exactly what I'm seeing. Walking beside the SUV, are penguins. Not just any penguins, no no, rock penguins. Yeah, warm water rock penguins, I can tell because of the red feathers on the side of their heads, and there's a lot of them. They're all waddle to the front of the SUV and turn toward us. Come to think of it, all the birds surrounding us look with angry looks at each other. All the groups glance around to one another as they all have looks almost as if they want to fight one another. They also look at us as if they hated us.

We all sit inside watching in fear as all the birds surround us. None of us knows what will happen, whether they'll attack each other or work together to attack us. It's one of those anticipation things, you know it's coming and all you can do is watch. I look to Kate and shout out.

"Kate, get us out of here, now." I say in a deep commanding voice.

"Got it." she says starting up the SUV.

"But what about Rhoda?" asks Eric in a concern voice.

"There's nothing we can do for her," says Kate, "I'm sorry I threw her out, but if we attempt to let her back in then these birds might also come in. She should had just stayed beside the SUV and came back in when she had the chance."

'Forgive us, Rhoda.' I think to myself.

Kate begins to back up the SUV, the second it begins moving, all the birds just let loose. They all fly from where they are, except the penguins, and crash into one another in the air. We're all inside getting glimpse of the chaos outside, the birds aren't just simply attacking each other, but bashing their bodies against one another. Some ram themselves so hard into one another that they actually begin to fall out of the sky killing themselves. As for the penguins, they're ramming themselves against the SUV. Some of the birds in flight turn their attention on the SUV and fly hard into the sides and windows. Many die in the process, leaving blood stains and falling to the ground.

"What are they doing!?" exclaims Steve, he and Eric grab one another out of fear as the birds crash themselves into the SUV.

I grit my teeth and hold onto the back seat as the birds continue assaulting the vehicle. A large bird slams itself into the windshield and Kate lets out a loud scream. Kate puts the vehicle back in drive and we begin heading off. As we leave the area, I spot Rhoda. She's on the ground near the edge of the woods with her legs crossed, still continuing to sing and waving her arms back and forth. There are a few birds, seemingly sparrows landing on her arms as she sings bizarrely.

"What the hell is going on?" I say to myself, 'It's like all the birds have lost their minds. Did that quake have something to do with it?' I think to myself.

As Kate drives on, we are continually attacked by more birds. They crash into and crack the glass in the back window. As we make across the railroad tracks back onto the freeway, it begins to snow, beginning lightly and becoming heavier. As we ride down the freeway, I spot two crows in the darkness flying overhead chasing the vehicle. I look over to the other side and spot several crashed vehicles with people getting attacked by different kinds of birds.

I think and wonder to myself, 'What would had happened if I would had stayed home today? Would the birds have broken in and attacked me and everyone else still there?' I also think about poor Rhoda, she looked fine when we left her and I hope to god she is, but she seemed to act really weird shortly before all of this. I wonder if whatever is making the birds act crazy affected her as well. After all, with her hippie nature, she seemed pretty attuned with nature.

Right now we're driving off, we don't know where we're going but anywhere but here right now. Birds and snow fill the air. What a mess. Guess it's safe to say that we're not going to sleep in the lodge tonight.


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