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An Accident *Bones Challenge*

Short story By: Nicolelovesya

*this is for Dreamer1031's Bones challenge*

Submitted:May 21, 2011    Reads: 63    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Amber Smithe picked up the article she had earlier tossed to the side of her desk and sat her coffee down after one last sip. The black thermos made a 'clunk' as it hit the desktop. Amber hesitantly licked the coffee from her lips and stared long and hard at the article. She tapped her foot as she read it.

Human remains found washed up on Maine coast identified as missing 6-year-old boy: Michael Brown

Amber sighed and tossed the article aside again. How did she get stuck with this case? She shook her head and picked up another piece of paper on her desk. The list of suspects.


Susan Brown (Mother) Died in car accident two weeks ago

Henry Brown (Father) At work during time of disappearance, seen by many colleagues, proving his alibi

Caleb Brown (Brother) Only one home with Michael near

Christian Snigel (mailman seen driving near Brown home around time of Michael's disappearance)

Christofer Curtis, Melissa Newberry, Cole Jones (movers carrying furniture into the Brown's home around time of disappearance)

Amber set it down and picked up yet another piece of paper, this one titled:

Background Information:

Henry Brown (father of Michael (six) and Caleb (eleven) moved himself and his two sons to a house in Northern rural Maine, right beside the rocky coast, after the timely demise of his wife, Susan Brown, from an auto collision. On May 17 at 5:32 PM (when Henry arrived home from work) Henry called police and notified them of his missing son. On May 21, human remains washed up on the rocky coast outside of the Brown house. The remains were soon identified as those of Michael Brown's. Time of death is approximately May 17 12:30 PM.


"Where were you at 12:30 noon on May 17th?" Amber questioned Caleb.

Caleb looked around nervously, "I was at home, watching TV."

"And where was Michael?"

"He was outside. I told him he could go play by the rocks by himself while I watched TV."

"Are you sure?"

Caleb whimpered. "No."


Caleb stood near the edge of the rocks. Below was the shining glow of the water. The sound of waves crashing against the rocks was all that filled the air.

"Oh no, help me, Michael! I'm going to fall!" Caleb cried. He was lying of course.

Michael didn't know Caleb was teasing. His small face crunched into a worried frown. "No, Caleb, don't slip!!"

Michael reached out to pull Caleb up. Caleb lost his footing for a split second and paniced, grabbing Michael's shirt. In just a few seconds, Caleb was up. Michael caught his foot on a rock, Caleb was too heavy, pulling him by his shirt. Michael fell into the water below. Before Caleb could help him.


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