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A creature with Red Eyes is terrorizing the citizens of Western Kansas. A little boy is home alone when it happened.

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"Beep…Beep…Beeeeeeeeep" The old fashioned news radio goes off suddenly. Next it's followed by a young woman's voice as she calmly announces, "Everyone in Midwestern United States, this is not a drill, I repeat not a drill! Witnesses have reported a strange creature never seen before now. This creature has bright blood-red eyes and when it bites a human, it causes the humans internal organs to swell, along with their eyes turning the bright red color as well. We don't yet know the effects this 'thing' has on animals yet but until we do we are urging you to keep your children and any pets or livestock inside at all times until we have this all figured out-" The radio goes silent.
The small house is dark and silent. Five-year-old Jason Malcock sits silently huddled in a corner. His tiny arms are hugging his knees tightly to his chest.Without a warning, the one lonely window in the center of the room breaks. Glass flies everywhere. Jason hides his face in his knees. He looks up for a fragment of a second. His eyes are drowning with tears and his face is fear-stricken. He sees a dark figure slowly inch its way in through the window. Jason screams.
Just then, the front door knob jiggles and there's screaming from outside. It's Jason's mother. She screams, "Jason, open the door!" Jason stares the creature dead straight in the eyes. Then he looks over to the front door. "No mama," he cries, "don't come in here! It's…it's….it's here!"
Jason's mother continues to bang on the door. Meanwhile, the creature slowly lunges forward towards him. He pushes his back farther into the corner, hugging his knees even tighter. His eyes widen as the creatures comes into the pale light.
The creature's crimson eyes glimmered, illuminated only by flicker of the one tiny, wax candle sitting atop the stone mantle.Apart from that, the creature was magnificent and beautiful. The light revealed perfect facial features. Its eyes a deep red, its features pale and muscular.
Shadows danced and twirled upon the walls. The partly rotted hardwood floors were frosted with a thin layer of dust, with smudges of footprints in some areas. The creature smiled, revealing two pointed fangs in its top row of teeth, giving it a hideously wonderful appearance. Jason turned his head back over to the wooden doorway, where his mother was still trying to get in.
The word 'help' formed on Jason's lips, but he didn't have time to get the word out before, in one swift flash of movement, the creature attacked Jason and within seconds had dashed back out the way it had entered. It was gone before Jason's head hit the ground.
At the entryway his mother finally broke through the glass tiles in the door and pulled her hand through, unlocked the knob, and heaved the mighty door open. She rushed to her child, the life slipping out of him. She pulled him close, his eyes sealed shut and she sobbed over his cold body.
She quickly picked him up and ran out into the deserted streets. It was pitch black and she had no way of seeing where she was going. She tried to carry him to a medical center, but it was too far. She dropped in exhaustion and sobbed loudly as she watched him grow worse and worse.
It had been at least a couple hours since he had been attacked. Sweat covered his entire body, yet he was freezing cold. He groaned with pain. But then he grew silent and still. His mother tried to shake him awake, but failed.
She tried not to admit it, but in her heart she knew the truth. Jason was gone.
Yet suddenly, he began to stir. By now it was breaking dawn, and she watched unbelievingly as her injured son sat up without any pain or troubles. His skin was paler and he was no longer sweating. His wounds had healed and faded. She smiled and hugged him.
Jason smiled back, his bright red eyes glowing and his fangs glistening.


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