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Madness By Moonlight

Short story By: nid


Submitted:Apr 16, 2009    Reads: 452    Comments: 31    Likes: 10   

Madness by Moonlight ---Flash Fiction (a creative writing assignment)

(A Gothic Kind) -By Srinidhi.R

PG-Parental Guidance is required

Please read this at your own risk! ---Srinidhi.R


She was a creature of the mystic moonlight with an unknown destiny. She descended when darkness fell clad in a pure white frock, styled with age. She bathed in a jet of cat's pure, black blood granting nightmares to the innocents in their beds. She filled with sin and karma, belonging only to the devil, his beloved adopted daughter.

The slashing, scarlet smile on her lips portended a primeval horror. She lived in an abandoned crimson mansion by the sandy seashore with the souls of wreckers for company. A mansion sinister, bathed in blood red moonlight, transmitting fear to the eyes of all the animals as they scuttled to their fate. She played her funky tunes on her piano, made from the bones of a thousand broken souls. Drenched in moonlight the sound drives the living mad and the dead back into their graves.

She would visit her mouldering grave everyday and try to read the name on the tombstone, laughing loudly as she reads the date of her own death. Unexpectedly she would become annoyed and wished that she had survived the car crash. She would remember her kind parents, the disastrous day she of the trip to the beach with them. She could not forget combating the pain and the trembling of her own death. The shocking incidents she had experienced in the miasma as she fed off the ravaged and broken corpses of her parents and boyfriend.

She was not the first victim. She would imagine her charming boyfriend with whom she had satisfied her lust, before the crash. Then she would sigh and wander in the graveyard, knowing that she was trapped now with nowhere to go. Feeling as if she was shut up, imprisoned for all eternity. She knew now that she would live till the end of the world and beyond. After some time she would start screeching, howling and wailing with loss and in a little while and would make strange noises to frighten away the owls. She would then stare at the moonlight, catching her own shadow, hurling it angrily aside. Her shadow, like her life would not leave her.

When a rabbit or a deer came along the path, she would hunt and take it for her supper. Beware the wandering traveller or you will end your life in her own torture chamber. She craves blood and blood alone, for the taste of pulsating life is like nectar to her. Dancing over her tainted taste buds, sliding like velvet down her dead throat.

She loves thunderstorms and rain. Dreaming of moving to a place where there would always be a downpour. She cared not at all when the dark clouds formed and lightning flashes like her adopted father's punishing tongue. When it rained she would dance in the moonlight, ghastly and insane. The spirits loathed her dancing death and would run terrified, shivers running down their exposed spines.

Just before the breaking dawn she would explore her mansion and try frightening the mice in the cellar. After that there was no more fun to be had, as daylight takes her toys away. When she dozes off to sleep the spiders crawl through her hair and the beetles scuttle between her dead lips. When darkness falls and the moonrises her shadow will awaken her again. Together they will move into the night supping on vengeance and hungering to satisfy their yearning for mortal flesh and blood.

Srinidhi.R -


Story written by Srinidhi.R and Edited by vamplit


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