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The Paranormal Mentalist

Short story By: PrinceEdward

The story is about a man who can see ghost or has the ability to see ghost and it bothers him so much. He was forced to consult a psychiatrist (despite the fact that he himself is also a psychiatrist) and was forced to admit into a mental hospital. "little did he know, it was abandoned 30 years ago"

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The Paranormal Mentalist

It was on the first day of November right after Halloween. Everything started to get strange. The fall already started which makes it creepier.

As the sun sets evening, I drove myself from a local hospital which I regularly work into my home residence which is a half-hour drive. Everything was then normal. Not a speck of extraordinary nor anything weird. Listening to my favorite song in the radio, I scened the streets as if it was my first time to pass everything in my usual route. I smiled and took a deep breath realizing everything was as perfect as it was.

"Beep, beep, beep." My phone rang as if it had something to say. I searched for my phone which I assume was in my suitcase. I was driving so it made it more complicated. I grabbed on the steering wheel and the other hand was on a search for my ringing phone. I tried to drive though I don't see where I was going trying to find my phone.

I could hear the horns of the neighboring vehicles but I didn't mind them until I had a big shock. I stumbled upon something so I forced myself to stop the car I was driving. I didn't find the phone in the suitcase but rather, it was on my trouser pocket which was insanely awkward. I checked out the phone to see what the commotion was all about.

"Alarm Clock? How pathetic." I murmured. I almost forgot. I stumbled on something. I needed to see what it was. I got out of the car and proceeded to its front. I was terribly surprised but then, worried seeing a girl, a teenage girl, lying unconscious. Funny thing was, she was in a fine condition. No injuries, bruises, dislocation of bones or whatsoever. She was in complete shape. If anyone actually saw this girl, they would assume she just fainted for no particular reason.

I snuggled the girl and settled her in my car's back seat. She was still unconscious though I know she's still breathing. I rushed her into the hospital but coincidently, the traffic just got very unfriendly so I journeyed my route towards my place.

"I'm home!" I greeted the house. Funny because I had a visitor and there's no one home. I checked her in the car if she's still doing fine. "Impossible!" First thing that came to my mind. How could an unconscious girl disappear in such state as that? My hair raised realizing the girl was actually a - "Hey!" The girl said. I got startled. She was actually behind me.

(To Be Continued)


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