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This is a story of a nightmare that I have had. I want to put a mental health care physician in my head to test their ability but the story is about another person representing me.

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AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! God please help me ! Why God have you left me in the hands of such demons! Another nightmare of unspeakable cruelty and pain had plagued the dream and wittled away the psyche of the man known as Xzavier Fontaine. Xzavier from childhood to adulthood has been plagued with psycho sexual dreams of being tortured and sexually tortured by demons. The strange thing is that he never had any disturbing or traumatic things happen to him as a child , so where these visions and nightmares and desires came from was mystery ,but never the less they were there. As a child he would try to get in trouble with his catholic school nun teachers so they would discipline him .When he was kicked out of the Catholic school and put into a regular school system he would try to get in trouble enough to get his female principal to use corporal punishment on him. When he finally achieved his goal he experienced a sexual experience so fulfilling that he had not been able to get sexually concluded any other way but to be tortured into orgasm. As he got older he found new ways to get asphyxiated and added to that having women and girls torture him until he got off. As an adult he paid prostitute Dominatrix and Mistress' to perform sick sexual torture acts on him and watched bondage and submission porn constantly. The nightmares of women succubus demons torturing and killing him became a sexual joy ,but recently that all changed. Recently there was new apparition that entered his dreams. The demon identified himself to Xzavier as being only known as the Nightmare Jester . The nightmare Jester was a demon with a clown face that always and wore Shakespearean womens clothes and amplifies Xzaviers night tortures . When Jester stops smiling that is when things get bad. When he smiles of course hes going to make his victim suffer, but when he stops thats when things are about to get serious.He has told Xzavier that the his purpose in his dream is to slowly lead him to a painful sinful death , and to corrupt his already disgusting soul. The nightmare he just put Xzavier through was so sick and disgusting that after he woke up he curled up in the fetal position and cried the rest of the night.

The next day Xzavier having not slept the rest of the night woke up in his usual groggy and sick way. His stomach was churning from what he'd seen and his body felt like someone else was moving it because he was out of his head. Walking out the door and up the street of his small neighborhood he went to the bus stop to wait for the bus to take him to another job interview for a job he wouldn't get ,he saw on a telephone pole an advertisement for free psychological analysis with a new technology. Xzavier took down the number and address and went on with his day. After being turned down for 3 jobs in one day Xzavier sat on a park bench exhausted and wanting to sleep . He had not had a good nights sleep in over 2 months , and his face looked so distorted from not sleeping that he could understand why they wouldn't hire him. Xzavier leaned back and closed his eyes and the Nightmare Jester jumped before his eyes with an image of him being held by some dead woman bleeding out of her ripped eye sockets. Around them demon threw spells on them that burned their flesh and Xzavier woke up crying with a crowd people staring at him as they went away from him. When he checked himself his skin was scratched like what was in the dream was actually happening. He reached into his pocket to get a tissue when he felt the paper he wrote address and number of the psychiatric analysis . He then pulled his phone out and called to make an appointment . "Dr. Amra's office ""Yes I'm calling about the ad that gives you a free psycho analysis."Yes, can you come in 20 minutes the doctor will have a break in patients then ." Yeah I can" "Good whats your name " My name is Xzavier Fontaine" "Yes sir Mr. Fontaine just come in and you'll be sent on in"Alright " After hanging up Xzavier caught the first bus to the doctors office.

Just like the nurse said they sent him right through after signing a few papers to relieve them of legal responsibility if anything happened to him and a quick explanation of the machine they were using by Dr. Amra. Dr. Amra after giving him a quick therapy session and hearing his problems was hesitant about entering this individuals mind but the curiosity of seeing such a disturbed mind up close was to great a opportunity to pass up. Dr. Amra hooked Xzavier up to machine and he quickly fell asleep then she hooked herself up and no sooner had she put on the device she was transported into Xzaviers mind. Dr. Amra was astonished by what she saw . She was in graveyard at night under a full moon. The strange thing was that the bodies of the dead weren't in the ground they were out lying all over the place rotting and creatures she could only describe as demons were making love and doing necrophilliac sins with the bodies of these dead people. Picking up speed she runs to try to get out this cemetery when she looks up and sees a feminine figure silhouetted in the moon coming towards her. She stops when the figure gets in front her and looks up to see a creature wearing black and white clown makeup and elegant Shakespearean gown evilly grinning down at her. After staring at him in fear astonishment he introduces himself to her ,"Hello I'm known only as The Nightmare Jester,pray follow me . Dr. Amra hesitated but she looked around and saw demons, female succubus and apparitions of all kinds leering at her as if they were ready to rip her to shreds and eat her heart at any second and decided to follow Jester. While following Jester she saw demons doing all forms of sacrilegious things imaginable. Some were defiling crosses, some were eating humans,some were taking bibles and doing sins on stacks of them and mocking all things Christian. Other demons were torturing weaker demons and succubus demon women were walking faceless mutilated men on their hands and knees like dogs. A snake demon who had been following Dr.Amra since she arrived finally lunged at her and Jester raised his hand with a gesture and the demon fell and withered. After walking a while they came upon a gate called the Sacrificial Chambers. Jester stops and turns to her and ask "Would you like to go in we have a little time to visit. This the month of December usually we sacrifice all beings here, but during this time of year we used this place kill women bearing children and virgin females. " (They do this to mock the birth of Jesus Christ.) Dr. Amra looked inside and was sickened by what she saw. Pregnant womens womb were sliced open and the unformed babies were thrown into a black kettle and demons came up an drank the red boiling fluid inside . Virgin women were being raped and dismembered in pools of blood . Upon seeing such filth Dr. Amra fell to her knees and vomited. Jester looked down at her and laughed "Well I guess you don't want to go in !" then he lifts her off her knees leads her a door called Amphitheater and ushered her to the front of a big movie theather. Once seated a giant screen starts playing a black and white, 30's silent picture called "Chapter Black of Xzavier" . The movie consists of 3 minute short films of Xzavier being tortured and killed, and at the end of the last one demons cut open his throat and devours whats inside then the screen flashes the The End. Jester stands ups applauds and laughs as if he's seen a good comedy. Then he speaks to Dr. Amra again"Pray follow, we must get you to your destination before the sixth hour", while walking he talks to her. "This must seem quite cruel to you, but it is not my doing I torture this soul. Satan wants him dead,and has been trying to kill him before he was born. Jester starts laughing as if he just remembered a funny joke,and starts speaking again . Satan even had demons when he was born wrap his mothers umbilical cord around his throat and he still lived. Why God wants him alive so bad is mystery , but this displeases Satan and Satan wants him dead. I am only Satans servant torturing him on command, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy watching him writhe and suffer ! HAHAHAHAHA! After his speech he walks her down a long dark hall with with open doors and inside the rooms were people screaming in agony. Finally you get to a door and Xzavier is chained . His body is mangled and knarled . His eyes are closed but still tears of blood rolls down his face and parts of his skin is falling off his body. Jester speaks to Dr. Amra .He had been smiling the whole time but now he stopped and turned to her with a deranged angry look and spoke he was getting serious. "Through this door is his most sickest desires and nightmares, and the roots of all his problems. You are welcome to go in, but I will not allow you to live if you choose not too. Then Jester opened the door and only a glance of what she saw disturbed her so deeply she threw off the machine attached to her head and fell in a ball on the floor sobbing hardly. The nurse came in and saw her and tried to get off the floor but Dr. Amra pushed hand off an ran away. A few minutes later Xzavier woke up and looked around and saw no one, he stepped out of the examination room and looked into the waiting area and the office area where the nurse was, but it was deserted. Xzavier left the office and looked up to the sky and screamed "Can anyone save me!"


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