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Menstruation : love potion or poison ?

Short story By: Psychosis The Tormented

This tale is based on a true story. It shows a common love spell people know nothing about .

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Mary belle Constance was a lonely woman. She lived alone in a nice 3 bedroom Georgian home she acquired after the death of her mother Estelle Constance/Thomas. Mary belle's mother moved them from their home in Louisiana years ago to marry a man from Atlanta. When he died even though he had another family (which they didn't find out about until he was dead) he left everything to Mary belle's mother. 6 years after her husbands death Estelle came down with a unknown virus infection and after two years of fighting the illness painfully died. This left Mary belle alone with a big house with only two cats she named "Mittens" and "Muffy". Mary belle was 35 years of age and had no friends,family, or had never been with a man in anyway. She had no friends because as a child and in adulthood being Estelle's only child she sheltered like a pet. She home schooled her, never let her play with other children her own age. When she turned 17 Estelle still kept her locked away and sheltered from the world. she wouldn't let her go to college or date other boys. To keep her from being attracted to the opposite sex she would tell her stories about how evil men are and the things they did to to her. Estelle would spend hours telling Mary belle about how men tried to rape her and kill her anything to kill her natural desire for the opposite sex, but it did not work. Around Mary belles 18th birthday a delivery boy brought a package to the house from Estelle's husbands job . The boys name was Josh Mathews ,and Mary belle speaking to a male other than Estelle husband for the first time felt a feeling she never felt before . She instantly fell in love with him and Josh was very attracted to this Creole goddess that he had just met. Josh would come every so often to deliver packages but Estelle was always there and started noticing her daughters behavior so she would make sure that Mary belle was nowhere in sight when Josh came except one time. An unexpected package came to the house one day for Estelle husband when Estelle and her husband was out running an errand. Mary belle was almost scared to answer the door because her mom gave her strict instructions never to answer the door if no one was there, but if it was Josh she would. Sure enough it was Josh holding folder with his companies name on it. Afraid Mary belle opened the door "Hi I have a package for Anthony Thomas , Can you sign for it?" Mary belle stood there shocked and dazed while Josh looked her like she was crazy. He never seen a girl act like her before, he figured she must be mentally challenged that's why her mother treats her the way she does. Eventually Mary Belle murmured she could sign for it and she took the package and stood there. Josh looked at her and wondered what should he say. Should he ask her out? Should he leave? Then all of a sudden he just stepped to her and kissed her. Mary Belle felt scared but a flood of emotion fell over her and before she knew it like instinct she was putting her hand on his private places. When she touched him she wondered what was that in his pants ? But before she could wonder or think about why her panties were wet he was putting his hand under her shirt and tugging at her bra. Things were getting hot fast but as quickly as they began, just a quickly as they stopped when she heard a smack and felt Josh being yanked away from her . "Get the hell out of here !" Anthony screamed as he threw Josh into the yard . Josh picked up his folder and ran to his truck and drove off quickly. Anthony looked at Mary belle in disgust and walked off, but Estelle stood staring at Mary Belle for 10 minutes straight without saying a word. Finally Estelle screamed "Go up right now and pray for forgiveness and ask God to remove those sinful thought out of your dirty little mind !" Mary Belle ran upstairs to her room and prayed but didn't understand for what cause she enjoyed what she did . After that Estelle never let Mary belle out of her sight up until her death. Now with no one the only thing Mary Belle did was stay in her house like a recluse. Her mother's last lesson before she died was teaching her daughter how to take care of things like buying food and paying bills all without leaving the house. With money from both her mom and step-fathers death Mary belle would never have to work or basically ever leave the house, but she was very lonely.

On a daily basis Mary belle would would hear children playing around her yard.Hearing the children play filled her heart with a feeling of loneliness . The children would pretend she was witch and dare each other to go in her yard . It never lasted long a kid would get partway in the yard and they would run off from fear of them imagining they saw something,but this day was different . Some older kids around ages 11 and 12 started throwing rocks at her house and one of the broke the window scared,Mary belle ran and hid in an inner room in the house. 10 minutes later she heard a heavy knock on the door and figured it was the police . She ran to the door and when she opened it she saw the most handsome being she ever saw in her life.To her he was like a bi-racial God descended from from heaven to grace her with his presence. He was an okay looking guy but in her lonely desperate eyes she saw an Adonis. "Hi my names Jeffery, Jeffery Biggs. I'm the uncle of the knuckle head that threw the rock though your window. He turned around a called a boy who'd been standing a little ways from the house. The boy with his head down came up and looked at Mary belle in shock. It had been legend of a witch lady who lived in this house for years that no one ever saw. The boy was shocked to see the lady who lived in the house was such a babe. Then Jeffery smacked him in the back of the head and told him to apologize. "I'm sorry ma'am . Mary belle enchanted by the man didn't really hear the boy and quickly gave him a its okay and went back to looking at Jeffery. Jeffery responded "Tomorrow I could come back and fix that window for you if you like . Trying to conceal her excitement she agreed to letting him come back tomorrow .

The next day as promised Jeffery came by around noon to fix the broken window and Mary belle was cooking a spaghetti lunch to to try to get him to stay and eat. Mary belle was on her period and when she changed her tampon she did like she saw her mother do many times. She'd take the blood and fluid and put it a glass when she went to the bathroom . The reason her mother did this is because her mother came from a long line of root women who trapped men with "love potions" . Some love potions require DNA from the victim like hair or saliva. To get revenge on a man the women would destroy their brains by putting urine in their food , but period blood in food was the most commonly used because it was the most effective. It was believed but never proven that period blood in mans food could control a man most efficiently and make him fall in love with you. Estelle's mom used this very "potion" on her husband, He joked at his wedding saying "i don't know what happened ,but the next thing i know i was married. The people at the wedding didn't understand what he meant , and neither did Mary belle until Estelle taught her daughter at 13 the ways of the women of their family. Anyway Mary belle had no intention of using it but something told her to keep it anyway . After coming back to the kitchen and washing her hands Jeffery came back into the house and into the kitchen to say his work was done, when she invited him to stay . He hesitated for one he had a bad feeling something was going to happen and two he wasn't sure how his fiancee would react if he found out he ate at another womans house, but he felt bad that she lived all alone and was hungry so he stayed. He sat down and she told him the spaghetti was almost done and began talking. They had amazing conversation where they both felt like they bonded and connected in some way and Mary belle felt that this man was destined for after all. Until, he mentioned his fiancee , When he mentioned his fiancee she she felt anger and sadness and like she was about to lose her only chance at happiness in the world. Then voices started counseling her in her head Voices:"do you want to be alone all your life use the potion and take whats yours" "you'll never have another chance use it use it now or die alone!" Suddenly she jumped up and told him she'd be back she was going to get the cup to put her fluids in the food. She got the cup and ran quickly back the kitchen,pulled out the spaghetti an in a flash doused her menstruation fluids on it. He wasn't paying attention so he didn't notice her stirring the spaghetti really hard. A few minutes later she sat the dish on the table and got some plates. While she was getting the plates he surveyed the food. It smelt amazing but looked off. Something told him to leave or make an excuse to go but he stayed and she served him up a big helping. He ate it and it tasted a little weird, he wanted to spit it out but she kept watching him for his approval . He finished a plate and asked to go the bathroom, when he was going towards the bathroom he started getting very dizzy then he felt his knees go and he fell to the ground. All of a sudden he started convulsing and coughing and throwing up blood so much that he finally passed out. Mary belle watched the whole thing in horror not know if it was natural when a voice came into her head and told her "He's yours now!" A deranged grin came across Mary belles face as she went toward Jeffery's body. He was lying in a pool of blood and she took of his shirt ,pants, and shoes, and dragged him out of the hall and into a den of the house. There she removed his underpants and made love to his unconscious body for hours. Then exhausted she fell asleep next his lifeless body for the rest of the day. The next day she woke and showered and did all the things she was taught to wake the victims up. She tried turpentine under the nose, she tried blowing ammonia on his face, she tried throwing red pepper on his feet but nothing worked. Then she threw cold water on him but he was completely unresponsive. Eventually she called 911 and the ambulance came and got him and the police took her. Lucky for Mary belle her mom had a lawyer friend that got her cleared of charges for murder of any sort even though she was clearly guilty. Unlucky for Jeffery it was to late , he lost to much blood and his heart stopped said the autopsy . Any psychic who looked at him could see where something like an evil demon tried to possess him and was choking him from the inside until he died.

Years had passed after that. When the incident first happened Jeffery's fiancee came there to kill her and was arrested. When she got out she moved from the neighborhood, so did a lot of other neighbors when they heard the story. The ones who stayed told the people who moved into the vacant houses the story of the witch that lives in the neighborhood. As time went on the story got even more imaginative. The story went from a root worker to now a shape shifting witch who kills handsome young men who come to her door. What they didn't know the witch they feared died two years after the incident. After the dust cleared from the controversy Mary belle started having nightmares . Jeffery was haunting her nightmares and he would not let her sleep. Tortured by Jeffery and being alone she hung herself in a closet in the hallway she killed Jeffery in. She had been dead for 5 years and know even noticed until one hot Georgia day. The smell coming from Mary belles house was so pungent that the neighbors called the police to go to the house and find out what was wrong. A policeman came and knocked on the door so hard he almost knocked it down, then he called for some backup and when they came they did. When door flew open a horrid smell along with a hoard of flies flew out the house . The officers braved the smell and inspected the house one of the officers went up the hall and checked the closet and in the next to last closet in the hall there Mary belle hung decaying and rotting. Another victim of her "love potion".


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