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Pretty Yellow Flower

Short story By: PsychoticThrillers

A girl talks about her best friend who influences her state of mind greatly.

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I had a very special item in my possession. This very special item was my little yellow flower that grew in the garden. It grew on its own and is the only one in the whole garden. It sat in the middle of a patch of grass and no flowers grew around it. As though there was a barrier protecting it from the ugly flowers. The petals looked like the sun. It was a very pretty little flower and it was all mine. My very pretty little yellow flower. No one was allowed to touch it. I told my mommy and my daddy that the flower was mine and can't be touched. I told my brother if he touched it I would tell mommy and daddy about his grown up movie where girls were naked. I was promised my pretty yellow flower would not be touched. This made me very happy. It was my special flower and I named her Tellie. Tellie the sun flower. She was very bright too. She wasn't dull at all, no she was very bright but not shiny. She was very special and unique, she had lots and lost of petals and they were all very tiny. She had a really long stem that stood straight up and it had no leaves on it but there were a couple of really strange looking pointy leaves where the flower was growing on the ground. I went out and watered her every day and I told her all about my day because talking helps them grow and we were best friends. She was a very pretty and strong flower that wasn't touched by the ugliness of the other flowers mommy had planted. One day my pretty flower talked back to me. I was so happy, she said we were the best of friends. She would tell me all about her being a flower and that she is constantly in harms way. She would tell me how to protect her and that's just what I would do. I didn't want my pretty little Tellie to get hurt. She often asked me about my day, saying that it made her happy to hear my stories. She said it made her grow. I told my parents that Tellie asked me to get her some more water because it was a hot day and they told me that Tellie was just a flower and can't speak. I was so very mad at them, they didn't like Tellie. They told me she's just a weed and that weeds don't talk and they are bothersome. But Tellie was my best friend. I told Tellie about this and she said that they were jealous of her beauty, that she was too much to be in such a dull garden. So she told me that the only way to make her accepted by my mommy and daddy was to cut up all the other plants. So I grabbed a pair of scissors from mommy's sewing room and I went out and I cut up all the other flowers off their stems during the night to surprise my mommy and daddy. Tellie was very happy. She said I was such a good friend. I had fallen asleep in the garden. When mommy and daddy got up and looked out in the garden, mommy screamed. I said isn't it lovely? Now Tellie is happy and can be accepted into the family. Mommy grabbed my arm really hard and started yelling in my face. She spanked my butt and sent me to my room. She grounded me. Dad gave me a good lecture too. I told him but it made Tellie happy. He got all mad and said that damn flower was getting into my head and that weeds were just things. I cried in my window sill and looked out at my flower. She was calling out to me so I snuck out of the house still crying. Tellie was very upset my mommy had done that. I told her what my daddy said and she grew more upset. My parents came out and pulled me back into my room. I was spanked again. I looked out of my window and saw my brother and my mommy and my daddy. Mommy pointed at Tellie. My brother walked over to Tellie, shrugged and plucked her from the ground. I stared in horror as he shrugged without a care. They killed my pretty yellow flower. My pretty sun flower Tellie would no longer talk to me. My brother looked up at me and he shrugged apologetically at me. I cried really hard and I was so mad at them! They killed Tellie! It wasn't fair! She was mine! I waited until it was night. I walked out of my room and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a knife from the drawers. It was only fair. Tellie's death will not go unpunished. They had no right! I walked back up the stairs and entered my brothers room very quietly. I crawled on is bed and he grumbled go away at me. I raised the knife and struck down as hard as I could in his chest. I did this a few more times in complete anger, he was the murderer and needed to die! He made noises but a red liquid came from his mouth and made his voice all bubbly like. I had covered my clothes and my hair in his red liquid while I was stabbing him. I felt so relieved that I had avenged my yellow flower. But my work was not done. My mother ad pointed obviously making him do it, and my father did nothing so he was in as much trouble. They both needed to pay too. So I snuck down the hall leaving bloody foot prints on the wooden floors. I entered my parent's room and climbed on the bed. My mommy wasn't there. My daddy was, he was fast asleep. So I raised the knife and slammed it down in his throat and in his chest. He made noises too but they weren't very long like my brother's. I got off the bed just as mommy was coming in. She walked in and saw me. She truly looked frightened. I looked at her angrily and said you killed Tellie! Tellie was my friend! And then I stabbed mommy in the leg. She screamed out and fell to the floor. She tried to push me away but I kept bringing the knife down on her and cutting up her arm. I finally managed to get her in the stomach and then one in the chest. I was very happy. Very satisfied. I went back to my bedroom and I went to sleep. Then I got up and got dressed and went to daycare. I told them that the red liquid on my face came from my family when I stabbed them. Now I'm in a very special room all by myself and Tellie is here too. She says she grew out of being there and wanted to move and now we could be together forever. But other people can't see her and they say Tellie is bad but Tellie is my friend and I will always love her.


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