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Bitter Sweet Feelings--QuinMarie

Short story By: QuinMarie

Jealousy can lead to some very shocking actions. Just ask Lieayla, Paisil, and Treven.

Submitted:Feb 10, 2013    Reads: 68    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Lieayla stared intently at her reflection in the silver lined full length mirror hanging from her teal, wooden closet door in her small, kid-like bedroom. She noticed the blue-black circles that had settled underneath her coal black eyes from lack of sleep. Her porcelain complexion stood out among her short, choppy black hair, blood red lips, and blue-black floor-length dress.

Ugly, she thought as she slipped on a pair of Paisil's bright orange flip-flops and trudged outside to think in the rain.

Paisil was her younger sister. She had ocean blue eyes that made the boys stare, fiery red hair that cascaded down to her lower back, a mess of freckles that looked like someone had thrown brown sugar onto her face, and a waist so small, you could practically fit your thumb and index fingers around it.

Though Paisil was a year younger than Lieayla, she was much, much smarter. She'd skipped two grades and was now a senior in high school, a grade higher than her older sister. Paisil looked and acted just like their mother, which is why she was her favorite.

Lieayla hated Pasil. She was very jealous of her. She had wished for her death more than once since her birth.

While out in the rain, Lieayla caught a glimpse of Paisil in the dilapidated tree house in their immense back yard. Wanting to get a better look she crept up the ladder and gasped at what she saw. There was Paisil making out with Treven, Lieayla's boyfriend. It was obviously him, too. She saw his hand with the star shaped scar creep up and down Paisil's back.

"What are you up to, Trevey and Paiser?" she smirked with a hateful expression, purposely using the nicknames they both despised. She climbed all the way up the ladder and into the cramped cabin space of the tree house.

Treven, hearing the unmistakable voice of his girlfriend, quickly pushed Paisil off of him. He wiped her candy-pink lip gloss off of his mouth and began to stutter.

Paisil, having no problem with being caught kissing her older sister's boyfriend, laughed spitefully and kissed Treven full on once more before Lieayla grabbed hold of her long red hair and pulled it far back. Paisil shrieked and slapped her sister.

Lieayla was tired of her younger sister's shenanigans and decided to punish her. She wrapped her hair around her fist and pushed Pasil out of the opening above the ladder. Paisil shrieked from the pain and begged her sister to stop and let go.

"Okay, my dear sister, whatever you say!" Lieayla laughed. She let go of Paisil's hair and let her fall the twenty feet to rocks around the base of the tree. "Oops!" she called out.

Treven trembled in the corner as Lieayla looked over at him.

"I'm sorry it has to come to this, Treven." she said halfheartedly. She grabbed the hammer from the corner of the tree house and brought it a centimeter away from Treven's ashen face. He screamed with pain as the blows landed on his nose and mouth. Blood covered his face, her hands, and the hammer. He spit out teeth at her face, splattering it with his blood. He cried and begged for mercy, mercy of which she would not give him. She continued beating him until his cries and screams stopped.

Finally, she thought. Finally I have peace.


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