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Guest of Honor

Short story By: R J Cuervo

My attempt at writing short fiction. I wouldn't necessarily call it a horror story, I think it has a more surreal strangeness to it.
Its about a man who finds himself in a nasty situation without knowing if its reality or something else.

Submitted:Aug 27, 2013    Reads: 87    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Walking through the crowded room full of people I didn't know, anxiously holding my glass of Merlot, I felt a sudden uneasy heaviness. The feeling of the room changed, the same primal warning in your gut that you get when you're in the middle of a crowd and something is about to happen.

"I couldn't be drunk" I said to myself " I've only had…I couldn't remember how many drinks I've had since I got here, but how long have I been here? I couldn't have been here that long, anyway where is here? "

When I realized I didn't know how long I had been in this place I started to panic. I scanned the enormous room looking for the way I came in, more urgently for a way out. When I noticed the room was completely still. All the other guests were frozen in place like mannequins in a store window. A slow chill started to rise through me.

Without warning a strange gust of wind caught me off guard as if someone had opened a window during a storm. I regained my equilibrium and searched for the source, anxiously spinning around trying to explain what was happening to me. Was this a nightmare? Was I really asleep safe in my bed at home?

"God please let me wake up" I whispered under my breath.

That's when I saw her.

All the air had left the room. I stood transfixed. Her long black hair wildly rushing around her soft featured face was the only thing moving in the room. Time seemed to have slowed down. My sight seemed to narrow. I could only see her as the rest of the world darkened around her tall sleek form.

A drum started in my ear. Faint, but distinct.

Startled I dropped my glass. Waiting for the sound of the crystal to meet with the cold granite floor, but it never came.

Again, the drum sounded. Now more intense, sending my body into an uncontrolled shiver.

My gaze still fixed on her.

The puppet guests parted the floor, leaving me a direct path to her. I could see her completely now. Draped in crimson cloth she opens her arms to me. The wrap falls to the floor revealing the nude pale flesh underneath.

My Venus.

I took my first step without knowing.

The drum growing louder with each step.

As I made my way through this crowd of sinister marionettes I felt their hands brush by me, caressing my body, further encouragement toward my siren. Even if I wished it, I could not resist, my will surrendered.

The heaviness returned.

As I struggled to continue making my way to her I noticed a change in my vision. As if I had walked through a wall of water, the world washed away and seen without the façade attached. When my sight returned, I saw my muse for what she truly was. What was beauty moments before, now a corpse like doll.

The hair that flowed past her shoulders had fallen away to string and spiders silk. Her soft face now gaunt and hollow, eyes without spark set deep in shadow. Blistered lips peeled back revealing long gnarled teeth. Her torso had become distended and short, her breasts withered, hunched over by the weight of her sin. Her arms and legs grew longer and ferociously tipped with blood stained talons. Her skin, so flawless and smooth now resembling immolated flesh.

Yet I could not turn away.

The drum now quickening in pace, drawing me toward the creature.

My desire growing, I match pace with the drum pounding in my head. Closer I push to be encased in her temple, to be held by those now twisted menacing arms.

As I reach her I am stopped. Like something is holding me back, keeping me from my siren.

I struggle to move forward but am held in place. I lose my footing, something slick covering the floor beneath me. I look down in horror as I realize I am soaked in blood. The floor a gruesome ocean spilt from my own body. My belly slit and gaping open. I have been eviscerated, my intestines dragging between my legs.

As I had walked through the crowd what I thought were gentle hands were really claws tearing at my body, spilling my life without me knowing.

I turn to see the mob ripping and gorging on the viscera that spilt from my core like wild dogs fighting over a fresh kill.

I feel my legs give way but am caught. My queen holds me tenderly to her chest. The fear leaving my soul I caress her, welcome her.

In her frozen embrace she turns me to witness the macabre feast unable to turn away, I watch.

She strokes my head, holding me in her lap, tracing a line up and down my neck and chest. So exquisite does it feel my body shudders.

I feel a taloned hand trace my spine and make its way up to my shoulder. A single hand grasps my skull and gently exposes my throat. I face the creatures' open maw, dripping with anticipation.

A guttural sound emanates from my beloved killer so strong it creeps into my chest and my heart skips a beat.

She places her mouth over my throat so tenderly, so sweetly it feels like we are two lovers moving together, entangled in a slow passion warm and safe.

I feel her teeth sink in.

A blinding flash of pain washes over me. My eyes wide with terror, yet I dare not struggle.

With one quick movement she tears out my throat. A fountain of blood explodes from my arteries, showering the jackals that have gathered around to see my life end. Mouths open they revel in the hot, sticky mess, lapping up the puddles of my essence.

She lays me down gently on the marble tiles, now stained with my offal. I lay there staring at those ghouls fighting over the last scraps of me, my life slipping away. The room growing colder and dimmer with each labored breath.

As my sight fades I look up to catch a glimpse of my beautiful destroyer looming over me, blood still warm, dripping from her rotting visage onto my forehead. The last vision I will have of this world will be of her, nourished by my death, satiated by my blood.

As my light fades I hear the drum beat slower…slower…slow.


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