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A short story by my friend.
Don't Worry...

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Margolin worried about everything. Very stupid things to worry about like drawing, writing, being to cold or warm, but mostly sleeping. Margolin had terribe nightmares, nightterrors, and sleep walked and talked.

One day, Margolin's sister, Marranda invited Margolin to go with her and her friend to a sleepover. But, Margolin was very worried, she kept saying, "What would happen if-" or "You're sure that-" But Marranda eventually convinced her to go.

Marranda was 18 so she drove Margolin who was 15.

"Marranda, why did you even invite me? Your friends won't like me."

Marranda looked back at her sister, "Oh, be quiet. They're the whole reason why you're coming. We all think it will be a good...experience for you!"

They parked the car in front of a small old house that looked like it was falling apart. Trees covered the house so you couldn't see it very well. Margolin kept glancing at the house while getting her huge luggage out of the car.

"You know this is only a one night stay," said Marranda.

"Yeah, but you'll never know what you'll need," answered Margolin.

A girl was in front of the house writing 666 in red paint on the door.

What the heck does 666 mean? Margolin thought. The girl walked to Margolin and Marranda.

"Welcome to the most deadliest house in America."

"What!? I thought this was a sleepover!?" yelled Margolin.

"Oh, it is. Anyways my name is Tracy. Your sister has told me all about you. Don't worry after this you won't be scared."

Margolin started pacing around murmuring something, until Marranda grabbed her hand and tugged her inside the house. The house was all dark, it had two rooms, a bedroom and a living room. It smelled moldy. Tracy pulled a string hanging from the ceiling, the light wasn't all that bright, but it was better than nothing.

They all sat in a circle and Tracy started telling stories of all the people who had died in that house. Margolin tried her best to be brave, but she started crying really loud.

"Sh...ok...ok, stop crying. Bed time." Marranda said as Tracy was trying to get Margolin to be quiet. Margolin stopped crying when Tracy said, "It will all be over in the morning. It will go by fast."

They got in their pajamas and laid down on the creaky cold beds. Margolin laid with Marranda.

"This was a bad idea," Margolin whispered and they all fell asleep.

"Ah! No! Stop! Get away! Ah..." Margolin woke to faded screaming. Marranda wasn't next to her. She started getting worried, then she heard footsteps coming toward her.

She saw Tracy, her pupils were huge and black and she had huge blood squirts on her body, especially the axe she had in her hands.

Her head snapped to the left, "It's ok Margolin. I took care of your sister. She is in a better place."

"No! You killed her!"

"Exactly and you're next."

Margolin tried to run but Tracy was to fast. Tracy slammed her down on the cold, hard, moldy ground.

"Please," begged Margolin," No, I'll do anything! I won't tell anyone! Let me go!"

"It's ok Margolin...There's nothing to worry about anymore..."


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