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Centralia has been known to have monsters. The people that are forced to live there go into the church before it turns night. Unfortunately, Mina and her little sister, Rayne, find out what lurks under the darkness in Centralia.

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The alarms on the church begin to ring loudly, echoing throughout the entire town. Swarms of people begin to evacuate their premises to go into the church before the darkness comes out. Every night, every human being left alive must exit to the church. If anyone is left outside the doors, they will be left behind, given up as food for the things that come out at night.

I hold onto my little sister, trying to get her to pass the crowd of people heading towards the church. I have to keep her safe, I have to keep her away from the horrors that come out at night. I reach for her shoulder as she cups her hand with mine, holding her close to me making sure she doesn't get lost. Everyone is rude as they quickly walk right through, pushing away anyone that stands in their way. A family, in particular, runs pass everyone, knocking down me and my sister in the process. As we get up, we notice that the church doors are closing. I pick up my little sister, running towards the door but they shut it right before we got in. I pound on the door hoping that someone will open it but I knew that they wouldn't.

I take my sister to a nearby building to hide. I place her in a small closet that could only fit her. Her pasty skin shows a fearful expression. Her dark eyes widen as I shut the doors. I can hear her small voice out through the doors.

"Mina, don't go!"

I bit my lip, feeling the consternation of leaving my little sister in the closet, "Stay here, Rayne. Whatever you do, do NOT come out of this closet. Wait until I come back for you."

Right when I walk off, I can hear my sister's silent tears through the closet slits. I look up at the ceiling, hoping that leaving my sister here would make her safe. When I look down, I see a small kitchen knife laying on the floor. I pick it up then open one of the closet doors, handing her the knife in her small hands, "This is in case of an emergency. If they reach you, stab them in the head a couple times, okay?"

Rayne nods her head at me showing that she understands.

I shut the door immediately then look around for a nearby weapon to defend myself to whatever may be outside. I find a small dagger wedged into the wall. I rip it out of the wall. The blade is a bit dull but sharp enough to slice into the head of the deceased.

When I walk out, I notice the sky breaking out in burns as the ashes fall from it. The buildings become dark, depressing, and abandoned. The road is ending with no way of escaping the town. I turn my shoulder to the shop I was just in, thinking about Rayne, wondering if I did the right thing. I want to hide with her but I must find some food, the nights are long, the days are short. This is the place called, "Centralia."

I can hear the monsters already lurking in the shadows. I can hear the motions of the undead making sliding across the dirt roads. There is one monster that stood in front of me in the fog. I can hear its own blood, coming apart as the thing opens its hideous mouth. I move up closer to it, even though it is a bad idea. I try to find a way around it without it noticing but there is none. I have to go around it to the grocery store behind it.

The fog became light as I got closer up to it. It is the silhouette of a normal human but does not appear to be one. Its slimy, bald head is mended with its neck, down to its shoulders, its thin, skeleton-like arms spread out beside it. Blood drips from the thing's elbows. Dried blood is mended on the flesh, as if it has no skin.

I accidently make a small noise that alerts the monster. It faces me with its soulless, dark holes for eyes, it knows I am with it and it knows I am human.

With its bent knees, it begins to walk towards me, slowly. The gurgling sound it makes made me shiver. I get a nice grip onto my dagger, ready to strike it in case it attacks. In within a minute, it now faces me close. It moves it head to sense me and when it did, it let out a roar that alerts more monsters. I step back but when I did, it opens up its chest, sending out a grayish green mist. I shield my eyes and hold my breath, I knew that this must be the poison that these things emit.

I duck underneath it like someone would in a fire, dodging anything else that comes after me. I swiftly swing my knife perfectly straight up like an uppercut, sending the knife right through the monster's head. It splits vertical from the chin up. It does not fall but it closes up its chest. I quickly move out of the way of its arms and plunge my dagger into its forehead. I fling it out as the monster falls to the ground, disappearing in a series of red ashes.

I hear more monsters of all sorts come my way. I knew if they find me here, they will investigate where my sister lays so I decide to run towards the grocery building where I intend to go in the first place.

I open the doors then slam in immediately before anything could get in. I grab a two by four and stick in between the door handles to keep it shut. So far, there are no monsters out. I look around the store for any monsters that could be lurking around in the store. There are no monsters, nothing that I can see nor hear.

I grab a grocery bag from the racks then start to fill it up with supplies until I see backpacks that hang in the back of the room. I grab one of them, the biggest one I could find and begin to fill it up with food, water, and medical supplies. I swing the bag on my back.

I hear a loud scream coming from outside. My heart drops because I know that scream. Rayne! I run out of the store. Out in the open, I see Rayne by the fountain in front of the church. In front of her, are different species of monsters around her. Most of them contains the same monster that I encountered before. I drop my bag because the extra weight will weigh me down if I am to fight these monsters.

I run after Rayne. I hold her in my arms to make sure she is okay. I find a few scratches and lots of blood all around her. My heart nearly dies out when I see her in such a condition.

"Mina!" She bursts out in tears by the sight of me.

"Rayne, I told you to stay."

She looks ahead, where there is one silhouette that stands out from the rest. It is much larger, carrying some type of weapon that is twice as much as its weight.

"Rayne, I need you to go up to the church steps and stay behind one of the pillars, understood?"

Rayne nods her head and races for the church pillars by the door. I make sure that she makes it to the destination and she does.

I grab the dagger. I knew this small weapon will be too weak against the oversized monster but I figure that I should deal with the smaller ones first. Each of the monsters are simple kills, I am able to destroy every last one of them while holding my breath.

Now for the last one. Every time when this monster walks, it feels like an earthquake just hit. This guy is overly massive, its hands are bigger than my entire body. it stands at least eight feet tall. It has the muscles of a bodybuilder but twenty times stronger. The leather mask it wears over its oversized head, hides its menacing eyes that I know are staring down at me. It steps closer to me, slowly swinging its large sword made of bone at me. Since it is slow, I am able to dodge it quite easily. I make my move as it begins to recover but it swings his sword sideways, just barely touching my skin.

It roars out a menacing roar that shakes my brain in my head. I went back to focusing on how to kill this insane beast. I run around in circles with the beast until I am able to find some type of weakness to it. This thing seems like it doesn't even have a weakness, it is as if this thing is made out of pure steel that is impenetrable.

I try to chop off its legs but the dagger barely even makes a scratch. I have to find something fast. I run into the butcher shop right next to the place I put my sister in. I find a machete and a shotgun. I put the machete in my belt while I carry the shotgun with both my hands. I look up at the monster, at its neverending eyes, aiming the gun straight for its head. It walks towards me in wide strides. I keep my hand on the trigger, waiting for the right moment. When I shot, I missed. I shot again but ended up shooting it on the shoulder, sending it in an even greater frenzy.

I realize that the gun only had two shots, so I drop it and grab the machete from my belt. I ran towards the fountain, trying to come up with a new plan. All of a sudden, I can feel its large, grimy hands grab me. I scream trying to get the thing to loosen its grip so I drop to the ground. It isn't going to happen. The beast is going to kill me, rip off my skin. I shut my eyes hoping that I will go fast until something happens.

I hear a high-pitched shout coming from the steps of the church. I dare not to open my eyes in case it kills me before I could see what is happening.

The monster yells in pain as it drops me. I fall onto the dirt road, making me lose most of my vision. I stay on the ground until I see Rayne's feet. I look up at her as she is picking me up off the ground to help me stand up. She is not the same Rayne that I know. She transformed into something I don't know of.

Her hair turned to a black like the night sky, her eyes became blood red, her pasty skin is now cracked. She isn't the same Rayne that I know, the same six year old that I know.

She looks at me then at the monster, "You cannot hurt my sister." There is a bluish black color that is emitting from my sister. The monster cowers down to her.

She raises her hands up in the air, "Die." The monster screams out in the air, echoing throughout the town. It turns into the red ashes, falling where it belongs.

My sister turns back to normal. She closes her eyes as she falls. I catch her in my arms, sitting on the dirt road. The darkness is surrendering to the light. The sun has come out to make this world whole again.

I hold onto my sister tight, crying out in tears. I can't believe what just happened. I never knew what lay under the darkness until today.

*I was thinking of having the idea of this turned into a novel. I made this a short story to get your opinions on whether or not it would be a good story to be turned into a novel later on.


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