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Pulling Me Under

By: redundertheskin

Page 1, Sometimes it\'s hard to get away from things that haunt you. Sometimes they pull you back into your past. Sometimes, they kill you inside. And sometimes, you kill yourself.

I turned away from you when you turned away from me. But now you turn to me, looking for answers I don;t have. You keep asking, I try to ignore you. You begin to hurt me, hoping I'll turn around. But I still walk away.

You try to talk to me, using harsh words, hoping I'll get infuryated and turn. But I stay strong and still walk away. I hear your voice, calling me, no, not me. Your talking about me. Now others follow me. Beating me down, holding me down. I watch you, you beat me untill I cannot walk.

You haunt me in my after life. Yes, you killed me inside, I couldn't live with myself. I finished the job. But stil, as I walk these lonley halls, I hear your voice. Right behind me. Haunting me. Killing me all over again.


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