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His sanity slowly crumbles

Submitted:Feb 15, 2010    Reads: 91    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

Tick -Tock goes the clock hanging on the wall. Its rhythmic, almost like the beating of a heart. The lights are off but I still see everything in vivid detail, the colors, textures, shapes. I smell the smells. I like the solitude of my residence. The only thing to keep me company is the ticking of the clock. Minuets turn to hours, hours turn to days, days to weeks. Ive lost track of time and the noises, sights, and smells overload my sences. The ticks and tocks are no longer rhythmic, they sound as if bombs are being dropped, the colors are neon streaks across my vision, the texture of my clothes rubs my skin raw, and the smells are a dreadful mixture of death and darkness. I sit in the corner rocking back and forth....theres a man walking towards me, reaching for me...i close my eyes and scream. I open them agin to face the stranger and hes gone. I get up tick-tock, tick-tock i cant take the horrible ticking. I rip the clock off the wall and destroy it. Silence once more, i throw the remnats of the broken clock under my bed, and sleep. Im woken by a high picked chukling. I spring from bed and am stopped dead in my tracks by a dog. the dog has a human head, and its red eyes are glowing with hate and fury. the dog lunges for my throat, and i feel its teeth gash thru the soft tissues that were my neck. i welcom death now. The darkness is familiar, this cant be death, i can feel the sores on my skin, see the neon gashes of color that distort my vision, and i can hear the tick-tock of the clock. The clock! Its agin hanging on the wall. i run for the door to find nothing, theres no exit. I frantically search the four walls that surround me. My attempts are futile and in vain. The darkness is to bright, my eyes are burning in my head, my clothes are a billion nails burrowing into my flesh. I rip my clothes off and close my eyes, The momentary peace is inturrupted by the ticks and tocks of the clock. tick tock. tick tock. I tear the clock from the wall and dismantle it peace by peace. i worked my fingers raw. The blood covers fragments of the clock are stewn across my room. Its quiet, i lay down and sleep. Light, Light that burns my corneas, and peirces my eyelids wake me. My dark cell is alight with color, that bleeds from every surface. In unavailing attempts i cant escape the light, i cover my eyes to meet only harsher lights. In a desparate attempt i run my fingers along my eye sockets and plunge my fingers into the mangled mess that let me see. i rip and dig untill i can no longer see the colors and light. I feel the warmth of my blood run down my face. its almost comforting, not to see. I welcomed the new found darkness. Thump-Thump, thump-thump...the sound evaides my harmonious refuge. I grope to find the source of the noise, i reconize this rhythimc beating. Its been with me all along. It soon starts to quiet and fade. it heard my desparte crys for quiet. I feel relaxed and comfort for the first time for as long as i remember. Now theres no more noise, sights, textures. I leave with a smile knowing ill never hear, see, or feel agin.


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