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Subliminal Death

Short story By: RME

Read to be scared

Submitted:Mar 16, 2013    Reads: 88    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I was in my cop car with my partner. We had a job in the suburbs. In a house far away from the rest but still in our district. We drove for about ten minutes before we got there. Our job was to search it. We both had search warrants so we legally were aloud to search the house. When we got to the house it was nice there was a flower bed outside the house. There was a swing set in the back yard. The door was nice and wooden it had a golden knob and key hole. It was on a porch outside with a bench and a few garden ornaments. I knocked on the door several times as my partner looked through the window. "Maybe there not home," my partner exclaimed. He wanted to leave but we had to search the place no matter what and as in depth as we could. I shook my had and broke the door down the house was nice there was pictures of a mother and many kids all over the place. The father was not present in one but there was five kids two girls and three boys along with the mother the youngest being about one, in the mothers arms, and the oldest being about ten. We proceeded to search the house but couldn't find anything. We were almost done when we found a door. It looked like it leaded to a basement so we opened it and regretted it. The steps leading down to the basement was all stone we heard the loud noise of some demon talking. I couldn't tell what he was saying. The steps turned into a a room full of dead bodies. All having bullet holes in there heads. A girl was tied to a chair in the basement also. She was watching a video. A man was behind her stroking her hair gently smiling but still seeming unbelievably violent. The women had bruises all down and was sobbing. The noise in the video was all screaming mixed with ear numbingly high pitched sounds. There was a gun shot noise and all went quite but the whimpering of a little girl. Me and my partner were still on the stairs and even though the man looked at us several times he didn't acknowledge us he just stood there. And watched the girl pick a revolver up from the T.V stand and kill herself. We yelled for her to stop but nothing happened. The man then turned to us pulled a handgun from his pocked and let a round loose I fell to the ground and from the second I hit the ground all I could grease a high pitched sound ( I hit my head on the stone.) My partner on the other hand slowly collapsed he was then picked up and tied to the same chair after the dead women was removed. The man then showed him a video which I couldn't hear. About 30 seconds later my partner killed himself with the same revolver. After that the man turned and I used all my strength to pull out my gun, cock it back, and kill him. I then passed out after contacting a police chief asking for help. It was a week after that I got out of the hospital. I then returned to the force. I stole the tape from evidence on the first day back though. I had to watch it. The tape was of the man I killed he kept saying do it and his voice got deeper and deeper each time. He then pulled out a gun and a sonic pitch blasted loud. He pointed the gun out of the frame as demon voices screamed ether do it or its your fault or random cursing. He then shot it and blood splattered all over him. The screen then went black and a little girls scream was heard. Through out this video pictures were flashed on screen. I put a gun to my temple but I couldn't pull the trigger I restarted the video and played it at one frame per second. At least every then seconds there was a picture of someone dead or dying but only for one frame. I finished the video realizing they were the people from the pictures at the house and the pictures were subliminally getting people to kill theirselves, so I put the gun to my temple and then I...


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