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Man's Best Friend

Short story By: Rosaline

The prompt was: Write an end-of-days story from a non-human point of view (animal, tree, insect, cloud, etc.) This is what I came up with.

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My human used to be the most important thing in the world to me. I remember the day everything changed.


We were in the car, heading somewhere far away. I'd fallen asleep and woken back up quite a few times and when my eyes blinked open she was always there, smiling. The trip had been going smoothly and I was sprawled out on the front seat, enjoying the sun on my black back. Suddenly, I heard her curse and she laid a hand on my back, like she always did when the ride was about to get bumpy.

The car stopped sharply and her hand was the only thing that kept me from sliding on the floor. She pressed down and the car made a weird, barking noise. I stood up, putting my paws on the dashboard. A blur of color and movement erupted in front of me. Other humans were getting out of their cars, looking around. Farther up a black cloud hung over the stopped machines, ominously getting bigger.

I jumped down and crawled onto the center console, licking her cheek. She patted my head, a quick smile crossing her face. "I'm not sure what's going on but we should be moving again soon." She continued to scratch between my ears and my eyes closed lazily. That's when the popping noise sounded.

She ducked down as the humans outside starting screeching. She glanced up quickly and moved the thing I wasn't allowed to step on. Suddenly the car started going backwards. I jumped back into the seat and looked out the window, the glass cold on my front paws. I heard her mumbling under her breath. "I don't know what's going on up there but we're getting out of here." She backed the car into the grass and it angled downwards sharply as we got closer to the ditch. I sat back down in the seat to keep from falling forward. Suddenly, the car lurched forward and the ride got bumpy, swerving every once in a while. I looked up at her, noticing her tight grip and the determined look on her face. My human was the best alpha I could've ever asked for.

Finally the ride got smooth again. This road was much smaller and there were hardly any other humans around. We were going faster than usual, everything outside blurring by in colorful smudges. I sat attentively, wondering where we were going next. As the miles went by, my eyes grew heavier and I blinked more and more often. Finally I stretched out on the seat, letting the tires lull me to sleep.


I woke up to a loud tone. It vibrated in my head, making me jump to my feet and look around. My human reached up and turned one of the nobs. The sound got quieter but didn't go away completely. It continued for a little longer and then was followed by a series of beeps. A voice came out of nowhere, another human's voice, and I perked my ears up. "This is not a test. This is a message from the U.S. government. The governor of Virginia has instated martial law. Virginia is in a state of emergency. Please return to your homes and stay there. Thank you." The beeping started up again and then the car went silent.

I cocked my head and looked up at my human. She took out her phone and tried to call a couple times. Nothing happened and she slammed in into the pocket on the door, cursing again. I jumped up and licked her cheek again. The quick smile flashed and she scratched between my ears, drawing a sigh of happiness from me. I laid back on my seat and fell back asleep in the sunlight.


I woke up sliding off the seat. I smashed into the dashboard and slid to the floor with a grunt. I got slowly to my feet and turned toward my human. She was hanging onto the steering wheel and I could smell the fear. I pinned my ears to me head and looked around, searching for the threat. A growl erupted out of my throat as the hair on my back stood up in a line. My human was shaking. I heard a voice shouting, another human. Suddenly the door was ripped open and my human was pulled out, screaming. I jumped out of the car, going for one of the men's legs. He kicked me aside and I landed with a yelp.

I struggled to my feet as my human was pushed to the ground, trying to get to her. Something was going on, something bad. A loud bang deafened me and my human fell, hitting the pavement. The others got back into their big vehicle, a truck I think. I ran to my human's side and licked her face. A metallic smell filled the air but I didn't stop. Her hand slowly came up and brushed my side. "I love you Chloe. You're such a good girl." Breath left her mouth in a wheeze, her hand dropping to the ground. I started to whine. My human, what was wrong with my human?


Even though many years have passed, I still miss my human.


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