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Edward Pierce

Short story By: Sam Smith

A serial killer story inspired by Dexter. ^_^

Submitted:Dec 22, 2012    Reads: 68    Comments: 11    Likes: 6   

A range of trees flashed by and the sun shone brightly upon a wide field. A few birds flew by and a couple of cows were grazing on the grassy field. They seemed to be enjoying this warm summer day as much as he was. Edward leaned back in his seat and gazed out the window. He was glad of the dark black sun glasses protecting his eyes. Edward Pierce was a sixteen year old youth with what was known as a crew cut, a plain white shirt, blue jeans and white trainers.

Before him sat the beautiful Natalie, she had hair as yellow and radiant as the sun and blue eyes full of warmth. She was wearing a pristine white dress and had a cross around her neck. Natalie was a year older than he was and his lifelong companion and guardian angel and as of two days ago also his wife.

' Where would you like to go next dear?' Edward asked his blushing bride.

The train started slowing down. Soon they would be at the Rainham station.

' How about Canterbury?' Natalie suggested.

' I'd like to see the cathedral and Marlowe once studied there.'

They had tickets that allowed them to travel anywhere within Kent for a week that they had bought with stolen credit cards. They were skilled pickpockets and made their living this way.

Edward and Natalie had travelled across the country ever since their escape from the orphanage.

' Sounds good.' Edward said.

' We're in the right part of the train aren't we?'

' Yeah.' Natalie said.

' This part goes to Dover Priory and stops at Canterbury East along the way.'

' Cool.' Edward said.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see a man in a black suit across the aisle giving him a strange look. The man muttered something that Edward couldn't hear and then stood up and walked away.
Edward traced the shape of the scalpel in his pocket.

' Be patient darling.' Natalie Said.

' Yes dear.' Edward sighed.

He placed his hands on his knees and turned back to the window.

' Didn't a priest famously die in Canterbury?' Edward asked remembering a story he had once heard.

' Thomas ... something.'

' Thomas Beckett.' Natalie said.

Edward and Natalie got out at the Canterbury East station. It was much like any other station except that strangely it lacked a ticket barrier. The newly wedded couple put their tickets back in their pockets as they walked out of the station and entered Canterbury. Right before the station was a road and on the other side was a bridge under which cars whizzed by in a steady stream.
This bridge connected to a medieval looking wall and walkway that to the literary inclined might bring to mind the battlements of Elsinore from Shakespeare's Hamlet upon which the ghost makes its first appearance in the play.

' Looks nice.' Natalie said as they crossed the bridge.

' Mm.'

Edward was eager to try out his new toy that he had taken from his latest victim. He had never used a scalpel before.

It had been a week since his last kill. A whole week since Edward had officially crossed into serial killer territory. The first victim had been a drug dealer, the second a burglar and the latest had been a black widow. Natalie chose the victims and she insisted on them being people she considered evil.

She said that God spoke to her and told her where to find "the wicked". Natalie also insisted on him changing the method each time like Zodiac had and moving to a new location after each kill.

The first one Edward had attacked from behind and injected with an overdose of his own drugs, the second one he had strangled and the third he had bludgeoned with a hammer he had stolen.

' Don't you think so?' Natalie asked.

' Yeah.'

What did I just agree to?

A man with dark curly hair wearing a polo shirt, expensive looking designer jeans and an equally expensive looking wrist watch walked past Edward and Natalie.

' Looks like we've found number four.' Natalie said.

' Do I know this one?' Edward asked something tugging at his memory.

' I feel like I've seen him before.'

' Possibly.' Natalie said.

They walked a few feet behind the target.

' His name is Paul Ewing and he's a pimp. We've seen his kind before at the orphanage. Looking for young girls.'

Edward put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the scalpel.

' Kill him. Kill him now.'

Edward ran forward and plunged the scalpel into the targets neck. Blood spurted out like water from a fountain and the target collapsed on the ground. All around him people screamed and ran away. A kill. Finally a kill. Edward noticed a gun on the ground and picked it up.

Jacob Anderson was on the train that he always took to work, sitting down and staring at the newspaper in his hands with an uneasy sensation in the pit of his stomach. The headline said



and the image with the article was of the youth that Jacob had seen on this very same train the day before talking to himself.


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