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The Red-head chic

Short story By: Sammy Wang Yang

He wants head....and she gave it to him.

Submitted:Feb 24, 2012    Reads: 71    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

It was dark, and the night air was chilled. While everyone was inside the cabin warming themselves with each other's bodies, Chea Kim was outside in the chilly April evening with a wild and sexy red-head who's name had already escaped him. But he didn't cared about the cold, nor the name. His mind was set on that crazy chic running wildly toward the black lake, already her clothes shedding off her.

He jogged behind her while huffing and puffing, trying to keep up with this wild child and cursing his aging health. Dammit, I'm only thirty yet I feel sixty!

Her laughter trails behind her, wavering in the wind like a musical note on a piano sheet. He jog passed the remains of her shirt, then her pants. And as she neared the bank of the lake, her bra and panties stripped from her body and hovers in the air for a couple of seconds as the wind manipulated the thin cloth.

She laughed gleefully as she splashed into the black water. She submerged her body under the water and turned toward him.

"Come on! The water's fine!" she hollered to him.

Eagerly, he shed his clothes. Off came his shirt, and then clumsily came the pants and underwear. He was excited and his ego made him pose in front of the red-head.

"Le'go!" he said in a cocky tone.

She squealed with delight as he advanced toward the water bank. At the touch of the water, he shuddered from the icy cold. But he quickly composed himself, not wanting to look like a douche in front of this sexy creature. She was doing backstroke, and her fleshy mounds peaked above the water line. The water was cold, and her nipples were bullets on her pale moon-lit breast. He was waist deep, the water was not cold enough to prevent an erection.

The girl swam farther and deeper into the Lake. Moonlight unable to reach part of the waterbed due to the many trees surrounding the area. She was engulfed with the shadows.

"Come on!" she urged him.

"Oh sheez, wait till I tell Eang this!" Chea gleefully said to himself, as he wade into the water deeper and further in.

Something swam past his leg, and he jerked with surprise.

"Damn fish trying to nibble on my sausage…" he muttered, trying to convince himself from being scared.

He almost lost sight of the red-headed girl, until he found her form within the shadow. Her pale face and wet, fire head peaked above the water line. He was still thirty feet away, closing into the dark shadows.

"Hey! You're too far, why don't you come back closer here?" he called out to her.

She did not reply. Her head above the water-line and her eyes were staring at the stars.

Chea was getting cold, and the erection was waning itself. "Damn stupid chic…" he muttered. "YO!!"

Her head tilted back and the water was surrounding her cheeks and neck as if she was going to do another backstroke. But her body did not emerged from the water. Her glassy eyes still staring upward at the sky.

Chea shook his head. "Alright, I'm going back to the shore man!"

He was getting spooked.

Something that looked like twigs emerged from around her head. Chea inched slowly back, but never leaving his eyes off the girl. Slowly, she moved forward. The twigs moving slightly along with the water current. She was heading toward him.

Something was strange about the way that looked to Chea. Her body should be visible, and how can she do a backstroke forward? You only do backstroke, backward!

Chea backed away even more quickly. The girl's head moved forward, with slightly more speed. Chea started to back away more faster. The twigs around the girl's head moved slightly more faster. They were like propellers, or a mini-row pushing against the water.

Chea shivered almost violently. And he started to swam eagerly toward the shore. He emerged from the bank and turned one last time to look at the crazy chic. The girl was still submerged in the water, with only her head peaking above the water line. She came a few feet from the bank of the water. The shallow end, where her body should have emerged.

But it was just her head, with those twig-like appendages. Her glassy eyes still staring up at the sky.

"What the…" Chea questioned.

Suddenly, those twigs stretched upward, extending longer and bent. Her head moved forward, propelled by those twig-legs and the head came out from the water and onto the shore.

"SHIT!" Chea toppled backward and fell upon his naked ass, with his legs spread apart.

The Spider-like head of the Red-Head chic advanced toward where he was openly vulnerable. It came at him QUICK! All Chea could do was let out one final breath;

And the night sky echoed his scream.


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