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The Nightmare.

Short story By: saoirse989

Basically a guy who has a really bad nightmare ... scary stuff!

Submitted:Oct 2, 2010    Reads: 121    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

The Nightmare
After tossing and turning to the early hours of the morning, I finally drifted off in to an uneasy, fitful sleep.
It was night. I was in the streets. Who's street? I looked around, but it was too dark to make out anything more than the brick walls. My footsteps echoed around the silent streets, and it felt as if I was the only person left in the world. But, turning around a corner, I saw my whole family lined up against a brick wall. The twins, Mum, Dad, Macey and even Billy. What were they doing there? Standing, staring straight ahead as though mesmerised. This was not something you saw every day.
"Mum? Dad?" I said uncertainly. They didn't respond. Either did any of my siblings when I said their names. Something was wrong.
Suddenly, people stepped out from the dark shadows. Six of them. All dressed in black with hoods covering their faces. They moved towards my family, apparently unaware that I was stood right in front of them. Flashes of silver glinted by their hands. Knives. My stomach lurched. I ran forwards to stop them, but my feet were glued to the pavement. I opened my mouth to shout, but no sound came out. I shut my eyes to escape the terror, but my eyelids refused to close.
The six people in black chose a member of my family each, and set to work. I watched in absolute horror. Knives speared into wide eyeballs and gauged them out. Dark, bloody bottomless holes were left, and my family's excruciating screams pierced my heart like the devil's spear. But my family couldn't move. They were as glued to the spot as I was.
The hooded people's next move brought bile surging upwards, and I spewed it everywhere. They all grabbed my family's tongues and slowly sliced them off. Squirming bloody tongues fell into the darkness. Then they chopped off fingers and toes. One. By. One. Knives stabbed into guts, sliced in between every rib, twisted sadistically in throats. I was sobbing ferociously and my throat had swollen so I could barely breathe. But the worst thing was that my family was still alive. Alive and experiencing all those unbearable things being done to them.
After a time seeming like eternity, my family finally dropped to the floor in the darkness. Bloody, lifeless corpses. And then the six murderers turned to me with their knives drenched in my parent's and siblings' blood. My stomach flipped. My heart was thundering its way out of my chest like a herd of stampeding elephants. A cold, wet knife was pressed against my throat and I stopped breathing.
They had me.
I was a dead man.
I tumbled out of bed in the pitch black and vomited on the floor, shaking ferociously and sobbing like the world was going to end. And it was, surely.
"Connor," spoke an alarmed voice. Macey's voice. She was back from the dead. Wetness seeped into my boxers. I screamed as she grasped my neck. I kicked away from her and rushed around the walls, groping for the door. I found it and flung in wide open. Stumbling out onto the landing, I saw the twins' door open and they walked out sleepily. I turned the opposite direction of them, straight into Macey. She flung herself at me, and I screamed like a madman as I tumbled to the floor.
"Don't kill me!" I yelled. "Please!"
"Connor calm down!"
I thrashed and kicked myself free of Macey's harsh headlock. She was trying to decapitate me!
I stumbled away from her, into Jack's arms. Jack's crushing arms on my chest. There was a swelling balloon in my lungs and Jack was going to pop it. He was trying to suffocate me.
"No! Please Jack let go!"
"Con what the hell is going on?!"
"Let go Jack! I can't breathe!"
Amazingly, Jack let go. But all that happened was that the balloon got bigger. I panicked like no one's business.
"I can't breathe."
Cold sweat poured down my face, my back and my chest. My stomach was performing tumbling somersaults and my eyes were producing tears the size of swimming pools. I needed to get away from here. Badly.
"Connor listen to me," said Macey. I backed away.
"Connor you have to calm down."
I backed into Harry. I screamed and fought. But he held me tight. Too tight.
"Connor listen-"
"No! Let go!"
Harry grabbed my hot, throbbing head in his cool, strong hands. I grew still. His hands were safe. We stayed like that for at least a minute.
"There we go."
My fingers were twitching with nerves.
"Connor, look at me."
I shook my head, panic starting to bubble back in.
"Con. Look. At. Me."
Dark, bloody bottomless holes. He was going to wrench my eyeballs out.
"Harry let go! Please don't!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. His grip on me tightened and I started shaking from head to toe.
"Let go!"
I didn't want my eyes gauged out!
"Don't do what?" asked Harry. I raked at his fingers and he finally let go. I stumbled away through tears. Mum and Dad's door was flung open. I started running.
"Dad catch him! He's gone mental!" shouted Jack. Dad lunged for me, but I dodged. I ran across the landing and flung myself down the stairs, missing out all the steps in between. The ground rushed up towards me and I stuck my arms out to take the impact. My palms hit the floor and both my arms snapped. My stomach heaved at the sound. I heard footsteps on the stairs and I tried to shuffle forwards, but a flaming pain burned in my left knee and my aching arms collapsed. I howled in pain and then cowered away from contact with a hand on my back. They'd got me now. They had me trapped 'cause I couldn't move to get away. Not without the bones in my arms splintering and piercing my skin. My heart beat ferociously and my blood ran cold.
"Connor," my name was spoken softly. "Connor please, try to calm down."
"But I can't breathe," I whispered. And it was true, even though my mind responded well to those words. The balloon still wouldn't go away, and how was I supposed to calm down if I couldn't breathe? Something sharp slid in between one of my ribs. It felt like a nail trying to turn me over, but I couldn't be sure. And if I couldn't be sure then it could be a knife. Slicing in between every rib.
I started panicking again, and nothing could calm me down. I was backing into a wall, and they'd got me cornered. I thrashed weakly and screamed my head off. But I couldn't move away. And then I felt a strike to my lower jaw, and I was unconscious.


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