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Halloween is not just a time for sweet candy and costumes. It's the one day you see the dark side out in the open.

See also MY PRIMAL INSTINCT, the sequel.

Please read the WARNING on my home page before continuing.

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Death is the end result of a feast.

What could be sweeter than the flesh & blood of a child?

Demon you scream! Monster you shout!

Yet, for all your persecutions, you eat the young of animals. Do you not eat the eggs of a chicken? Do you not drink milk made for a baby cow? Ah, but they are a different species, so it doesn't count.

Vegan you say?

How about baby spinach, or baby carrots? Why emphasize the word "baby" in your labels?

Cannibal is your last stand...

Why do you not burn mothers who miscarriage? Their bodies absorb the failed fetus. How many times have you eaten your bugers or swallowed your own blood from a cut lip? Did you enjoy it?

Nay, your hunger for youth and vibrance runs just as rampant as mine. Change the names, change the situation, the end result is still the same. We kill to eat, and eat to kill.

It is OUR nature.


Halloween fills me with such joy. Little ones running amuck, high on sugar, innocent, naive, unprotected, in the dark. Your kind tempts me so openly, so bold, so careless. I float above the power lines invisible to their weak vision. They knock on doors, rining bells, asking for more candy. Their blood is already sweet. But soon it will become sweeter. I can already taste their screams, the spike of adrenalin just before I rip through their precious necks. No one will blink an eye, except for their families. They will become just another picture on Walmart's missing board. Life goes on.

Just like every good feast, I must examine my choices, not wanting to fill prematurely on bad recipes. I start by smelling the air, gauging their age. Too young, has no flavor. Too old, lose their purity. I search carefully, looking for the ripe ones. Those are the ones close to puberty, hormones starting to change. Young boys are the best. They lack the fear of predators. Parents spend more time cautioning their girls.

I finally spot my prey, landing on the road without a sound. My young girlish legs stretch forward as I fight to control my animal instinct to charge. I stalked closer, swinging my bag of candy playfully. Fingers and ears are mixed in with my candy. I'm dressed like a sexy vampirella princess. Except, I am a vampire who looks like a 12 year old girl. My nostrils fill with the scent of his innocence. Well, not so innocent.

"Jeremy, that last house sucked! They don't give shit." My prey complained, looking at the small packets of bubble gum in his bag. Dan's unbleached blonde hair shined in the moonlight. His 10 year old baby face was concealed behind a batman mask. The boy looked healthy even under his black cape.

Awe, how cute. How yummy.

"Yeah, maybe this next one will give us something good. Come on Dan, lets hurry before everyone cleans them out." Jeremy urged his friend. Jeremy's superman outfit did not fit his overweight, out of shape diabetic body.

I should put the fat one out of his misery. But I'm not running a charity service. Vampires for THIN America, yeah right.

My movements bring me closer to them. They are oblivious to my presence. Other kids and teens walking arounds us, looking for their next candy grab. Why can't schools get kids to focus so intently? These children plan their routes, time their visits, and bring enough bags to fill a bathtub full of candy. The smarter ones use pillow cases.

"Hi!" I say in my little girl voice. "I got seperated from my friends. Do you guys mind if I tag along?"

"Uh, hehe." Dan laughed at me.

"Sure, I guess." Jeremy said, feeling sorry for me. The fat ones always fall for the pity plea.

"So what are you? A vampire?" Dan asked in a mocking manner.

"Yeah, how did you guess?" I replied, showing off my costume which was really my actual clothes. My black victorian dress had a slit from the thigh down and my cape wrapped around my arms like a black towel. I looked like a normal girl wearing an evening dress with a cape.

"Shouldn't your face be pale white or something?" Jeremy asked curiously.

"Yeah, but my mom doesn't want me wearing makeup. Allergies." I lied.

Dan rang the door bell of the next house. He seemed annoyed I was tagging along, as if I were going to lessen their candy pile. I have no interest in candy. No interest whatsoever. The house had glowing pumkin head decorations, candelaria lights in the yard, and spooky music playing from speakers. The owners must have spent a good amount on their theme.

"Oh how cute!" The mother figure opened the door, dressed in a sultry cat costume.

"TRICK or TREAT!" we all said together, holding open our bags.

"Hello there... batman. And you must be his good friend... superman. And you're companion...?" She paused at the last part, trying to figure out my costume.

"I'm cat girl. But you can call me pussy." I said in a sarcastic tone.

(Shocked silence)

Why doesn't anyone get my humor? I was teasing the mother for her slutty outfit.

I just held out my bag with an innocent smile.

Blinking back to reality, the cat-costumed mother reached for her candy container and unloaded handfuls into our bags.

"What's your name?" Dan asked after she closed her door. I finally caught his interest.

"Ellaina." I answered.

"You're crazy!"

"You have no idea." I retorted. A small smile formed from my mouth, knowing this meal was going to be good. Unlike most vampires who are only interested in feeding, I like to savor my food. Take it slow, relish the build-up to my final plunge into his soft delicate neck. The look of betrayal, shock, and violated trust is so enticing. After all, I really do have all the time in the world.

Each door was like the next, until our bags were full. Jeremy was complaining about the weight, even though he ate half of his candy already.

An older boy approached us. It was Dan's older brother, Daren. He was 15, dressed in a spiderman outfit, and well built. The only problem were the pimples on his face.

Puberty. Ick!

"Dan, its time to go home. Dad said not to stay out too late." Daren scolded his younger brother. He kept eyeing me. More specifically, he was eyeing my maturing body.

I smiled back nervously.

"Okay Daren. Where are you going?"

"None of your business, dick head." Daren scowled back at his brother.

Dan and Jeremy started to head home but stopped and looked at me. "We forgot about Ellaina."

"Do you need us to walk you home?" Jeremy asked with concern.

"Uh..." I started to say.

"I'll walk her home." Daren declared with authority. "You two go home now!"

This was not going as I planned. I knew, zit-face, Daren did not have noble intentions. And what excuse could I make to stay with the other two? My hunger was starting to override my patience.

"You can trust me." Daren said with an evil grin.

The two boys turned and walked away, leaving me alone with this 15 year old, raging hormone, teenage boy.

"So where do you live?" Daren asked, breaking the silence.

"I don't have to go home yet. Besides, I don't need an escort." I tried to brush him off, thinking I could catch up to Dan and Jeremy before they got home.

"Nonsense. A pretty girl like you, shouldn't be out here alone."

This horny freak is starting to annoy me. Maybe I should just kill him now.

"Hey, didn't you say you were going somewhere?" I asked to distract him.

"Yeah, I'm going to a lookout. It's at the edge of a dump site. Wanna cum, I mean come?" Daren's voice grew high-pitched from excitement.

"Sure, let's go." I agreed seductively, letting the wind blow through my shoulder-length black hair.

I've never seen a boy walk so fast unless he was running for his life. This one was just way too excited. Perhaps his blood will soak with adrenalin by the time I get to eat him. My stomach growled on the walk to the lookout. I stared down at the dirt path, wondering if I lost my golden opportunity with the younger boys. I guess this loser will have to do for now. I could always tract down their scent and find out where they live later. Maybe I'll visit Dan just before sunrise.

A clumsy arm snuck around my shoulder. "Are you cold?" Daren asked eagerly.

"Yeah, a little." I pulled my cape closer around myself.

"Just tell me when you want to go home, okay?" Zit boy said.

We got to the edge of the lookout, seeing the town lights below. The stench of the dump was not romantic at all. But this is not why we were here. It was private and we were alone. Well his friends were nearby. But Daren picked a spot away from them, hoping for something he wasn't going to get.

Daren pulled me closer, pretending to make me warm. "Isn't it beautiful?"

"Yes, beautiful." I said. Fangs grew in my mouth. My eyes dialated pure black. I looked at his jugular vein, hearing the rising beats of his heart. I could actually see the flow of blood pulsing in his neck. My arm reached around his waist, as I positioned my lips closer to his neck. With a quick lunge, I went in for the bite!

Daren's furry clawed-hand caught my hair, pulling me away from his neck! His face changed, bones cracking, nose extending, eyes turning gray. His brow expanded as his face sprouted fur!

"Did you really think, I would let you feed on my brother? You blood-sucking BITCH!" Daren growled at me, wolven fangs protruding from his dog-mouth. He started snarling and drooling with foam. With a feral rage, he threw me at a tree.

My ancient skills and powerful heritage came into play. I easily landed like a cat against the tree and rebounded off it, aiming straight for the young wolf-boy. My body crashed into his and we tumbled across the ground, dirt splashing, leaves flying!

Experience won over brute strength, landing me on top. I had him pinned on the ground now, my right hand at his neck.

"Yes, I will feed on your brother after I'm done with you. I love baby cubs." I said with a fanged smile. I raked through his side, seeing his fur and flesh in my black-nailed claws!

The werewolf looked at his bloodied rib, feeling the gushing wound from his side. He knew I had the upper hand. But there was no where to run. So like all pack hunters, he howled for backup.


His call was cut short as I ripped his throat from his furry neck, eating the blood and flesh from my hand!

"Stupid dog." I hissed in contempt, plunging my fist through his chest and tearing out his heart! I placed it in my candy bag, saving it for later.

Daren's friends came to his aid. But they were too late. Their kin lay dead in pool of wolf-blood on the ground. They could do nothing to avenge their fallen, watching me leap off the edge, flying away into the night sky. They howled and cried all night long, invoking a sense of supreme victory in me.

What? It's my nature.


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