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My Primal Instinct

Short story By: Secret Solace

A wolf's pack is its family. How far will you go to protect your family?


Please read the WARNING on my home page before continuing.

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Man's best friend. That's what they all say. We are loyal, obedient, and always willing to die for our family. We run with the pack, strength in numbers. There is no prey we cannot overcome with unspoken teamwork. Our instincts drive us. We know what to do at just the right time, we just know.

People compare vampires to werewolves as they compare bats to wolves. This is not completely accurate. The last few decades, vampires have grown stronger, flaunting new traits from other dominant species. In addition to their normal bat flight, they now possess cat prowess, gorilla strength, and human ingenuity. However, they are nothing more than thieves. The very fact they have to steal another's blood proves my point.

How did vampires become so powerful?

The answer is simple. Recently, they began to feed on other apex predators, inheriting new strengths and weaknesses as they evolve. They were only vulnerable to sunlight, wooden stakes through the heart, and garlic. Now they are deathly allergic to silver as well. A vampire with allergies. Now that's funny! That's what they get for feeding on my kind.

Werewolves can be killed by silver. But let me explain. Silver is a biocide. It naturally kills abnormal organisms and viruses. Google "silver biocide" if you don't believe me. Our lycanthropy or genetic mutation is considered an abnormal virus. So silver stops our lycanthropy from functioning. We don't actually die from silver. We die from normal wounds caused by the bullet. The silver just prevents our bodies from regenerating.

A thousand years ago, vampires were scavengers, preying only on the weak, helpless, and defenseless. But then other species saw their extinction coming and had to fight back. Humans formed militia mobs, hunting them during the day. Werewolves track them down, exterminating them in their caves. The species war spilled into public streets, publicized only in movies and cultural myth. You think only humans live in your quaint little world. Think again.


My name is Julia and I came home early for Thanksgiving. I'm a 21 year old, sexy blonde, female werewolf, who wants to build my own pack. Unfortunately, family business demanded my immediate attention, pulling me away from college.

My 15 year old brother, Daren, was murdered by a vampire named Ellaina. My father, Greg, told me she was hunting Dan, my 10 year old cub brother. If it weren't for Daren's intervention, my little brother would have been dead. Now it's just my father, my baby brother, and me. I buried the loss of Daren deep down, shedding all emotion.

The only other time I felt this strongly was when our mother, Laila, died during childbirth when Dan was born in 2000. She was only 40 years old. This is why our family is so small. Just cause we're werewolves doesn't mean we don't have normal human problems as well. I'd say we have 2 sets of problems. We must conceal our lycanthropy while trying to live a normal human life. It's not easy, especially on a full moon. The next full moon will be on Nov 21 2010, just 4 days before Thanksgiving, and the same day of my monthly. Just freakin great!

"The little bitch will pay for Daren's death." I swore to my father.

"I know Julia. Just be careful. You know how strong some of them are, and also tricky." My wise father warned me. Greg was 60 but didn't look a day over 40.

Our blonde family was very conservative and wisely so. We choose a life of peace, avoiding the blood feud between vampires, werewolves, and humans. Even if we wanted a war, our small family of three wouldn't stand a chance against a vampire coven or human police. Besides, Dan was only 10. He hardly knew about our other side. His human friend, Jeremy, was even more innocent. Still, my primal instincts compelled me to find that little blood sucking bitch.

Everyone thinks we are rabid dogs foaming at the mouth, raging blindly into battle. You people watch too many movies. We are still part human, you know. And right now, I needed help.

It's 6:00 PM. Saturday, Nov 13 2010.

"Dad, I'm going out."

"Okay, Julia. Call me if you need anything." He said, hinting at me with his twitching elongated ears.

"Subtle, Dad. Real subtle." I laughed at him.

I wore my skin-tight red body-dress, knee-high red fuck-me boots, and 24 inch gemstone black belt. Going into heat before my monthly period is an embarrassing side effect of being a female werewolf. It drives men and dogs crazy. My scent has a very mild odor but extremely powerful effect on the opposite sex. Tonight, I was on fire!

I made my way into a dance club, cutting to the front line with my sex appeal. The bouncers let me through without saying a word. Their mouths were gawking at my hot playboy body.

Eyes from all directions focused on me as I made my presence known. Slowly, I swayed my hips onto the dance floor and began my solo seduction. I could have just stood there and got the same effect, but I wanted to have some fun.

At first, the usual wannabes approached me, trying to grind on me as if they never seen a woman before. Then I spotted him out of the corner of my eye. I could feel his alpha aura, his confidence, his strong manliness.

Damien stood 6'2" tall, strong muscular body, straight dark black hair, with deep blue eyes. His tight black t-shirt had a prehistoric gray dire-wolf, howling at the moon. The faded blue wrangler jeans bulged in all the right places.

MmmmMmmm, I could sink my teeth into those ass cheeks right now.

He did not approach me, resisting my intoxicating allure. The alpha male kept a constant gaze on me, catching my eyes whenever I glanced at him. We eye-fucked each other for a good 5 minutes as I danced in the crowd. Then he turned and walked out of the dance club.

What the?

I chased after him, hoping he was just playing hard to get. As I exited the club, I spotted him walking down the street.

"Hey!" I shouted at him.

He kept walking.

"Maybe he's gay." I slipped out.

Damien stopped walking, turned around, and stared directly at me through the bangs of his black hair.

"You really ARE in heat, aren't you?" He said with a slight smile.

"Is it THAT obvious?" I asked him, slowly moving closer to him. My eyes kept glancing at his bulging crotch area.

"Okay, okay. What do you want?"

"My name is Julia Sandwood. And you are?"

"Damien. Damien Wreker"

"Let's talk somewhere private?" I suggested, pointing at the Starbucks nearby. He caught me glancing at his crotch again and smiled knowingly.

I can't help it. I'm in heat!

"Suuuure, talk. Okay." Damien agreed, stepping right up to my face and taking a deep dog-whiff of my pheromone scent. He seemed pleased.

I began telling him my sad story about my murdered brother and Ellaina the vampire bitch.

"Julia, I think you should leave this to the police." Damien suggested.

"And what? They will put her in juvy hall? She looks like a fucking 12 year old!" I cried in frustration.

"Then what do you want to do?" Damien asked, making me spell it out for him.

"I want to kill the little bitch. My brother didn't deserve to die. He was only protecting our family." I said a little too loud. This attracted some stares from people in Starbucks.

"Time to go. I'll walk you home." Damien announced firmly. He took my hand and led me out of the coffee shop, protecting me with his man-beast shadow.

I wish he would do more than just "protect" me, sigh.

(long contemplating pause with sidewalk walking sounds)

Damien was in deep thought, considering everything I told him. Finally, he spoke. "I have 3 fighters in my pack. The rest are too young or have no experience in combat. Give me a week to track Ellaina and find her hideout. If I do this for you, what's in it for me?" He sounded so business-like. But a pack leader must put his tribe before all else.

"You get ME as your mate." I answered, trying not to sound too excited. I moved in closer, placing my head on his chest to close the deal. I could tell he was inhaling my hair as his hands wrapped around my back, rubbing down to my waist, feeling my every curve.

"We could use more help. Do you have any other relatives?" He asked me curiously.

"None in this State. I know my family is small but you and I can change that." I responded hopefully.

I wanted to give myself to him right then and there. But family comes first. I must avenge my brother.

"Okay, I'll do it." He whispered into my ear. "But I want to sample your sweet lips before I get started. Give me something to look forward too, Julia."

Yessss! I wanted to stuff his mouth with my cake. No complaints here.

"Okk… mmphf" I started to answer when his mouth covered mine in a long, hard, passionate, tongue-loving, lust-sucking, animal-howling, hip-humping, baby-making… KISS! Neither of us came up for air for a very long time. His breath became mine and mine became his. It was perfect!

I replayed that night in my mind for the next 7 days. My father was happy I found a potential mate and would be avenging my brother soon. Ellaina's death would also mean Dan's safety. Vampires never abandon their hunt. They are the most obsessed creatures on the planet.

It's 8:00 AM. Sunday, Nov 21 2010.

Cramps were starting, mood swings coming, and full moon rising tonight. Damien called my cell and told me to meet him at an abandoned house on the outskirts of town. It was an old farmer's ranch, deserted after the he disappeared 2 years ago. Weeds grew around the house while the desert reclaimed the farmland.

There were no animals in sight, not even rats or birds. The foul smell of mold and fungus offended my nose. This place reeked of death. Damien was waiting at the front porch, sniffing around the house.

"Where's your pack?" I asked him as I arrived.

"They're scouting a perimeter to make sure there aren't any other nests nearby." He answered.

"So this is it?"

"Yeah." He nodded, pointing at the broken door for me to enter.

I knew vampires burrow under their houses and this place was no different. I reached in my military green jacket and unsheathed a wicked looking bolo knife. My thick camo-green cargo pants concealed the rest of my tools. I wore stealth shoes, used by special-forces for scouting and sniping. My hair was tied into a pony tail with strangle wire.

"Where did you get your Rambo outfit?" Damien asked amused, comparing me to his gray trench coat, black jeans and white tennis shoes.

"Ebay." I said with a giggle.

"Barbie goes ballistic." He giggled back.

I carefully pulled open the door, keeping it from falling off its own rusty hinges. Then I snuck inside, my knife leading the way. There were dusty furniture and old news papers on the wooden floor. The underground entrance must be nearby. Damien followed right behind me.

We cleared the living room and proceeded into the dinning room. I could hear the floor boards squeak under my feet no matter how softly I stepped. I just hoped the vampire or vampires were deep sleepers.



Before I could react, the floor beneath me opened up and I was falling, falling, falling down a dirt chute! I landed inside a thick iron cage as the top above me closed.

Fucking TRAP!

I whistled a very high pitched signal only dogs could hear. Damien whistled back, letting me know he would look for another way down and come to help.

The underground cave was dark but I could make out an ornately clay-tiled floor, my gray night vision taking over. This place was so thick with moisture. Stale air never circulated.


"I hate being woken up so early. Daddy says I shouldn't stay up past my bedtime." A little girl's voice came from the gray darkness behind me.

I readied my large knife, but the cage was too small for me to maneuver. My wolf eyes scanned for a lever or counter weight to release my cage. Then her face appeared right in front of me.

Ellaina still had on her black Victorian dress and cape. She held a candy bag in her hand. With an evil smile, she opened the bag and took out a half-eaten heart.

"EVIL BITCH!" I growled at her, shaking my cage, trying to break free. My mouth was starting to foam venom.

Then I spotted Damien, sneaking behind her, reaching out with his claws to rip her apart.

(slow motion silence)

Instead, he gave her a big hug. "Hi sis!"

"Bro, I knew you were behind me the whole time." Ellaina spat back.

"SON OF A BITCH!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Now, now. No need to get angry." Damien taunted me. "Our human mother really is a whore, so I guess you should be saying son-of-a-whore instead. This is my half sister Ellaina. Different fathers of course."

(pause for effect)

"Sis, this is Julia." Damien introduced me as if his betrayal meant nothing.

This whole thing was a lie! He never had any pack. They just lured me here to get me away from my baby brother. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

My rage, my anger, my fury was boiling through my skin! The pressure in my head is about to explode as my canine teeth grew larger in my mouth! My vision turned gray to red, to yellow, then back to gray. I could hear rumbling sounds as my lungs drew air to call my transformation. I'm going PRIMAL!

"Just breed her and be done with it, Damien." Ellaina said with boredom. "I'm going hunting." She left the room yawning, ignoring my raging fury just a few feet away.

Damien took out a tranquilizer pistol and shot me twice in the stomach, preventing my transformation and weakening my awareness. Then he transformed into a large black werewolf while he waited for the drug to take effect on me.

My eyes dimmed and my body started to fall limp. But my awareness stayed alert.

"How could you betray your own kind?" I mumbled weakly.

The black werewolf walked to the wall and pulled a lever, lifting the cage and dropping me on the clay floor. His heavy wolfsteps pounded the ground as he came closer.

"Family first." He answered casually.

Just has he reached down to rip my clothes from my body, I swiped my bolo knife through his black-fur ankle!

"RAAAAHW!" he growled in pain. His severed wolf-foot fell away as he fell down!

"Silver alloy, ASSHOLE!" I yelled in anger, getting up.

He reached out to grab me and I sliced off his black-fur hand! Blood splashed my face.

"RAAAAHW!" He howled in pain again.

"I thought you were just a college student. How could you resist the drug?" Damien gurgled in shock. Blood from both limbs was squirting onto the floor next to his severed wolf-foot and wolf-hand.

"I am a college student…" That was all I could say.

I wasn't sure how I resisted the drug. Damien tried to get up so I leaped onto his chest, looking into his deep blue traitor eyes. He tried one last time to claw me with his remaining hand. I blocked it. My strength overpowered his! I wasn't even transformed.

How could I be this strong?

"What about us?" He begged with fake tears from his furry face.

"Family first." I answered coldly, driving my knife through his dog skull!


Three silver bullets tore into me; one in my shoulder, and two in my back! I looked behind to the direction of the shots and saw Ellaina's vampire father just before I slump forward. My blood was now mixing with Damien's on the floor.

My eyes blinked a snapshot of consciousness and I saw my father, in brown-black werewolf form, appear in the room. Werewolf and Vampire fathers stood face to face, then my vision blurred and breathing wheezed.

But my hyper hearing recorded their voices.

"My daughter will get to your son very soon. You shouldn't waste time fighting me here."

"Your kind cannot travel in sunlight. Time is on my side."

"Not exactly. You would be surprised how far sewers can reach."



"At least you'll die here and now. Julia will catch Ellaina once she regenerates. She is not just an ordinary werewolf. She's a DIRE WOLF!"




(Flesh ripping, Bone cracking, Blood splashing, and growling sounds)

My hearing faded and I finally fell into darkness.


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