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"Happy Birthday Me..."

Short story By: Selena Stars

One present they would have rathered not gotten.

Submitted:Jan 28, 2013    Reads: 89    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I couldn't breathe, the sound would be too loud and I would be found in ten seconds flat. My knees were on my stomach, the bottom of my mother's mattress squished around my cheek. The sound of footsteps was getting louder as the dark man walked up the stairs. My breathing slowed as my lungs fill with dust.

"Come out come out where ever you are." The man sung as he opened the door. "Oh I know you're in here, it's not hard to figure out. This is the only room I haven't checked and I know you didn't leave the house."

I squeezed my eyes tightly together, hoping that he would give up and go away. I had already watched him murder my mother, father, and 5 brothers and sisters, I was the only one left. I slowly opened my eyes, as I did the bed sheet that was covering the space between the floor and the mattress moved up. When the gap was completely uncovered, a shadow moved down, I first saw a few hairs fall into sight. As the shadow continued to move the head in front of me, became more detailed.

The man's mask was half falling off his face from when I threw a knife at his face. His left eye was swollen shit, because my aim is terrible, but I could still see his contact covered eye. Blood red around the pupil and along the outer edge was ink black. When his mouth was visible it showed a horribly scared corner, and a drastically destroyed check. I could not hold it in anymore, I screamed with all my heart and soul, this just made his smile bigger.

"Oh now, why do you have to scream like that? Is my face that scary? Well then I guess you don't want to remember it for the rest of your pathetic life, I'll take away the pain, I promise just come out from under the bed."

I looked around under the bed and found a bottle of hand sanitizer. I opened the lid and squeezed, I tried to aim for the cut that was under his left eye. His head shot up and he was screaming from the pain. I got up from under the bed and ran into the bathroom attached to the bedroom. I locked the door behind me and leaned against the wall.

Footsteps silently crept towards the closed door behind me. It was silent, I thought maybe his body finally gave up; I mean he has been chasing me all over my house and I have thrown a lot of shit at him, how was this person still alive? Just when I was about to open the door, I could feel a jolt from behind me and the door behind me kept shaking as his large fist continuously bashed the door.

"This door won't hold me for long little girl. Soon you will end up like the rest of your sad little family, lifeless and bleeding out. You will slowly die as you swallow the blood that will be stuck in your throat!" The man screamed at me.

I was trapped, stuck on second story of my house in my bathroom, with a murderer on the other side of the door. And a two story fall to a mouth full of dirt. My options weren't looking to great. The man kept pounding, and the wood was starting to crack. Minutes, no seconds I had seconds wood splinters were being jammed into the back of my skull. So there would be a hole big enough for a hand to fit through.

"I'm waiting little girl." The man's warm breathe brushed agenised my ear. "The faster you come out, the faster your suffering will end."

His fist was completely threw the door now and his arm came into view before wrapping around my throat. His biceps tightened which closed my air way completely. A crackly laugh echoed out of his mouth as the life was sucked out of me, he was enjoying this dearly. Before I blacked out he pulled me up and whispered, "Thanks for playing."

My life ended violently then, happy birthday me….


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