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Shadow Killers

By: Serenity In Silence

Page 1, Please comment :) I know it;s really short, but I would love your opinion if I should continue it as a novel.

She let out a screech as black shadows lashed at her caramel skin.

The woman writhed on the floor, clawing at her chest. The small tendrils of darkness forced themselves through her closed pouty red lips. She choked, her jade eyes wide with fear.

Her slender fingers gripped her silken waves of long black hair. Dark liquid flooded from her mouth, running down her flushed cheeks in streams. Her large jade eyes rolled back into her head, now completely white. Her eyelids fluttered and shut. Her body stopped shaking completely.

A second later, her eyes flew open again; her pupils dilated so much so they dwarfed the jade irises. Her lips parted wide to let loose a blood- curdling scream elicited from her throat.

The woman seized again in her pool of blood on the white, tiled floor. Her hands gripped for something, anything, to end her pain… the horrible, gut wrenching pain…

And then the black tendrils exploded from her flesh in a shower of blood and viscera.

She wheezed, unable to let free another scream. Her hands clamped tightly over where the shadows had burst forth from her stomach, trying to staunch the bleeding- as if she could possibly bleed anymore…

Her body went limp in the sticky red liquid, her hand slipping from her wet, slender waist. Her clothes clung to her petite frame. Her chest heaved once, twice and in her last breath she whispered one word, one name…

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