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If I had known what would happen I would never have gone there. I was terrified of the sight in front of me. I was looking at the scarred and frail body of a young girl. She was beaten and bleeding left on the front of my house.

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If I had known what would happen I would never have gone there. I was terrified of the sight in front of me. I was looking at the scarred and frail body of a young girl. She was beaten and bleeding left on the front of my house.

I knelt down beside her and reassured her she was ok. But what would I know, I'm no older then her maybe a few years give or take. She looked up at me and I stared into the coldest blue eyes I have even seen. She was more than terrified. She was crying and looking up at me. I didn't know what to do so I helped her into my arms and carried her inside and set her on my sofa.

"What happened?" I asked as I wiped her tears away.

She looked a little scary as she looked into my eyes and said "My family was just murdered and he's coming after me too"

I stopped breathing for a second as I grabbed the home phone and dialled 000. I turned away from the girl and listened to the phone ring and ring.

"Hello, you have dialled 000. We are currently busy at the moment"

What how the hell does an emergency line go busy?

I hanged up the phone and said to the girl its ok.

"Bang, Bang" Went knocks at the door as the girl jumped of the sofa and to the floor in a hurtled mess.

I stood up and walked to the door when two more loud knocks even faster echoed through the house. I looked through the eye hole and see a tall man dressed in jeans and a white top standing there. I stayed quiet as I reached my hand out in time with him pulling a gun from his back and held it in his hands. I screamed. I watch as he looked up to the eye hole and smiled.

"I Know you're in there" he bellowed.

I turned and locked the door and looked at the girl shaking and start to cry again. I ran to her and grabbed her hand.

"It's ok sweetie I locked the door he can't get in" She held my hand tighter.

Bang as the window smashed into pieces on the floor. I grabbed the girls hand even tighter and pulled her up in my hands and ran to the back door and unlocked and ran into the cold night of winter.

I fought my knees to help me keep the weight but it buckled and we fell. I placed my hand out so the girl didn't get hurt and held her with the other.

She moved from my arms as I was watching the blood run down my arm to the white snow at the finish and watched as more and move blood ran down my now broken arm. I gaged at the metallic smell and looked back up to the girl as I heard another smash.

I groaned as I pulled myself up and lifted her up in my arms and ran. I ignored the pain in my arm forcing me the cry. I kept going no way in hell am I goanna let him hurt her.

I ran through a river and screamed out in pain as the cold water pierced my skin and toured me. I kept running and made it to a foggy forest. I was finding hard to breath as I kept running and boom I heard the shot before it hit my stomach. I screamed and started to slow. I coughed up blood into the girls lap and looked at her. She had given up she knew there was no escape nowhere to run. Well not me.

I bit my lip as I forced myself to run and not stop. I could feel the blood from my tummy fall down my legs and not stop. I kept running.

"Stop, Now!" Boom another shot that zoomed past my face and into a tree.

"No!" I kept running and made my way to a jagged cliff and looked down to the riot of the sea below my sore and aching feet.

I looked at the girl and she was crying.

"I'm sorry, I tried" I hugged her close and she whispered in my ear.

"It's ok, you did your best I welcome my death" I looked at her she seemed so much older than her size and shape showed. I smiled with her and I felt the bullet this time before I heard the thundering smash of the gun pointed at my lungs. I fell down the cliff and the last thing I sore was the watery hands of the waves welcoming me in.


I got pulled from my day dream by the school bell. I grabbed my history book in my bag and put it on my back and I groaned. I looked down to my tummy to see red push its way through my blue school top. I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulled it up to see I was bleeding from a bullet wound. I started to breath really fast as i let out a scream. I looked up to the roof to see I am falling and I and falling with the girl. She isn't looking at me then suddenly she looks up.

"You didn't try hard enough"


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