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When you read this, you'll understand.

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He had her strapped to the old hospital bed in the corner of the crapy run down basement. Her blonde hair was curlings ever so slightly from the humidy in the air. He payed no attention to her as he went about setting up the dinner table. A newly sharped knife, a spoon, a fork, a glass of nice cold milk, a plate. A napkin was folded across the plate. He light the long white candles slowly, humming to himself as he did this. He was smiling a sinful, wicked smile.

His hair was patchy black and scruffy all over his head and he was built like a scare crow. His nose was long and pointed like a witches at the end. His hands were large, his fingers dirty and black, his feet in tough old brown boots that have seen better days. He was so frail and thin that his pants didn't sit correctly on his waist and his shirt was way to big. Oh well, nobody saw him here anyway. The basement was his sacuary, where he hid to get away from the world and it's fast moving cars and people and food.

The girl, however, was wearing a soft blue dress with a belt of white daisies. Her dress-shoes were black, her socks were knee highs and white. She had no make-up on, or a cellphone. She didn't have anything but a jump-rope. The man wipped the large spoon. He'd give her back after he was done with her. She was no more than eight years old. She was small but she had the biggest bluest eyes. they were beautful and looked tastey.

He crept to the girl and smiled that sickly sinful wicked smile, his crooked yellow teeth rooting. He said nothing, just stared at her. She was beautiful, was she not? Healthy and blonde. If she were older, maybe sixteen, he'd want something different from her, but he wanted her eyes.

Slowly, the girl awoke and took stock as to what was around her. When she saw the man and realized that she was strapped to a bed, she screamed. It was a terrifying that would have rattled windows, if there would have been any. She thrashed herself and cried, screaming out some more. "I want my mommy! Where is my mommy! Where am I?" She arched, trying to breaking the bonds that held her. Her wrists and ankles started to bleed, but the adrenaline was pumping hard and fast through her veins. She felt no pain, heard nothing but the blood wirling, wirling, ever wirling through her head, and her own terrified screams. "Lemme go! Lemme go! I never did nothing to you, mister! Lemme go!" She hollared. The man just stood there and watched the girl, his mouth watering.

"No, no, I can't do that, little one. I must keep you here, because you see, you've seen my face and you little children have such good memories. It's a shame really. I'd love to have a memory like a young child. But that is not why I'm doing this."

"Do...doing what?" The child asked, her body shaking as the adrenaline slowed.

The man smiled, evil darkening his face. He brought the spoon closer to his face and he chuckled. He dipped the spoon to her eye socket. "Why, I'm taking your eyes, darling. It won't hurt but a bit." The girl let lose. The scream a shrill in an instant. The man did not faulter as he pushed the spoon in her eye socket and popped the eye out. It wiggled and look around. When the girl opened her one good eye, she became pale but did not cease her screaming. She watched as this man, crazed as all get out, went to the table, set the eye down, cut into it with a knife, blood and water going every where. The man bit into the eye and hummed with absolute pleasure. "Very, very nice. Best I've ever tasted. I've eaten hundreds of these." he said, as he ate the second half. Then he came back for the other one.

Later, the man tossed the girl outside an emergancy room.


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