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This is for mamamia's vampire short story contest. Enjoy!

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December 13, 2002

The midnight air was cool as I walked around town. Nobody could be seen around, well apart from the drunk men down in the bars. But I guess that that's to be expected when you live in a small town in which the residents are all very well over fifty and are used to going to bed as late as eight thirty every night. Currently there have been some oddities around town though that might also be the cause for most people to be locked up in their houses from sun down to sun up.

About two weeks ago the bodies of one man, two little twin girls and a woman were found. Said bodies were fully drained of blood and had masks of sheer terror replacing their faces. Upon further inspection two punctures were found in each of their necks, those being the only apparent wounds that were found in their bodies. Three days later a girl from my class, Cassandra, was found dead with the exact same punctures on her neck. People were shocked but I wasn't. She was the school slut after all. Five days later another corpse was found this one was of an elderly woman from my neighborhood. That one irked me a bit because I had known her. She was probably the kindest soul in the universe and she was murdered the exact same way that the other victims were. The death of that woman infuriated me but at the same time frightened me, for it had been near my house. But still no death affected me like that of two days ago. Another girl from my class, this one was called Joarys, and she was closer to me. She being the only friend I ever had in my life. Today she was buried underneath a beautiful cherry tree in full bloom. Beautiful just like her and her personality, don't get me wrong now, I did not have a crush on her. But it's just that she was the only person whom actually spoke to me like an equal, not my parents, not my teachers or any of my classmates, all of whom treated me like an inferior, but her. It was bound to happen that as soon as her tomb was sealed that I would seek revenge for my only true friend.

Ever since those murders started, rumors of a cold blooded murderer have been going around the whole town. Barely anybody goes outside of their houses after sunset except of course alcoholics. They don't really seem to grasp at the fact that strange murders have been going on. As I walked I felt the familiar bump in the small of my back. Most people rarely nodes that I always carry a gun with me.

As I walked I made sharp turn and went into an alley, big mistake. No sooner did I step into the shadows of the alley a man pinned my wrists above my head. His black hair was shaggy and his face dirty. His clothes were wet with spilled whisky and when his breath hit my face it was like a slap of alcohol. Disgust boiled deep inside of me when the man sneered down at me and liked my neck. He pulled away from me to look at me. He was surprised to not find fear in my face but shrugged it off. I was about to knee him when a boy about my age walked into the alley and in one swift motion pulled the man away from me, punched his face, kicked his solar plexus, and then once the man was on the ground snapped his neck making a quick and swift kill.

He stood up and looked at me. "Did he hurt you?" he asked in a smooth velvety voice. My heart nearly stopped. "Ummm… I've felt better thanks. Don't mind me asking but who are you? I have never seen you around town?" I asked. It was the truth. Everybody knows everybody here. "I'm new here I just moved in about two weeks ago." I blinked 'two weeks ago' replayed itself in my head. He took my hand and led me out of the alley and just started walking around. "How?" I asked him. He looked at me and asked "How what?" The though crossed my head to ask How did you kill them? But instead I asked. "How did you know I was there?" he simply shrugged and replied. "I was following you." Like if it was nothing. "Stalker much?!" Was my simple replay and he gave me a close lipped half smile. "Sort of." He kept walking leading me between some houses, down a flight of stairs leading to a parking lot with an empty stage, over a short bridge, by the high school and soon enough we were in front of Mcdonalds. "Are you hungry?" he asked and I couldn't help but to bust out laughing. I laughed so hard tears started rolling down my cheeks. When I looked at him he was a bit shocked at my reaction and taken aback. Felling like a total moron I said "Umm… sure why not?!" Feeling totally embarrassed by the fact that I cute boy had for starters sort of saved my life, was taking me to eat at midnight and for all I know he could be the murderer. After all he did say he moved in around the time the killings started.

"What will you be having?" Asked us a sleepy guy in his early twenties, he had black shoulder length straight hair, a red Mcdonalds baseball cap, black pants with chains and things of the sort, and a hoodie. His name tag read Kevin. I smiled when he looked at me and typed in an order of one medium Mcchicken with large fries and a large orange coke. Kevin looked at my companion and asked him for his order. He declined saying that he wasn't hungry and we sat at a table for two in the corner. "How come he knew what you were going to order?" The boy asked. "Well I've been coming here and ordering the exact same thing nearly every day ever since I was in ninth grade." Was my simple reply. It was the truth though, I had been coming here nearly every day so all of the employees knew me already. "You never did truly answer my question." I said out of nowhere. "Oh yes that's right, my name is Mark, What's your name?" He said without me having to repeat myself. I would have expected him to not remember the question. "My name is Clare."

After I was done eating we exited the fast food restaurant and just started walking around aimlessly. Well to me it seemed aimlessly but I could tell that Mark was leading me somewhere since no soon did we leave Mcdonalds he laced his cold fingers with mine and would every now and then tug me into a different direction. So every time I thought I might have figured out where he was leading me it turned out to be a totally different place. After a hell of a lot of walking he finally stopped. We were at the stage we had passed by earlier. We walked up the six steps and stood in the middle of the stage. He sat down and patted the floor besides him, I grateful for us stopping sat down next to him. He looked at me deep in thought wonderingly. Getting a bit uncomfortable I asked him what was wrong. He just shrugged and after a bit of resting stood up giving me his hand. I took it and we started walking yet again. This time he led me towards the cemetery.

As I looked up at the closed gates he walked forward and started climbing. I looked at him as he landed in a graceful motion. Slowly I mentally calculated the odds of me doing the same but realized that the more I thought the more time it took me to jump. Taking my thinking time as hesitancy he asked "Are you afraid of a dark lonely cemetery?" with a sort of smug and amused look on his face. Totally irked I started climbing the gate once to the top I dropped down and it was a miracle I landed on my feet. "What are we here for?" I asked once I was right next to him. He said nothing as he just started walking. This time I realized something, his feet didn't make a sound what so ever. The moon peeked out from behind some clouds and showered us both in its cold light. My heart nearly stopped at the sight. His black hair acquired a bluish hue, his skin seemed to have this sort of glow, his body became more defined, and when he turned to face me his fangs stood out above all else. My eyes bulged and realization hit me, I started to run, I found an open mausoleum and ran inside looking for somewhere to hide. I don't know how I could have been so fucking stupid! The strength, the swift kill, the grace, he was noiseless, he was cold as death, he moved in two weeks ago, I had never seen him around, the puncture marks on the victims, the hungry looks I had ignored fully while we walked around. He had been following me, studying me, I would be the next victim. Tears welled up inside of me as I thought of Joarys, 'I won't be able de avenge you my dear friend.' was my though. But then I remembered I have a gun. But I nearly screamed when I reached behind myself for it and it wasn't there. "Looking for this?!" Asked Mark holding up my Colt Gold Cup in front of my face, due to the little to no light I could barely see it. I would have run for my life had he not been standing right between me and the entrance. He placed the Colt in the small of his back then took my wrists and dragged me out of the mausoleum. Once outside he told me to stay quiet. Scared I agreed. He picked me up bridal style and started walking.

He stopped once we were in front of joarys's tomb. I started crying again. "Why?" I asked him with deep pain in my voice. "I need to feed." Was his reply right before he sunk his fangs into my neck. My body started to feel numb. I couldn't breathe right. Slowly my heart started to beat fainter and fainter. This death was painful. Finally I felt my body go fully cold and the last thing I heard right before I closed my eyes for the last time was a very distant "I'm so sorry Clare."


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