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The little girl..

By: sonia

Page 1, a story about an adopted child who is actualy not human but is very different..

The little girl
It was midnight, the darkness had fallen, and the air was thick with heat. The black sky and the hollow world added to my sense of hopeless loss, added to my anger, my pain and my sadness. Today was the day; she told me of this day every morning when she woke from her sleep. It’s the day she will go to her equals, they will come to get her when she needs her real feed.
I loved her; she was my baby whom I fostered from birth for five years of her life. I found her wrapped up in fine silk, on my doorstep. She had a relish for blood, rare meat, scavenging and had many vulture-like characteristics: at the same time a beautiful gentle creature who has no control of theses things.
I was kneeling down, beside her; I could feel her breath in my ear, hot as fire and steam, deep as fog. I could hear her rasping for breath, holding in her desire to catch flesh in her teeth, to feel blood on her lips. I looked into her eyes, my darling. Her beautiful green eyes were drowning in red spiders in a pool of white. Her skin was pale, sunken and dismal. The long brown hair tied up in two arid plaits, fraying, dying. Her little pink dress all covered in blood, she wasn’t evil, she didn’t know. Bless her poor little soul. She had been starving for so long, she was so strong.
She squeezed my hand, with her icy fingers, and stared ahead. She was indicating at the moon. It was full and round and a beautiful pearly white. Two shadows formed across it and distorted the image of serenity. The Two black silhouettes fell from the moon directly in front of us.
She let go of my hand and told me she must go. The words never left her mouth but I saw the words appear that way in my mind. We had this inter-connection; she could control me through my own mind and send me messages this way. She was special.
She ran forward, and two wings of gold flew out of her back and stretched a metre wide and a metre tall. This didn’t surprise me, I often saw her flying around my bedroom in the mornings, or she would cling on the ceiling like a spider. The two silhouettes walked forward, they too had distinctive metre long wings of gold. They too had pale skin and blood stained clothing.
Rebecca turned and smiled watery eyes of murder and violence. She would miss me, I know she would. Kisses of love blew from her dry lips toward me as she disowned me. Goodbye. She hugged her parents, and they flew off together into the dark mist, and plunged into the pearly moon, forever.

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