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Walking among us

Short story By: Steve Fettinger

See something dark fall out of the night sky. Do you really want to know what is in the dark?

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Walking among us

It was at night or very early morning if I remember correctly, but where should I start. Well I live in a town not a large town or a small town, just a town. The two story house that I am buying that has a vacant lot besides it and that's mine too, but across the street to the south that lot is not mine. A small valley surrounds me with houses and trees on the hills looking down on my house. So, everyone calls me... well that doesn't matter, but anyways this is what happened.

Have your eyes ever burned and itched because you were so tired you could drop? It was one of those sleepless nights that staring at the ceiling became unbearable, so I got up and walked out side. There was a gentle cool breeze from the north east cutting through the humid summer heat as the door closed behind me. While standing on the cement slab that is called my front porch facing to south east I stared at the moon beyond the tree line. The almost black silhouettes of the trees seemed to dance with the wind against the luminescent blue gray night sky that held the moon. The moon was at half and glowing, a yellow tan glow visible just behind the trees.

Looking to the trees, and the almost pitch blackness of the ground below them, something caught my attention. Something moved. Was not sure if I saw something drop from the sky into the tree line or not. My hand went to my sore eyes to rub them, then fell to back down to my side. Suddenly, something else fell out of the sky it looked as if it could be traveling luggage by the size, but there was no sound of an impact with the ground and nothing in the sky above where it could of came from. I watched the sky, as more and more dark objects fell into the shadows of the tree line, then to the darkness beneath it, of the lot across the street from my house. Shapes appearing from high out of the sky, above the clouds, plummeting downwards until they neared the shadowed tree line. The obects slowed as birds would landing, silently changing shapes as they passed into the dark. Peering into the darkness I could see movement on the ground. There seemed to be a small crowd of people walking a around silently in the shadows beneath the trees. I remember thinking that they must be looking too. Hesitantly after trying to focus my eyes I walked towards the people, to find out what was going on. I crossed the street and started down the embankment then slowed my pace at the bottom. I was almost ten feet into the yard, standing next to a grape vine, when they saw me. Several of them turned towards me and started walking as the others watched in silence. Three of them stepped out into the faint moonlight, I stopped in terror. Their heads moved with jerks as birds would, their faces resembled almost human but very pointed features like eagles or giant bronze rats with coarse downy feathers instead of fur. These bronze colored creatures were built like humans with wings like angels, demons or gargoyles. Staggering backwards I tripped on the embackment, scrabling to my feet then ran up the hill back to my house, onto the porch shutting and locking the door behind me then into the house locking that door behind me.

Inside the house I grabbed a 22 riffle from beside my dreeser and shells out of a drawer. I found myself running through the house watching out the windows expecting them to come after me and my family. Looking out the window by the front door with my heart pounding like a drum, I saw nothing. After almost an hour of watching and waiting I went back out, with the riffle and a flash light and found nothing in my yard, around my house or in the neighbor's lot across the street not even in the sky.

Two years have past and I still watch across the street at night. Many of the trees are gone, and the houses are welllit now, and yet still I wonder if it really happened, or was it just a dream. Lately, there has been a lot of noise in the trees around my houseat night. I've beenwatch the huge silver maple tree in my front yard,but, I haven't seen anything, not yet. Soon, it will be winter in Indiana.







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