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The Demon and The Hero Who Saved Me

Short story By: SynethGurl

Blood and Guts is what you think read this short story and what not sorry but i'm not really good a summaries lol

Submitted:May 25, 2011    Reads: 52    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

It's October, 3 weeks after my birthday which is october 1st. It was 1 a.m. I was just walking home from my

friends house who lives 7 blocks away from my own house. The chilly air around me seems to thicken around me pulling my hoodie close to me i keep walking turning up the volume of my ipod until it is blaring in my ears while i keep going.

I turn a corner by the VFW bar that my dad visits and keeps walking straight but something didn't feel right i turn around to see people running away confused i look around for the source of their running until i hear someone scream "MONSTER MONSTER MONSTER" Panicing I run along with them.

I feel we are getting close to my house seeing it in the distance confirms it I run faster trying to reach the door but i trip i try to get up but something is holding me down. I turn around all i see is red eyes in right in front of me the shadows around it is covering the body but i wasn't going to stick around to find out what it was i twist and wiggle around to get away. "You can't get away from me Drew its pointless your mine now"

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME" I scream at it but it laughs at me while picking me up to eye sight so i can see its hideous face closely. I spit in its face a useless attempt to have him drop me so i can run. It lifts my skirt alittle "Mmmmm i can smell your earlier arousal it's turning me on" I look at it in disgust while i try to kick him.

He rips my shirt open with its sharp long nails revealing my black laced bra i scream at it to let me go but it refuses to. Its claw touches the side of my breast making me squirm i start to whimper and cry out for help.

"Please stop, I don't want this i'll do anything just don't do this" The demon looks at me in a voice which was suppose to sound seductive but only turned out to be eerie he says"You want me to change into somebody else that meets your fancy? " All of the sudden I was falling to the ground hard but not hard enough to black out while it turned into a emo guy long black hair piercings everywhere, while he was changing i couldn't help but to snicker as much as the emo guy looked cute enough to eat.

It was not exactly who i thought he would turn into, the guy i love and wanted was in VA (Virginia) Miles away from me. Moving that out of my mind i stumble to my feet and began to run away but the demon was quicker just like a vampire he stopped in front of me and began to rip my all of my clothes off while he had my hands behind my back with chains that seemed to appear there.

Crying i sliently wished to die. No one is going to save me from this, everyone must be home safe while i'm stuck with a horny demon with horns and claws oh wait i mean emo guy rolling my eyes. He trys to stick his fingers in me but something stopped him

A sliver knife goes flying into his hand "Drop Her" I hear someone say behind me before i dropped to the ground naked and sprawled onto the ground. Shivering from the cold i get up and look around for the source of that deep sexy voice noticing in the distance i could only stare, could it be him ? how ? Not giving it much thought i run to him it was really him "Matt" i say quietly under my breath he turns to me and smiles while he takes off his shirt and hands it to me.

"its not much but at least it will cover you babe" he says Blushing i put on his shirt and stand behind him.

"Come face me you bloody human" the demon says, Matt smirks and turns to me " Stay here" he said I nod he doesn't have to tell me twice. He runs up to the demon slicing his sliver knife anywhere that could possibly injure the demon blood flying everywhere this battle was epic.

Matt had the upper hand he slices at the demon landing the knife in to the demon's heart twisting. All of a sudden there was black smoke everywhere and a horrible screeching noise that made me want to cover my ears. Frantic i look around for Matt where is he ?!?! Thats when i felt something grab me and drag me away from the corspe " Come on Drew run we don't have time!" i hear matt say picking up speed i run beside him " Frustrated at my lack of speed he picks me up and begins to carry me.

We reached a black tinted car, matt opens the door and throws me into the front seat and gets in.

"Where are we going?" I ask

"Home" thats all he said while he pointed to a bag filled with all my clothes smiling i put on a dress handing matt his shirt. I lean over and kiss him my hero has finally came to rescue me from my awful town just in time.

"I love you Matt" I say

"I love you too" he said as he Drives us back to his place where i shall live not quite a fairty tale ending but close enough.


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