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Plunged into a nightmare that seems beyond real. Humans have come to be slaves to beast that feed upon flesh. Where ghost of the dead linger and their sanity hang. From the view of one of the men, he unfolds his tale of this strange world. To know if he shall live or become mad is all that hangs in the balance.

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The Fallen Darkness.

Part 1

Nor to her flesh did it heave with such heavy sighs as it was torn from it's body. Only then did it seem to grow like it was poison before it could even reach the table. The creatures that sat there with no chairs to grip them, laugh at such a act of giving chills to kiss the air. To have simply denies their meal was to invite death with blind eyes. Even so would be a foolish wish and we are no fool. Nothing more now then meat did these creatures devour without a hint of kindness. Returning to our work of carving the next meal to keep fresh did we all fall back to. There was no greater crime then this to our sins had leads us here. No mercy given. No kindness to be shown. Rotting among the few that had ever seen the light, but remain in the dark corners living like rats. Pass the hour to when sun and the moon greet for the finally talk, the beast have retired to their beds. Our duty is that of cleaning the mess left behind. It wasnt fear that strikes me here in the coming state of stasis, but pure horror. Not only did her eyes seem too alive that I felt my soul lift it's self from my body. Then hung as a ghost watching in utter silence, yet swore she spoke words. A head with no body to run nerves dare spoke words to me. I thought I've plunged further into madness then it had seem. Surely I was to be committed for believing such things. Maybe living here among the darkness with rarely food to call my own and clothes that rot beyond time, has suffer me mad. Oh let it be so, then I would not be working till my body ached of sores. I knew we could not run from this. For the world to that us humans seek no longer became real. Laced here in the realm of our darkest horrors, do we become enslaved by beast with no name. To beast with hunger for flesh. Standing here looking upon the bodies remain, I long for it to once again speak. Maybe give me hope that I was not in the slightest made. Only to be let down by my imagination. Shame be taken in the lightest form, I am glad that I didnt overreact to such image. Embarrassed be I to have others think I've gone mad. Sanity was something we had left and allowing this to slip. Is a crime against humanity. Fast shall I clean my area avoiding her eyes. Catching a glance or two. Never enough to give me hope for the dead siren call. Now night plagues the haunted grounds as we retire to our chambers. Locked up for 'Their' own safety. Those chosen from the group shall vanish for the night, only to return in the day break unable to speak of the horrors of the ones that dance behind 'Their' doors. As I lay here, I fear sleep. To welcome it only seeks forth madness we tired to suppress. So here I ponder life. Wondering if this had to be my purpose. Wails of mercy plaster the walls like fine art being painted. Try as I may, I couldnt tune out the screams. Wish it be I who suffered instead of my people. Maybe 'They' would spear my people's life if I offered mine.Who be I except one person. One unimportant person that is. And to offer myself is a false hope not even the Gods cling to. Between the realm of here and sleep, did I see the vision of the dead female lingering before me. Her eyes beckon my soul to follow her. I reached out to grip her in my child-like curious hands, only to have her body slip through my grubby fingers. I found my voice break to call upon her to return to me. Greeted by silence I remain. Dawn begin to break and like so. So did my sanity.


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