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Domiki never cut to kill himself, but to watch himself bleed. The beauty he saw within the blood. But he's actions may have gone to far. And this may be his last.

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That was all Domiki could see within the vessel of darkness. There came the feeling of a sensational sting which was meant to be pain, yet his brain couldnt connect it. A scream plaster the silent prisoned room. He didnt know if that was his voice or if someone had finally saw what he done. The male seem unable to move from the corner. More blood spilled from his wounds creating a small puddle. Another voice broke through the darkness trying to reach Domiki, but the sight of his own blood had him tranced. The beauty of the red within the light-less room. Within the two minuets of his eyes closing , there was a banging sound, more screaming and a bright light. Awaking in a hospital bed, he had no recollection of what had happened. He remember bleeding and being tranced by it. How he loved the pure beauty it brought. On both arms where bandages covered in a small red stain. Looking up towards the doctor and nurse, he noticed the sadden look in their eyes as they estrange words. He knew that look. 'They thought I was committing suicide. Silly doctors.' his thought to himself watching the doctor now leave the room. The nurse staying behind checking her clipboard now. From the bullet proof glass window that held a rather odd lined design, he saw the doctor and his parents. Their expression was slightly confused and angry. Clueless truly to what had just happened to their own son. It was the house keeper that called the cops because she heard a glass breaking sound coming from his room.

'What are you saying doctor? My son try to committee suicide? That cant be. Why would he dont that when he has a good life!?' his mother asked in a annoyed sadden tone.

The doctor said something before the father turn his back bringing a fist to the wall. 'Can you prescribe him pills to fix him then?' the man spoke now looking at the man in the white coat.

There was a moment where the doctor wanted to laugh at the father words. 'Fix him.' he had wonder if he was saying his son was broken. It dawned upon him now why his son would try to committee suicide. Shaking his head, he clear his throat removing a pen and pad from his pocket. Writing something down upon it, he riped it out and hand it to the father. 'We're going to have to keep him for three days in case.' he said.

'That good with us Dr. Thank you.' the mother spoke shifting her gaze to her son watching from the bed. He looked away quickly ashamed of what he saw.

Within the three days after his release from the hospital, Domiki remain locked in his room, refusing to speak to his parents about the incident. How was he to explain that he only did it to watch himself bleed. That he had become obsessed with cutting himself. They wouldnt understand that and even he knew this. Before he had came home, they removed every sharp object in the house. The doctor said to keep him under close watch in case he attempts to committee suicide again. Sitting there now in the darkness, Domiki felt the angst creep up upon him. The need forced itself into him like a bound created by two people. It grew stronger causing him to twitch slightly and become hyper. Taking to his feet, he paced. The more he paced the stronger it came. He wanted it. No, he needed it. The feeling climax to a enough point where he now bang his fist against the walls. Riping at his hair with fingers of pure sanity.

'Give it to me now!' Domiki yelled into the empty dark room. His voice bouncing off the walls only causing a echo.

It was driving him insane. The never ending calling of the want to bleed once more. Had it brought any sense to the male, he would remember that he had a blade hidden in a secret chubby just near his bed. Without even needing a minuet to think about it, he rush to his secret compartment and removed the trick wall. He reached into the darkness of the hole only to remove a blade. A smile forge pass his lips as lean against his bed taking the blade to his arm. He pulled it across lightly watching as it made a cut. Blood begin to form from the cut vein. He lean his head back moving the blade slowly and gently against his bare skin. Each cut persistence and clean. Just as he placed the blade near his wrist, there came a knock at his door which startled him. This cause him to have jump accidentally moving the blade to his wrist cutting it. Frighten, he toss the blade across the room yelling out. 'Just a minuet.'

Domiki jump to his feet rushing to his bathroom looking for a towel to help stop the bleeding, but of course there was none. His face composed a frighten look as there was another knock. This time followed by a voice. 'You alright dear?' his mother asked. Blood washed out towards the floor like waves covering his sink and floor. Turning his back, he journey back into his bedroom having no idea what to do. He may as well tell his mother what he done. It couldnt be worse then this.

Moving towards the door now to unlock it, the male would slip on the blood meeting the floors open arms. The pain of the crash seem to have no impact having now already half died from the amount of blood lost. The world around him now was fading quickly giving the sigh that soon he would be dead. Ironic that it was his own mother that cause his death. He never thought she was going to do this to him. Even though half the blame was awarded to him. Just as the blackness settled in, he saw on the floor a white room change to red. A smile plaster his lips as he drew his last breath shaking his head with little strength he held.

'To Bleed Roses. That all I wanted to do.'

and with this, Domiki died with a smile.


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