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Why So Apathetic?

Short story By: TheDarkMind


Submitted:Apr 27, 2013    Reads: 86    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

He looked at his friend and said,''Fine. What is it that you suggest?''

The friend looked straight at him sighed and said,''Nothing. You aren't going to hear me out anyway,are you?'' In response he stared deeply into his friend's eyes for some seconds unable to comprehend the reason behind the cold behaviour. It was him who was aggrieved but it was his friend calling the shots.

The friend looked a little annoyed but hid it and smiled back at him as the silence was broken.

''So tell me what is that you are suggesting? I am all ears Shrikant.''he said his piercing gaze on his friend. He wasn't looking too happy about it and was doing a clumsy job of hiding it.

Shrikant smiled shook his head and replied,''Dev I am not against your fighting it out against the system but will it help? There are thousands of brothers out there waiting for justice. Some of them even have died fighting for justice. Some of them have been murdered while they fought the criminals. The law isn't the same for everybody my friend. We are lowest denominators of this country. Nobody gives a damn about us. So we should learn to move on.''

Shrikant and Dev were sitting on a sofa in the former's house. Two glasses of coke and some refreshments were on the table infront of them. Untouched. Apparently it wasn't the best time to think about quenching thirst and hunger.

Dev looked at the glass as the water droplets fell of it. Shrikant looked at his friend expecting a curt reply any moment. But Dev kept looking at the glass for couple of minutes and then suddenly with a violent swish of his hands pushed the glass and refreshments off the table. The sound of the glass breaking brought out Shrikant's sister as Shrikant sat there shocked. He never had seen Dev so angry and so violent. Dev was fuming looking down at the broken glass with pure contempt. Shrikant looked at his sister n blinked as she nodded and came forward to clean the mess..
Shrikant put his hands on Dev's shoulder n said,''C'mon man i am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. But what I tell is the truth. You will never find justice. But death would be certain. You too are aware of that,right?''

Dev looked at her friend's sister as she cleaned up the glass. Her salwar top hung a little loose exposing her breasts. He looked at them not with lust but with anger. The cleaning over, she stood up and went away. But Dev still looked down breathing heavily. Shrikant sighed and looked away clenching his forehead with his right hand. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked back and saw Dev smiling at him as if everything was forgiven and forgotten.

Shrikant looked for a couple of seconds amazed at the transformation and then blurted,''So you,ve changed your mind,right? We don't wanna risk ourselves against those well connected bastards. We are fine where we are. I will move on. And I know you are strong and will also move on.''

Dev smiled and hugged him lovingly as if he was his long lost brother from another life. And this continued for a couple of seconds before Dev finally opened his mouth and said,''You are a coward you know that. I believe people like you should be put to death.''

Shrikant aghast broke the embrace and looked at his friend who looked too calm in respect of the words he just blurted. He just couldn't understand what the hell was going on with his deeply disturbed friend. In reply he only managed a 'why' as Dev laughed.

His laughter continued for some seconds before he ordered his friend's sister to bring a glass of water. And then he said to his friend,''You are too afraid that's why the criminals are thriving. They feed of our fear. They feed of our disunity. They feed of our indifference. You are one of them if you are feeding them. And.....''he was interrupted by Shrikant's sister who bought the glass of water and put it infront of him. He took the glass and continued,''If you are one them I am not your friend.'' He smiled as Shrikant looked thoughtful. For a couple of minutes the only sound was Dev sipping water and breathing heavily.

Dev put the glass down and stared at his friend hard as he looked away.Then he turned back towards him guiltily and said,''I am sorry. My parents wont allow me to get myself embroiled in this. I really want to help you but I cant.'' He completed the sentence and looked down feeling very uncomfortable. Dev looked unflustered. He sighed leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes. Shrikant was too afraid to face his friend so his gaze was down. Suddenly Dev opened his eyes which were bloodshot with insane anger. He took a couple of pretty deep breaths and took the glass in his hand. He looked straight as if in a trance and then with a sudden movement crashed the glass on his friend's head. Shrikant shouted violently cos of the pain and the shock. This brought out his sister who looked at the scene horrified. She at once took out her mobile but was hit violently on the head by Dev as she fell down.

Shrikant stood up to save her sister as Dev banged his head on the wall leaving bloodstains on it. Shrikant felt woozy and fell back on the sofa. The sister too was too dizzy to stand up. Shrikant looked at Dev who no longer looked human with his dishevelled hair and extreme bloodshot eyes. He looked fuming at him as he tried hard not to fall unconscious.

Dev looked at this and went into the kitchen. He had brought some water in a glass. He splashed it on his friend who felt a little better. Dev put the glass back and said,''Please dont fall unconscious. I want you to witness something. Or atleast hear it.'' In reply Shrikant could only mutter 'why'.

Dev laughed maniacally and replied,''Why? What kind of stupid question is that? Dude my twelve year old sister was raped. Her genitals mutilated. Her intestines taken out. She was in so much pain. Those bastards left her to die. But she didn't. She fought on through the pain and suffering for twelve days before the doctor could do no more and she died. Leaving behind a gloom which no drug can make me forget. And you are asking me why? You wont fight for my little sis. Cos your parents wont bloody let you get embroiled in this shit. Right? My sis was asking for it isn't that your parent's opinion? Aren't they a bunch of shit?''

Shrikant looked troubled as he tried to stand up but couldn't. He looked at his friend pleadingly as his sister too tried stand up. Dev looked at both of them and chuckled. He then looked at Shrikant and said,''I am sorry my friend. But what i am planning to do is the only way to make you feel my pain. And I hope to god i succeed.'' Suddenly he heard a voice behind him. He looked behind to see her reaching out for the mobile. He glared angrily at her and crushed the mobile beneath his feet. And then smiled at her. She looked terrified at him as he clutched her hair and dragged her towards the bedroom. Shrikant tried to stand up but still was very woozy. Dev put her inside the bedroom as she shouted and struggled. Then looked at his friend who was looking at him pleadingly.

Dev started unbuttoning his shirt n unzipping his pants as he walked towards his friend who was feeling too destroyed as he folded his hands and mumbled 'please dont'. Dev smiled and said,''Alright just cos you are my friend i wont mutilate her. Just rape.'' He smiled tapped his friend lovingly and entered the bedroom. Shouts n screams filled the air as Shrikant fell down unconscious.


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