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A young sixteen year old boy has found himself in a lot of trouble but his killer has been murdered before his eyes. Hurt, he saw the murderer. It's flesh torn and the skin ripping. A gruesome creature out to kill him.
A very short story, hope you enjoy

Submitted:Jun 11, 2012    Reads: 27    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Blood splattered everywhere. I search for a near weapon but found nothing as I lie on the wooden floor. I heard the clicking of a gun but no shot. I knew this was the end. I wanted to scream but no sound came out, my heart sank. I am being dragged into Hell.
"Got a goodbye, Loverboy?" The man fell to his knees and the sound of him slamming to the ground made me jump. I turned my head and saw his face, drenched in blood. He had a shocked expression across his face. I couldn't move away from whomever did that to him. I heard a deadly giggle come from the corner of the room. I looked around but saw no one with the little lighting. I heard a thump coming from the ceiling, the scent of blood filling my nose. Another loud, devilish giggle approached. I pretended like I was dead but it was no use, I couldn't shut my eyes.
A thud from the other side of me engulfed in my ears. I turned and saw a creature. It looked to be of a shape of a petite woman but her face was torn, at least the skin, and veins popping out of her flesh. Blood dripped from every part of her body as she squatted next to me with her head tilted to the side. She giggled once again and didn't say a word. She picked me up and I was nervous that she might throw me or tear me apart or even worse, eat me alive.
She slammed me onto the wooden chair, marching around me, observing me. The smell of dead bodies filled the air. My body stopped aching hours ago but my brain still on task. I heard a small bone crack, but it wasn't mine. My neck was fine and able to move, which I was glad for, so I turned and saw her crouching over the dead killer, tearing him limb from limb. I couldn't bare the sight. I shut my eyes hoping this is all just a dream. I concentrated harder but my head started hurting so much.
There was complete silence but the evil giggling of the creature lurking around me once again. She climbed my wall and was on the corner of the room. She gave a gorging scream and jumped after me. I managed out a scream and was able to hit her before she tore my face off.
She shook her head and drifted away. I stood up, feeling no pain but can see the blood stains on my clothing. I don't understand how this could have happened to me, a plain, ordinary sixteen year old boy with no home, no family.
The creature was quick on its feet and rushed up the ceiling again. I limped over to the dead body, well the torso and hip, and searched for a weapon or at least that gun. I can hear the creature creeping up on the wall above me. I was scared. I felt my adrenaline rushing, my heart pounding hard. The creature screeched once again and came after me. I hit her once more and she backed away. I looked to see where she was but when I found her back in the corner her head spun a one hundred and eighty degrees. I was disgusted.
I found the gun and cocked it. I pointed it at her and shot. She fell to the ground twitching. I moved closer and shot her a few more times and then she stopped twitching. I kicked her in the head then grabbed the wall phone and dialed nine one one. I told them my address then fell to the ground relieved. Still in my head I am wondering how?


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