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The Night Of The Invasion

Short story By: TheManWithManyWalls

Malcom's life turns from a dream to a nightmare as the mysterious invaders arrive, no one knows what they are but one thing is known, they must be DESTROYED!

Submitted:Jun 17, 2010    Reads: 83    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

The Night Of The Invasion

They sat on the roof, telescope aiming up to the star filled sky as the telephone rang from inside the house. Sighing in annoyance Malcom pushed himself up to his feet, "Don't worry I won't be long, probably some newbie who can't figure out how to use the fork lifter."

Going in through the window the phone rang again, irritated at the disturbance he picked up the phone; answered only by a strange static noise. Hanging the phone up he turned as the lights began to flicker, shutting down all together, leaving Malcolm standing in complete darkness.

This was supposed to be his night with his daughter, his wife had custody of her mostly and he only got to see her every other weekend. Tonight was going to be special night, he hadn't told her but there was going to be a phenomenon that night; shooting stars were going to fill the sky and he had wanted his daughter to enjoy the show.

Beginning to make his way back to the roof he froze as a sound caught his attention; it sounded like something was running in the walls, yet it was far too big to be rats. Confused he decided he'd worry about it another time, they didn't need hydro to enjoy the night, he'd enjoy his night with his daughter and worry about the infestation the next day.

He swore under his breath as he tripped over something in the dark, thinking he had probably left something laying around he turned to find himself facing a creature of the likes he had never seen before. It rose on its hind legs with it's centipede like body; hissing loudly at it looked him over hungrily with all six of its murderous black eyes.

Leaping for his face Malcolm kicked at it defiantly; reeling back in shock it went for a second strike as he was back on his feet, running fast as he turned swiftly into his bedroom. Closing the door behind he locked it, door bulging forward as the creature tackled against the door; screeching in anger as it assaulted the door repeatedly.

Going for the closet he pulled his buck shot out as he heard scuttling sounds from the walls, looking at the source of the sound he swore as another centipede creature was beginning to burrow through the wall. Reaching for the box with the shells he loaded two into the buck shot, safety off as he aimed at the incoming creature.

It came through the wall, charging at him savagely as he fired one round; sending the creature flying against the wall above the wall, blue blood sprayed all over the eggshell white walls. Door finally caving in the maddened centipede creature leapt in the air, jaws wide open exposing it's double rows of razor sharp teeth.

Not taking time to aim he fired his second shot, crashing back into the hallway as Malcolm reloaded his buck shot, stuffing his coat pocket with shells as he ran for the roof, worried about his daughter. They were coming from everywhere now, the screeching growing louder as the scent of their own blood angered them to a whole new level.

His heart was going a million beats a second as he neared the window, surrounded by the invading centipede creatures as he leapt through the window. His daughter stood facing away from him; looking over her hands as she moved every finger individually, as though experimenting with a new toy.

He called her name and her head raised up in attention, she giggled in a voice that was not his daughter's; she was the fourteen year old marvel who had won choir competitions for her angelic singing voice. Yet as she giggled it sounded unnatural, slowly turning he blanched in horror as her entire front was covered in blood.

A large hole had been made in her chest where the centipede had entered, its body clearly visible; wrapped around her innards as it had connected to her brain. Her eyes were black as coal, emotionless as the centipede creatures. She grinned largely, people had always said she had her mother's smile but now her mouth was filled with two rows of razor sharp teeth; irregularly formed and at random angles.

She angled her head curiously as she licked her lips hungrily, her beautiful blond hair in her face as she lunged at him with intent of eating her own father. He let his body and didn't even think as he raised his buck shot and shot both rounds in her chest, sending her flying off the roof as tears began to flow down his eyes.

Not having time to take in the shock of such a loss Malcolm ran and jumped off the roof; landing in a roll as he faced the house that had once been his home. The creatures covered the roof in mere minutes, Malcolm was full of questions: What were these creatures? Where had they come from? What kind of God would let something like this happen to his daughter?

They ate through his house, he could see the foundations cracking as he looked over the dead corpse of his daughter for the last time. Turning away from it all he ran for his car, realizing he had forgotten his keys inside his work coat inside he knew it was too late to get them. Hotwiring his own car he drove for the city, the invaders had come and now the war was on.


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