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Tastes Funny - VampireLove73's Horror Challenge

Short story By: TheWildOne

I originally had this idea when i was in history class and we were told to come up with a torture method (Crime&Punishment was our topic) and i fell in love with this idea! *_* lol I LOVE SWEENEY TODD!!!!

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Tastes Funny
Sauce dripped from my mouth like blood as I pushed the whole of my sausage sandwich into my mouth.
"You're disgusting!" Catie laughed and wiped the sauce from my chin, making my heart pound and my face blush.
"Speaking of disgusting," Mike interrupted "These things taste funny! Don't you reckon? It tastes weird!" Catie and me both shrugged. He called the man selling them. "What kind of meet is this?"
"Is beef!" he grunted. He had an accent of some sort, and an expression to kill.
"You sure mate?"
"Yes. Is beef."
By the look on his face Mike wasn't convinced. He stared at the man. The man stared back at all of us and cursed at us in another language.
"Mike? What the hell?" Catie punched his arm. "Why can't you ever be nice to people for once? I am never going to go with you anywhere!"
She continued abusing him emotionally and physically while we were walking back to my place. When she wasn't roughing Mike up she was always such a sweet thing. All the guys in town had the hots for her, me included. I couldn't believe it when she decided to hang with us.
I barley noticed I was staring at her until he waved a hand in front of me and laughed. Her cheeks were stating to go a little red.
I was going to make up some dumb excuse for staring when I was suddenly pushed to the ground. My head hit it so hard I lost consciousness. When I came to I was in the back of a van, dank and dark. I felt another body lying on top of me. I felt around to find someone else's legs next to me.
"Who's there?" I heard Mike whimper.
"It's me," I replied in a low, low whisper. I nudged the person lying across me. "Catie? Wake up, come on Catie!"
She didn't wake. I moved her off me and gently onto the floor. I used the wall for support and got up, banging my head on the roof. Pain ran through me from the base of my skull down to my legs and it brought me to my knees. Blinding light erupted from the opened doors and stunned me. Another fit of pain took over. I was helpless someone dragged me into a shed and tied my to a pole, I passed out.
When I woke it was twilight and I could just see Cate and Mike tied up, back to back opposite me. Catie was crying, though not as much as Mike. I opened my mouth to call them but then I saw someone in the shadow of the corner step forward. The knife in his hand reflected the new moonlight, he let out a throaty chuckle as my jaw dropped in terror.
"Taste funny eh?" He laughed roughly. "I wonder… why that is?" He bent down over Mike. "Maybe is not beef… maybe is little boy! Heh heh.."
Mike eyes widened as the man continued to chuckle. He raised the knife to Cate's lips "Maybe," he breathed sleazily into her hair, "Is little girl…"
He sliced her lips with his blunt blade, she didn't make any noise, I don't think she could feel the cut for the shock.
"You get it don't you?" He asked me, "I kill you huh?" I gulped as he continued to gaze at me with the same sleazy look he gave Cate. He swaggered over to me. He put the knife to my face.
"Such a pretty boy," he breathed down my neck, "pretty boy…"
"I'm not a fucking parrot…" I spat in his face.
Slicing pain struck my face. I cried out, and was answered by another slicing blow to the other side of my face.
"I learn from my father," I heard him say, "I learn how to kill the sheep, to slaughter the sheep and the cow and the pig. He was no good man. He hit my mother and he hit my brother and he hit me also. And when I grow up we had no money, no money at all. And my father, he so angry all the time! He blame my mother for him hungry! So one day… when I is very tired of his nag… I slaughter him and I give the meat to my mother. She say 'Oh Papa will be so pleased! I make him a pie eh? You good boy my son!' But Papa no come home, and we eat pie. Mother so happy he no come home and I slaughter more to keep family strong… "
"Where are your family now?" Cate asked.
He slapped her across the face, sending blood flying. "Brother is making money and mother is in the garden."
"What are you going to do with us?" She braved another smack from him.
"Talk a lot! I don't like this!" He swung his knife in the air and brought it down on the ropes binding Cate and Mike. He grabbed Catie by the scruff of her shirt and held the knife to her eyes. "Watch." He ordered.
He dragged her over to the other side of the shed and turned on a light, revealing a large meat grinder. He turned it on. Catie whimpered and tears filled her eyes. The man chuckled again, enjoying her terror. While his back was turned, Mike crawled over to me and let me free. I looked around for a weapon to use against him, there was a meat hook hanging from the rails, but that wouldn't do, by the doorway was a large plank of wood. That was more like it! I grabbed it and swung it round a few times getting the feel of it. My face stung like crazy but I ignored it. I was fully concentrated on hitting this guy. I was just a few paces behind him, almost there. I lifted the plank above my head slowly. Suddenly he swung his knife round, cutting through my chest. I dropped the wood and stumbled back. He pushed Catie away and went after me. Catie stumbled and tripped falling into the meat grinder. I turned away shutting my eyes closed as hard as I possibly could.
Screaming, cracking, breaking! That was all I could hear. Her terrified, pain-filled cries flooded the room. Her bones cracked and crunched and her insides popped and squished. There was a loud gruesome crack followed by a squelch, and she stopped screaming. The munching continued for moment, and then all we could hear was dripping.
I lay there stunned, as was Mike. The man had risen to his feet for a better view of her bloody death. I decided then and there that I would not be the victim. No! Not me! I was pissed and I was hungry for revenge. I loved Catie.
I picked up the wood and smacked it into his right ear, sending him spinning to the ground. Mike got up and jumped on his head, he took the wood from me and jammed it into the bastard's side, making him cry out. He got up onto one elbow and spat out a mouthful of blood. He chuckled. Mike smacked his face in again and again and again, and finally stepped back. The man was no longer recognisable. His nose was non-existent, his eyes had fallen out and were hanging by views down by his cheeks, which had been smashed in.
But he was still alive. He was screaming. Screaming at us, "Silly boys!" "I get you!" "Mush like your little friend!" He chuckled, the howled, then growled. He rose to his feet. Mike handed me the plank of wood. I looked him up and down and then nudged him into the meat grinder. Meat and blood was sprayed everywhere. His bones splintered and his guts slopped out. He was finished.
There was no chance yet to mourn over Catie. A car pulled up outside. Mike and I quickly his away in a wooden box in the corner, as a man burst throught the door.
"Johnny?" He called out with a thick accent. A few moments later when he had received no reply he went over to the grinder and turned it off. Mike and I watched him put in his apron and gloves and pile the minced man and our Catie into a bucked and poor them into a sausage mincer. He then proceeded to turn them both into sausages.
We watched him for a good two hours until he left. He snuck out when all was dark and followed the highway to the next town. We didn't say a word. When we got there we went straight to the police. They asked us all the questions you'd expect, but we couldn't remember where we'd been held, where Cate had died.
A week later my family and I were sitting down having dinner - I was strictly vegetarian by then. Mum was talking to me about a counsellor a friend had told her about when she started choking. Dad grabbed her around the middle and she coughed up a ball of mashed up food. In the middle of it, surrounded my sausage was a necklace. Catie's necklace. My family had just eaten my best friend Catie Greene…


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