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Deep Thoughts #2: Part 1: A Terrible Nightmare (In Short Story Form)

Short story By: Tihomir

This is episode #2 of my series, "Deep Thoughts" Please read and comment:P There is a Poem Version of it too. That is Part 2 of this episode:P Enjoy:P

Submitted:Oct 8, 2011    Reads: 97    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

I go to bed, exhausted, yet so many conflicting thoughts are hitting me. Can I possibly go to sleep with so much on my mind? It feels impossible, but as I think to myself, I get drowsier and drowsier by the second, and finally, I drift intointo a pool of that familiar, mercury-like liquidish metal. I fall into a (n) seemingly abyss-like pit. Suddenly, I enter that oh, such familiar dimension of beauty...of creativeness...of imagination. I bein to see colors and swirls and everything you could possibly see in a dream, and then...everything goes black.,

When I wake up, I have camping on my mind. I'm so excited to go camping for some reason. Normally I hate camping, but this time is SO different. This time, I want to face mother nature in that seemingly "impossible-to-win" battle that involves catching poison oak, and being surrounded by so manyflies and fleas that it would make a lady (who, by the way, hasn't showered since she was born) jealous. I am ready for this!!!

As I set up my tent, I hear a noise. I look toward where the came from and it stops. I continue on with the tent and I hear it again. I walk towards the rustling of leaves for a while, wondering, what it could be. It can't be anything big like a bear or a panther or something like that, so it has to be another person. I follow the rustling sound of leaves for about half an hour, when It finally stops at a nearby campsite. I listen for just the slightest sound, but there is nothing, but silence. That kind of silence that just seems to scream at you, but silence either way.

This silence is broken by a blood-curdling scream. I'm about to go to the tent, where the scream came from, when a black figure comes out the tent so I retreat. He runs away from the campsite, and then just dissapears. I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming (that never works). I stay still for a few minutes, just in case he comes back. I run into the tent, ann nearly start crying at the sight I see.

Laying on the floor, is the body of a woman. Her eyes are wide open in surprise(obviously). There is a knife in her chest,, and the is blood coming out of her eye. Slowly...so slowly making its way down her face, as if to be a last-shed tear. I study the knife, careful to not touch it, in fear of being accused of this mutilation. What could the murderer have wanted with her. Who would do such a thing to a (n) innocent person, such as she.

Suddenly, a gut-punching feeling hits me. I go to my parents' tent and tell them of what I have seen, but they don't believe me. I scream, in and out of my head. Are they crazy?! Do they not fear the ending of life, such as I do?! Why do they push me away like this? I don't know what to say? My mouth is dropped, as if there is a two-ton chain attached to it, falling to the ground. Suddenly, I hear the rustling sound again. I run...faster than I have ever ran before. I run for my life, not looking back, afraid that if I do, he might catch me and kill me right there.

Nearly a second later, I slow down. I want to run away, but I can't. I can barely move. My legs are moving as if to be in slow-mo. Everyhting else in nature is moving clearly and quickly, but not me. I hear him...getting closer and closer by the second. I feel him breathing on my neck. Oh my God, I think. It's over. I'm going to die. I see him heading towards me. With knife-in-hand. My terror is unimaginable by now. I brace myself for his life-ending attack. Just as his knife hits me, I wake up. I feel my body, thankful that I am still alive. Sweat pours down my face. I drift back off to sleep, ready for another adventure in my dreams.


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