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Mutated Toxic Zombies

By: Tylea7795

Page 1, Things that comes from the middle of no where. An no one can stop them.

It was storming hard. Lighting flashed. I was having trouble controlling the car when suddenly; in front of me a figure appeared. The figure was gruesome skin falling off its face moaning as he was walking towards me. I blinked twice thinking that I was in a dream. The figure attacked me trying to bite me. What the hell was that? I thought. When do people eat people? I pondered, I suddenly heard people screaming calling for help so I ran to see what was going on. There were millions of these things eating on people, limbs falling off, sirens going off, gunshots going off. I still was confused until I stop and thought to myself… it couldn’t be…I’m going crazy.

Are they zombies or aliens? It was horrifying these things were limping towards me I was staring at their faces and their eyes were different. They were piercing yellow with dilated pupils their smell was horrendous the skin was gray and ashy with yellowish green mucous. They came after me, I tried to fight them off and one bit me and my flesh came off. All of a sudden a bullet went through the things head I started to lose vision. Some person came to help me and I passed out. Few hours later, I’m lying on a couch not knowing where I am, I groaned saying, “Where I’m I”. An some one answered saying “ I saved your life”. After everything my arm was burning I started to yell. Gripping my arm and I could see my flesh start to decay. The person came and grabbed my arm and wrapped it with bandages. She told me that a zombie bit me where she has to amputate my arm so the virus won’t spread through my body.

I looked at her like she was crazy but somewhere inside made me believe that she was trying to save me, I told her fine. She left the room and got a saw with lots of alcohol and pads. She came back and put a stick in my mouth and throws the alcohol on my arm bubbles appeared on me. She started the saw and told me it would be fast. She put it against my arm and counted down to three. An at three it happened blood squirted everywhere not realizing how bad it would be. My arm flew into the air. I lost so much blood I passed out. Two weeks later I woke up my vision was blurry I felt sick. I finally got my vision back and saw the girl cleaning my arm, I asked her what her name was she said “Karla” she asked me what my name was I said “Thomas”. I started to ask question to find out why she was alone and she said her family is not with her any more it’s just her. An hour went past and we left, we tried to get to a safer place but that doesn’t exist anymore. We found a van, and drove to the nearest village. Once we got there a bomb blew up. Building flew everywhere car got destroyed. We could see heads all over the floor and guns. We seen an abandon hospital so we ran into it when we walked in there was hundreds of people hiding. We stayed there for weeks no food, no water just people waiting to be saved. I started to feel weird, and hungry and dizzy, I passed out.

‘Karla’ woke me up. She told me something I didn’t want to hear “I was dying” not realizing how that happen. She told me the virus is spreading throughout my body and that I will become a zombie soon. So I told her to kill me. I rather die than make people suffer so kill me before I kill you. She wouldn’t do it, so I did. I picked up the gun pushed the trigger to my head and blood splattered; as I knew it I was gone. But everything ultimately came down to the fact that I made the choice, and now I had to live with the consequences.








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