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Preview for The Darkened

By: ultraplayer25

Page 1, This is a short preview for my book, The Darkened. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

The man ran carrying a knife like a cat ready to pounce. He saw a man getting out of his car when bloodlust took over. It drove him at the man then he lashed out with the knife careful not to spill a drop. Then he drove out to wilderness to start his game. First, he took out a syringe and he drained the corpse of its blood. Then he emptied the twelve ounces into his mouth like a fat man with gravy. As it poured down his mouth he cupped his hands and lapped greedily. His next deed needed his knife. He took it and skinned the juicy meat from the bones. As he picked it off he poped the lukewarm meat like a drug addict with a bottle of pills. Soon it was nothing more than bones. Due to the fact that he was careful and crafty, he took out sandpaper with large grains. First, he started sanding away the teeth. Then, he worked on the fingers. The corpse was complete. It was still before dawn with a chill in the air. Police officer Moris came into the station to an unpleasant surprise. He had an unidentifiable corpse and a note. To whom it may concern, Lets play a game. Here's your first clue. L Taped to the bottom was a bag of metal pellets.

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