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I just want to know what you guys think about these sightings at my house of a strange young girl. tell me wat you think!

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I moved into my house about four years ago. Since that time, strange things have been happening. The past few houses my family has moved into have been more or less "haunted". my mom has a magnet for those things. In this house now, when my youngest sister was still a baby, she could be heard talking baby talk to someone who wasn't there. When she heard my parents getting out of bed, she would say, "Bye- bye" and act like she was not doing anything out of the ordinary. My other sister (the middle child) could also be seen waving at someone on the stairs when no one was there. At easter time, when my family was over, my aunt (who has a gift for seeing ghosts) saw a little black haired girl on the stairs in a polka dotted sunday dress. She waved at her and I saw her waving but couldn't see what she was waving at. Turns out, she thought she was waving at someone's kid, but nobody had a kid like that. She refuses to stay at our house now. Our baby sitter has also seen a little girl on the stairsin the samepolka dotted sunday dress. The two women had and still haven't ever met or spoken to one another. After watching the movie Shutter (in which ghosts appear on pictures of a camera) my best friend, my mom and I go on a ghost hunting trip. We take pictures of everything. In one picture of my mom, There is a strange light over her that makes the picture look over exposed. We took another one the same way with her in the same poistion and it was fine. It was so strange. I also took a picture of our window from the outside, and there was a strange object in the window that when zoomed in looked like a girl's head. It then moved away like it was running. Another time, I was in the basement (our play room) with my friend and my other best friend wtih the lights off. We sat in a circle and tried to contact the ghost. I felt a hand on my shoulder and my friend said someone was blowing on the back of her neck. My other best friend said someone was whispering incoherently in her ear. My mom's friend from work is sort of a phsycic (I think i spelled that right..) and she said that the ghost was looking for her mother. She said that the ghost may become jealous of me and my sisters for having a mom. that's why my mom always feels a presence around her. Like the time she thought my youngest sister was behind her while she was cooking andmy youngest sister was actually watching a movie in the den and there was no one there. Also, around 2:15; 2:20 in the morning, my mom has been waking up to strange smells that couldn't possibly be there. Like one: my mom woke suddenly one morning to the strong smell of burning plastic. She thought the house was on fire but when she left her bedroom, there was no smells and no fire. Another time: my mom woke up to the smell of toast and thought it was my dad but my dad was sleeping. Same with the time she woke up to the smell of brewing coffee. There was nothing there. Sometimes, when I'm home alone I see a girl out of the corner of my eye laughing or standing but when I look back she's gone. Like, for instance, my babysitter picked up my sister from school and I could have sworn that she was lying on the white couch in the den but when my dad came home and she bounded up to the door, I asked both her and my babysitter and they both said that she was on the brown couch in the living room. I have also been hearing people calling my name and once i swore that i heard the word "eta". I don't know what it means. It's not Latin and the closest word to it is "heth" I think and that is some sort of Greek god i think... This is the definition:

dread, a descendant of Canaan, and the ancestor of the Hittites (Gen. 10:18; Deut. 7:1), who dwelt in the vicinity of Hebron (Gen. 23:3, 7). The Hittites were a Hamitic race. They are called "the sons of Heth" (Gen. 23:3, 5, 7, 10, 16, 18, 20).

I'm not sure of the signifigance but you never know...

Just tell me what you think and any advice! Thanks a bunch!


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