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Hooray Sadie Grey Is Dead

Short story By: Vamplit

500 word flash fiction.

Submitted:Apr 16, 2009    Reads: 125    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Sadie Gray turned the corner, carefully avoiding the cracked paving slabs that formed a path to the dilapidated Victorian villa she'd inherited from her parents. Reaching the solid front door, Sadie paused as she always did, daring herself not to enter, daring herself to change. The hall, as usual, smelt slightly of damp and lavender. For thirty-two years four months two days it had always looked, felt and smelt the same way. In Sadie's life nothing ever changed, all things continued on and on, with nothing to break the monotony. Sadie had long ago given in, taken the path of least resistance and joined the ranks of the dull, tedious masses born to follow a well trodden path into the grave.
Sadie slowly slipped into the comfort zone of her bed, drifting off as soon as her head hit the pillow only to be woken a moment later. Singing infiltrated her subconscious and echoed over and over inside Sadie's sleep befuddled brain. Sadie heard the voice inside her head, bouncing off every wall in her bedroom and moving her from the warmth of the covers into the cold of the night.
'Sadie Gray, Sadie Gray, come out and play, Sadie Gray' he sang over and over, the moonlight shining as bright as day. 'Come on, Sadie, invite me in, it's cold out here and I'm hungry.'
'Last chance, Sadie Grey' he shouted while she hesitated. Finally something, she thought as she ran downstairs feet bare and caution thrown to the wind.
Sadie opened the garden door for the familiar stranger 'Invite me in Sadie, I've come to set you free' he said, smiling with bright white teeth and eyes shining like the moon.
'Please.' Sadie whispered as she stood aside in invitation.
'Dull, dead Sadie, you should have stayed in bed.' he said, reaching for her throat.
She felt the tendons in her neck tighten as he forced her back, his ravenous teeth the pale flesh of her neck leaving a gaping, pulsing portal into her soul. Pain as bright as lightning and sharp as a knife sliced through her, electrifying every nerve in her body. Pleasure merged with screaming agony as life, however dull, became death.
'Hooray Sadie Gray is dead' the vampire sang, as he walked down the street, invisible in the sunrise. Last of her blood, the final mortal remnant of the monster who made him. Revenge a dish best served cold had been delicious, he smiled. He'd searched the world and found the path to her door cracked with age and neglect. The vampire happily sang himself into oblivion.


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