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Short story By: Vashti Puls

Tags: Horror, Rape-

Victoria is met with more unfortunate events and vows never to leave the safety of her room again

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Victoria did not hear the footsteps though she flinched as she did now when any one came at her from behind, Her capturer heard them right away grabbed her hand and the bag full of left over fruit. "we's gotta get outta here", he said twisting the plastic bag around one hand and grabbing and dragging her with the other. He had just led them to the clearing and managed to wipe the dirt and wood chips from her when a park ranger approached them. For the most part she kept her eyes down now fearing the knife at her side. The man in the dirty blue overalls and ragged straw hat who proclaimed to be her husband gave the official a gap toothed smile. "Howdy Sir, warming up today ain't it." Victoria then quickly looked up and pleaded with her eyes for the man to save her. "Help me she screamed inside her head", hoping he would notice something was amiss. Too late the unnamed man who claimed to be her mate was ready with a reply. "Me and my missus here is going to a birthday party. We even bought us some fruit to celebrate. It's mighty cold but you're welcome to a bit!" He indicated the bag by lifting it and nodding at it. As Victoria tried slipping her hand away he held it tighter like an admiring lover. "It's a bit too early yet to be having out door picnics. The park requires a permit for that! The ranger growled. Well yessin, Sir , it sure is! We'd be glad to pays any fees we might be a owin's. Me and my gal was just trying to celebrate Spring a bit early that's all! The park keeper looked him up and down. "There is a group rate. Just be sure you do it according to the law! No moonshine or smoking now son ", he poked the man hard in the ribs! "You get my drift?" The officer barked! "Ummm yes sir! I know's I'm a visitin' from Tennessee but I keeps myself clean as a whistle, Yes Sir, I does!" Now you come with me over here to fill out the paper work. Do it quickly or I just might search you." You let your girlfriend rest awhile. She looks tired" As soon as the ranger say those words Victoria took off running while they were preparing to fill out the contract. The highway was across the street. Neither of them even noticed she was gone.

Below the highway was a rail road track she scrambled down as fast as she could. She was terrified now the man might catch her or even try to blame her for his having the hunting knife. When she reached the tracks she kept looking back both for trains and the mangy man who tried to claim her as his own. She finally found a hill and climbed up it. Luckily it was a neighbourhood she knew well. She kept looking behind her all the way both to see if a bus was coming and to see if he might have noticed where she had gone. She paused every few blocks to catch her breath. Luckily she had seen the bus in time to catch it. She had just enough change for her school lunch to pay the fare. She stared out the window all the way home. He was no where in sight! When she finally opened the door to her home she quickly ran up the stairs to her room! It was then she decided never to go outside again.
Vashti Puls


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