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I wanted to try to write an alien story I guess... So here ya go! :D

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It was cold, in the dark dense hallways. The metal of the walls creaked and groaned as the ship moved slowly through the dark abyss. Wide and clumsy steps echoed through the corridors, it was a drunken man named Jake: he was dressed in the suit he was wearing yesterday; he had pulled an all night party the night before.
"Heya, Eli. How's it goin?" Jake stumbled over to Eli and leaned on his shoulder to keep his balance.
"It's going pretty good, Jake. I see you had a good time last night, huh? I can smell the alcohol on you, bud." Eli stared at Jakes clothes; dirty, ratty, and smelly.
"You shoulda been there man, all those chicks. Man, you would have gotten some." Slapping Eli's back, Jake just about lost balance, then regained it.
"I don't need any girls. I have my Jenny back home, she's all I need." Pulling out a picture of a petite woman with straight brown hair, dark eyes and freckles: Eli smiled.
"You know she won't wait for you forever, right Eli?" Jakes face wrinkled with worriment as he looked at the picture and back at Eli's smiling face.
Eli sighed, and put the picture away. "She won't have to." Eli smacked Jakes back and jogged off to his room.
His feet were flying, he was so happy. He was finally going to go home to his Jenny! Eli stumbled and fell to the ground; a large impact shook the ship. "What the-" Another impact smashed into the side of the ship. The echo's of scraping and tearing of metal. Something big was on the ship, and it was slicing through solid steel like butter.
Eli had stood up and grabbed onto a metal pipe on the side of the ship, he was looking around to see where he could go. He had started to run back down towards Jake as a monstrous claw sliced through the wall, right in front of his face. His eyes widened as the claw started to twist a hole into the hall. Eli ran.
As he ran, he started looking over his shoulder to see what was happening with the claw, it had pulled out of the ship, only to be replaced by fifty or sixty small creatures with small childlike faces and tentacles. He stopped and stared at the small creatures in bewilderment. One had spotted him and let out a small chirping sound as it moved at an impossible speed towards Eli. The small creature had launched itself off the ground and was projected towards Eli's face. His eyes widened, shocked at the sight.
The creature was almost upon him when it suddenly exploded into a pile of boiling green flesh, Eli looked around. Jake grabbed him and pulled him out of sight.
"Man! Get your shit together, Jesus Christ!" Jake smacked him across the face, "You gotta get your act together or you'll be dead in five minutes!"
Eli stared at him, "What... Are those things?"
"I got nothing but there are bigger ones on the upper floor, they look like raptors or something. They got tongue's that come out that got teeth on 'em! Remy is already dead, raptor thing got 'im" Jake held out a gun for Eli, "Take this." Eli took the gun and latched it onto his arm securely.
"Okay man, I'm gonna go down to the 5th floor, I got to call Jenny." Eli bolted out of the corner and to the stairs, the small creatures were after him, Jake had started shooting the creatures as Eli ran.
"ELI! YOU'RE A FUCKING FOOL!" Jake screamed as he fought off tens of the small creatures at a time. Eli looked back to see a small creature attaching itself to Jakes face, the creature plunged its tentacles into the base of his neck and held on as Jake flailed around while more creatures attached themselves to his limbs and torso. Eli whipped his head back just in time to see a creature flying at his face, he ducked and shot it and watched as its flesh boiled, then fled once again.
He was on the fourth floor, walking very slowly. He sensed something around him, and not just one. He stared into the shadows with his gun at full attention. He heard a snap and flipped around as a large slimy cat looking creature skidded to a stop in front of him. He shot at it, it spit acid at Eli's gun, dissolving it into nothing. Eli stared at the beast in amazement.
The cat-like creature circled him, sizing him up. It snapped at him violently: he jumped, stomped on its head and ran up and off its back as he ran for the stairs at the end of the hall. Just as he reached the door to the stairs a reptile-looking creature jumped out and lunged at him; his eyes widened and hit the floor, sliding in between the creature's legs; the rushing cat creature and the reptile creature collided, the reptile toppled over the cat as it skidded out of control and ended up on its side.
The reptile raised its head and shot its tongue out and sliced open Eli's leg: he howled in pain as he stumbled down the stairs. The horrifying screeching sounds of the creatures echoed down the stairwell.
As Eli reached the bottom of the stairs, he sat on the last stair and wrapped a strip of bandage around the brutal wound on his leg. He stood up and as he looked around he almost fell back again. His surroundings, this was not what the fifth floor was supposed to look like... He stared around at the growing mould and slime on the walls, the people who had lived here were slaughtered, arms and legs flung carelessly about the room, heads hanging from the ceiling.
"What the fuck is going on here..." he whispered to himself as he stared around in amazement. His heart twisted as he realized he would never see his Jenny again, he was going to die.
Eli stared around, then started to slowly advance forward through the slaughter and slime, he needed a computer badly. He looked around for a moment and saw a computer intact, he rushed over to it and started typing furiously. He had gotten connected with Jenny.
"Eli? Where are you? What's going on? Are you okay?" Jenny stared at the computer screen in horror, he was bleeding from somewhere.
"Jenny, I don't have long. I'm not coming home, baby. I'm sorry... I can't come back to you, I'm going to die" Eli was tripping over his words and looking over his shoulder as he spoke.
"Eli, what's going on, why are you talking like this? You can't die, you promised you'd come home..." Tears were rolling down Jenny's face as she spit out the words.
"There's... Something up here, I don't know what it is, but there are creatures on the ship... They killed Jake! They killed everyone!" Eli was getting more frantic as he got jumpier, "Wait! Shh! Did... You hear that? Oh my god something is here.."
"Eli!! Behind you!! WHAT IS THAT?! Oh my god, Eli! Run!!" She was screaming at Eli to move, to run, to do something: but he just stood there.
"Jenny... I love you." Eli closed his eyes and turned around, opening them to find a huge beast. It had no characteristics of anything on earth.
The large creature shot out a huge spike, it shot through Eli's stomach and separated into five spikes that tore Eli apart, the beast then sucked the man's torn apart body into its mouth, grinding it with millions of razor sharp fangs.
Jenny watched in horror as her boyfriend was devoured by the creature, she was screaming Eli's name, even though she knew Eli was gone.
The monster stared at the computer screen: Jenny screamed again as the monster roared and smashed the computer into a million pieces.


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