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I was in a pissy mood so... Here you go.

Submitted:Jan 9, 2010    Reads: 108    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

The haunting darkness of a thousand beaten souls had corrupted the light that had consumed the world. The demons had devoured the light and left nothing but darkness. Black, haunting darkness.
The demons had left nothing alive but themselves, so they had resorted to cannibalism to keep alive Until one day, they smelt the familiar scent of flesh, that of a human. A female, in fact. The demons had searched far and wide for this girl, but never seemed to have any luck in finding her. Though everyday they heard her haunting song.
"Ring around the rosie,
Pocket full of posies.
Ashes, ashes,
We all fall down"
The girl sat alone, in a secluded corner of the world, darkness tormented her; trying to break her soul down and devour it whole. It didn't work. Her voice echoed around the world, bouncing off walls and echoing into the darkness. Nothing moved as she sang her song, since it was the only clue to where she would be.
A demon had picked up her scent, it was strong and the scent of her flesh coursed through his body as he ran closer to where it was coming from. Dark black saliva dripped from his jowls as he drew closer to the open black doorway, the world fell silent as her song echoed through the shadows. The demon had not hesitated, he kept on his course.
"Ring around the rosie…"
The girl rocked back and forth, her naked body curled into a ball and her hands over her head. The darkness was tormenting her again, she sang to drive the shadows away.
"Pocket full of posies…"
The demon drew nearer as he lurked through the shadows around the door, she sensed his presence and sang louder, making the echoes scream through the darkness.
"Ashes Ashes…"
The demon was now taunting her, circling her and snapping into the darkness, she looked up and from what the demon saw She had no eyes, they were black holes in her skull, and her skin was pure white. She turned her head towards the demon and cocked her head slightly, as if she knew he were there.
"We all Fall Down."
The demon charged at her, ripping her body open, shredding her flesh like paper. The girl stared into the oblivion, then suddenly as the demon feasted on her flesh; she screamed, the ear splitting shriek echoed through the shadows and through the darkness. Ripping the dark charred flesh from the demons and forcing the blood out of their veins. The scream stopped, but echoed through the distance once more, ripping through the shadows, slicing through the bodies of the demons
Everything was obliterated.


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