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This is a short story/poem I wrote last year for an assignment. The story is about a man named Terry who is viscously attacked by an unknown creature while on his way to an important event. I mostly chronicle his mental state after the event.

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He was running, panting and sweating. He is tired and bleeding from vertical teeth

marks on his torso. He finds safety in a nearby abandoned house. He tends to his wounds while

thinking to himself, "Terry what did you get yourself into, and what was that. Is it infected with

rabies or poisonous?" "Terry, you've got to relax, and find a hospital." Terry said trying to calm

down. Terry searches the house for alcohol. He finds a forty ounce bottle of colt forty five,

"Good enough," he exclaimed. He pours it on his wounds. He screams in agony, "It shouldn't

hurt this much!" He took a sip of the forty ounce. Terry found a bed and passed out.

Terry has a nightmare recounting what happened. He was driving down a street in the

middle of the woods. He was on his way to a party. Something jumped in front of his car. Terry

tries to stop the car. He swerved and went off road. He crashes into a tree. Something is coming.

It's the thing that was in the street. It leaps towards the car. Terry tries to go out of the passenger

side. The thing grabs him and bites him vertically, and pulls him out of his car while squeezing

Terry tightly. Terry jams his hand into the thing's right eye. Terry got free. He ran in fear

throughout the woods until he found a cabin.

Terry woke up feeling extremely sick, and found that his wounds were infected. He went

to pour more alcohol on his wounds; he suddenly froze for no reason then after a couple of

minutes, threw the bottle in a rage. "Perfect", he snickered under his breath. He looked outside

and thought, "I wonder if it's safe yet". Terry approached the door in anticipation, reached for

the knob, turned the knob, and opened the door to a brightly lit sunny field with surrounding

woods. He proceeded to leave and venture back into the woods. Terry was on the lookout for a

road. "I remember distinctly driving on a road when it happened, that thing totaled my car". He

thought. He assured himself, "There's no way I'm going back that way".

Terry walked for hours. Once again tired Terry all but collapses. Nightfall is coming, he

can see it in the sky. He sees a light in the distance he races towards it. His legs gave out about

halfway there. He screamed, "No!" Terry is determined he manages to stand up only to pain he's

never felt before. His wounds feel like they're still moving. It's like he's still being bitten. Terry

powers on. He is suddenly very hungry. Terry threw up, but still walked on. He's almost there.

His head starts to hurt. His face is now red and burning. He struggles, "just a little further."

There are a group of campers at this light, the light is a fire. Terry screams," HEL-". He let out a

powerful roar, before his grows two or three more feet, grows long black nails, a snout, and a

tail. Terry was now something unknown.

He violently ate the campers, organ by organ. He started with a young woman. He

bit her neck clean off, then her head. Another camper, a young boy, came at him with a lit log

from the fire. He was unfazed by fire; in fact he bit the fired portion of the log off and ate it. He

then went for the camper's legs, but he ran. He then took his tail and ripped the spine out of the

camper's back, then ate the camper whole. He picked his teeth with the camper's spine. There

was a third camper, an older man, he ran from the scene. He caught up with the camper and

clamped him with his teeth. In the process banging the camper against trees, rocks, and the

ground. Finally, he ate the camper like a Twinkie. It's sunrise.

As the sun came up he reverted back to his human form. Terry was back. Terry

scratched his head in confusion. He had no recollection of the events that happened the past

night. He checked his surroundings, and in horror he saw the bloodbath his alter self-caused.

Terry is unaware that it was him who caused it. He coughs something up, a human toe. Terry is

at the same time disgusted and terrified. He proceeds to run in fear screaming at the top of his

lungs, "No!, No!, No!" Terry begins to cry at what he did. Terry couldn't believe it, he didn't

know what to do. Thoughts ran through Terry's head, "What did I do?", "What did that thing do

to me?", "What am I". He hears people nearby. Terry rushed to warn the approaching people. He

did not see their guns. Terry, continuing to run while shouting, "It's not safe go home there's

something out here!", is shot in the head. He smiled as he took his last breath.

The people were hunters. They mistook him for a bear. They approach the prize only to

see that it was a man. "Oh crap, it's a person", one of them shouted. "What are you talking about,

Gene", another exclaimed. "I shot a man, Que", Gene answered. Que responded, "Call the

police". Gene sighed," Let me get my phone". The police arrived and took their statements, and

picked up the pieces of Terry's head scattered on the ground. Terry's death was ruled accidental.

Terry woke up the next day in the morgue.


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