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A group of campers have been stalked by some monster. They all believe it would be safest to hide in the woods. They have never been so wrong.

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I sat shivering in the darkness. No word has come, from anyone. I believe them to be gone. Dead, mutilated, lost, changed, I don't know! None of us knew! We just had to run, or we would be gone too. It invaded our camp late at night. I was out, searching the woods for sign of danger or any followers. The forest was dense and ominous, hiking through was always a dangerous job. I had been following a trail when I found the blood. Not alot, but enough to get me worried, I scoured the area, looking for the worst, a body, a head, but hoping for the best, maybe an animal. Unfortunately, an animal is what I found. A squirrel. Decapitated. A cut too clean to be made by other animals, at least animals of the average nature. It was that moment that I heard the screams. I sprinted towards my camp, scarring my legs with the thick underbrush, yet there was no desire in me to stop. I needed to find my husband. I needed to go to the scream which I will always recognize as the voice of my 5 year old daughter, Eloise. I reached the camp to find it ablaze. Friends I once knew darted between tents, seeming to not care about the fact that they too were burning. I wanted to run to the nearby river, do what I could to stop this blaze from becoming a forest fire. No matter what my plan was, it dissolved at the sight of the small figure, crumpled to the ground. I fell to my knees and crawled to my sweet Eloise. There was no expression in her face, her eyes glassy and distant. I made an attempt to lift her, then I noticed the angle of her legs. Twisted by some unnatural strength that was enough to force them into a state of pure agony, one of which could not be repaired. With her face illuminated by the advancing firelight, I wept over her disfigured body. The screams faded to nothing and I couldn't care less about the flames beginning to cloak us both. Suddenly it was my own screams penetrating the night. Eloise was standing before me. That movement had made a sickening snapping noise emit from her legs, and I could see bone protrude from her skin. She looked down at me smiling wide, with her face still burning in the fire. "Momma, you don't have to cry, Momma you can come with us." she called to me. Who was this we? Was it the being that had stalked our every move, murdered my friends and mutilated my daughters body and soul? I didn't need to wait long for an answer. A being of undistinguishable features stood behind Eloise, not having been there before. Its form was constantly shifting and changing before my eyes and seemed to absorb the fire. The one thing that didn't change was it's eyes. Gaping holes which took up half of it's face that seemed bottomless, like I could fall into them. It reached out to me and stroked my face. Suddenly I couldn't see, I could barely breath, but I stood and I ran. I didn't stop running till my lungs begged for mercy, and I collapsed. That was 3 days ago. I am thirsty and hungry. I will need to go out soon. I still can't see and my breathing is raspy, but I can smell people approximately 5 miles away. I can feel the burns on my back and scars on my legs. I feel nothing where my eyes once rested. No matter. I'm hungry. It seems about time I follow the scent of the people. Someone must pay for my Eloise. Someone. Someone... I'm Hungry.


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