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Daddy Don't Go

Short story By: writersbug

I think the beauty of writing is that, sometimes, you can say so much with so little....

Submitted:Oct 14, 2011    Reads: 47    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

A frantic phone message: "Lynn? Lynn, are you there? Please pick up, please!! Bobby's been in an accident, do you hear me? He's been in an accident!! The doctors, they say he might not make it, he's slipping away. Oh God!! Give me a call, please; I need to talk to you."

Return call: "Hello, Lynn?"

"Yes, Mrs. Sporroto, it's me. I called just as soon as I got the message. How is he?"

"Not good, not good at all. The doctors...they have no hope. Pessimistic bastards!! They say they've done all they could for him, that it's his choice now, if he wants to live or die. You should see how bad he looks!!"

"What happened?"

"Car accident, drunk driver in the other lane swerved over, and hit him dead-on. His car, like an accordion. They had to pull him out of there, they were afraid to, at first, because of spinal injury, but he would have died in there if they hadn't. He's in ICU now, connected to all those machines."

"I'm so sorry; I don't know when I'm going to be able to get there..."

"You have to come, please, hurry!! He's going to die, unless he hears Kristy's voice. Please!! I know you guys divorced a long time ago, and you live almost two states away, but please, his daughter is the only one now who can save him!! Please!!"

"I'll do what I can, I'll be there."

Doctor's office: "We've done all we can, Mrs. Sporroto. Your son is slowly dying."

"Don't give me that shit!! You said it was his choice."

"Yeah, but something has to make him want to live, and considering your son's condition, that has to be something really, really powerful."

"I've got it covered."

ICU room: "Hold on baby, just hold on, Mom's got someone coming for you. Just please hold on!!"

Hospital lobby: "We got here just as soon as we could."

"Hurry, his room's upstairs!! Room 16-C!! Come on!! Kristy, honey, don't be scared. It will all be okay, I promise. Don't be scared..."

ICU room: "Here she is, baby, just like I promised. Go ahead, Kristy, say something to your father. Make him wake up, please make him wake up!!

"Daddy, please wake up. It's Kristy, Daddy. Please wake up. Daddy, don't go!!"

Inside a dying mind: "Daddy, don't go!!"

"Lynn, Lynn, come here!! Kristy just said her first words, I can't believe it!!"

"Bobby, sweetheart, how could she? She's only two months old. Stop teasing me."

"But she did, I swear, she said, 'Daddy, don't go.'"

"That's nice sweetheart, I've got work to do."

"I know that's what you said, isn't it, Kristy, baby? Daddy loves you, and don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."



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