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Beyond Imagination

Short story By: Xion

Short story :P

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A lonely house silently creaked, but the light blue, two story house had all the comforts of home. It stood at the end of a small neighborhood. Many of the houses in the neighborhood were much bigger than the light blue house that was bought by the Blossom's family. Arron Blossom had just lost his wife several months ago and thought a new home would help his three children get over the lose. Arron's oldest is his seventeen year old son named Micheal, he is a talkative young man like most teenagers. His second oldest is his fifteen year old son named Joey, a bit of a needy child that is always looking for attention. His youngest is his nine year old daughter named Ann, one of the sweetest children in the neighborhood. The strange killings began just two weeks after they moved in, two people were dead so far. Arron sat at the round table in the middle of the kitchen, his eyes fixed on the daily paper in his hands. He grunted as he read a title out loud to himself,

"Elderly woman brutally murdered in her home... no trace of killer, huh. That's a damn shame."

He remembered the elderly woman that the paper was talking about, a sweet old lady with many cats who lived just across the street. Micheal slowly walked in and sat down at the table,

"Hey, dad?"

Arron looked up from the paper,

"Yes, Mike."

Micheal signed,

"Could I go down to the lake tonight?"

Arron gazed hard at him. In truth he didn't like the idea but he honestly would rather him hang out with his friends instead of staying cooped up in this house. He sighed heavily,

"If you take your brother with and be back before midnight then yes."

Micheal jumped excitedly out of his seat,

"Thanks dad!"

Micheal turned to run out of the room but stopped when Arron called him back,

"No drinking or anything of the such."

Micheal nodded strongly and ran out of the room, dodging passed young Ann walking in holding a piece of paper. Her long hair covered half her face. She smiled wide as she handed the paper to Arron. He smiled,

"Oh, did you draw a picture Ann?"

She nodded happily. Arron examined the picture,

"You drew our pretty blue house and a smiling sun too. Good job, sweetheart."

She smiled bright and ran out of the room, he guessed to draw him another picture. Arron gulped down the rest of his coffee and headed toward the door to go to work, the kids would usually go to school but it is summer vacation for them. He started up his dull white car and drove to his job as a pay-roller for a local business. Nine hours passed, the clock at his computer finally clicked six after a long, boring day at his dull job, his drive home even more so. Arron parked his car in the driveway, and slowly walked through the front door. The entire house is dark, no lights could be seen.

Micheal gently sipped a small drink of the alcohol bottle, he stumbled around for a second before regaining his footing on the sandy bank of the lake then running his hand through his short black hair out of pure boredom. He gazed at Joey who danced awkwardly in a ring of people, he twisted around then fell onto the sand. Micheal chuckled loudly, then everything went black, a horrible pain shot through his head. His mind numbingly flinched, his hand gripped something soft. He slowly lifted his head from the sand and gazed in horror at the piece of flesh and wet blood he held in his hand. His body jolted up, his instincts reacted and he threw the flesh from his sight. Micheal weakly stood up, blood covered him from head to toe. Everyone around him laid dead on the ground, blood stained the ground, intestines and flesh covered the ground. Several of his friend's eye sockets were black with nothingness, his little brother Joey lay dead, his limbs completely ripped off his body. His eye sockets empty, his ribs were pried open.

Arron slowly walked up the stairs, cautious as he headed to Ann's room. He rounded the corner of the stairs and stared into Ann's lite room, she sat in the middle of the floor drawing another picture. Arron lingered over her for a moment before rubbing her shoulder,

"What are you drawing now Ann?"

A huge grin spread across her face,


She grabbed the paper and handed it to her father. He examined the picture, his smile disappeared. He could see the poorly drawn stick figure of Mike, he stood over a dark red puddle, his hands and body is covered with red. In his hand he could see a silver object that is pointed, a knife. The background of the picture is covered with blue, the blue water of the lake. The picture fell from his hand, he ran to the door and jumped in his car. He raced down the road to the lake, speed didn't matter to him. His car halted to a stop at the side of the bank beside the road, he jumped out of the car and rushed down the bank. Micheal just stood staring at the ground around him as Arron grabbed his arm he retracted, his entire arm is covered with crimson blood. He shook his fear from him and grabbed both his arms,

"Micheal! Micheal!"

Micheal's eyes slowly raised to his. Arron slowly exhaled,

"What happened here?!"

Micheal's mouth gapped open, he didn't dare say a word. Arron didn't dare gazed down at the ground as he led Micheal to the car,

"Where is Joey?"

Micheal twitched uncomfortable, his mind in denial,

"I-I-I think h-he's at the h-h-ou-se."

Arron nodded strongly as he shoved Micheal into the front seat then raced to the driver's side and quickly got in. His tires screeched as he sped out of the gruesome scene. Arron parked the car in the driveway and quickly went to the passenger's side, he grabbed Micheal and slowly led him inside. Arron set Micheal on the couch inside, then went upstairs to find Ann. Micheal laid awake on the couch, his hands over his face. He could hear his father's footsteps frantically search the second floor. He heard a short creak in the corner of the room, his eyes slowly gazed into the darkness. His young sister emerged from the darkness, a terribly sinister grin encased her face, she held a knife in one hand. A low chuckle escaped her lips as she slowly walked toward him. As she got closer he could see her completely black, evil eyes stare through him. She uttered a low voice,


She rushed to him, she thrust her knife through his eye. Micheal screamed as blood and eye juice gushed down his face, Ann smiled wide as she shoved the knife further into his eye. Blood squirted out of his eye and completely covered her face, she smiled wide and licked the blood around her mouth. She watched as Micheal stopped moving, whether he was dead or unconscious she didn't know. Her small hands grabbed his shirt and tore his shirt open. Both of her hands gripped one side of his ribs, with a loud chuckle she pulled one side of his rib out. The rib made a loud crack as it was pulled outward. She grinned mischievously as she bent the other side of his rib outward, her hands ripped through his chest and wondered through his chest cavity. Her lips parted showing her long, pointed, dagger teeth, she sank her teeth into a dark red object in her hands. Blood dripped from her chin, she gripped the knife and quickly pulled it out of his eye socket. She smiled and slowly walked into the shadows, her footsteps echoed as she glided up the steps.


A grim smile crept across her face when she saw her father in her room, bent over, looking at the pictures she had drawn. She held the bloody knife at her side as she inched closer, not making a single sound. She murmured under her breath,

"Daddy. Grim Annie is here..."


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