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What you don't see... doesn't mean it's not there

Short story By: Xion

Short Story, hope you enjoy

Submitted:Mar 27, 2013    Reads: 33    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

In the cool night a tennis ball flew through the air, it bounced along the short green grass for several feet. A large stick in the shape of a club swung at it and missed, a light chuckle filled the air. He chased after the ball, the stick held at his side as he ran. His short, dark brown hair blew against his quick speed to fetch the ball. He wore a comfortable black t-shirt and grey jeans. His hand scooped up the ball from the ground and threw it in the same direction it came. The ball rolled against the ground until it came to rest in a soft hand. She picked up the ball with ease and smiled as she turned it several times in her hand. She again tossed the ball to the young man, he swung the stick. The stick collided with the ball and it went flying pass a tree, rolling into the darkness. A slight shiver went down her spine as she trotted into the darkness to retrieve the ball. Her eyes scanned the darkness for the tennis ball. A light glimmer of yellow caught her eye and she immediately trotted to it, the tennis ball laid at rest under an unusually shaped tree. The tree is tall with long branches that reached out at the empty air, the ends of the branches are curved and hooked. She could feel her heart begin to pound, the tree made her uneasy. She slowly reached down to pick up the ball but stopped, a low animal growl vibrated from above her. She felt her body tremble with fear as she gazed up the tree. A pair of bright red eyes stared back at her from the darkness of the tree, her eyes strained but she could not see its body. She felt her breath leave her body as the creature's eyes slowly crawled down the trunk of the tree. In the moonlight she could see the creature's form. It is a dark brown humaniod with a twisted body, its entire body backwards. Its long, crooked, fingers raised as it took a step to her, its chest cavity heaved at the sight of her. She couldn't scream as the creature's claws cut into her chest. She watched it lick the blood from its claws, she gazed down at deep wound and trickling blood. She felt the creature's claws cut into her throat, an enormous amount of pain came with it. Her legs collaped under her and she slumped to her knees, the creature stood over her, mocking her. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes as the creature raised its hand to strike her for the final time. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see herself die.

It cupped its hands as it slurped the blood from her opened up stomach. Blood stained the ground around her body, her blank dead eyes stared at the sky. The creature's bright red eyes darted up from the girl's body, it listened to the loud yelling of the young man's voice. He was calling out to her, asking if she was okay. It made one last slurping noise then got to its feet and slowly walked in the direction of the young man's yelling.

The young man watched as his girlfriend limped out of the darkness, her face was unusually pale. He again asked if she was okay. She didn't answer but instead motioned for him to come. He watched her disappear into the darkness, a shiver rushed down his spine but he reluctantly began to follow. He didn't see where she went in the darkness but he still kept walking, hoping she would show herself. His foot tripped over what he presumed was a root, he fell face first into a dark wet puddle. His eyes gazed down at what tripped him, he stared in shock at what he saw. His girlfriend laid dead on the ground, deep slashes covered her chest and neck, her stomach was torn open. Blood filled the stomach cavity. A puddle of blood covered the entire ground around her. Tears flooded from his eyes as he gently picked up her cold hand and held it against his face as he continued to cry. His tears stopped for a second and he gazed up from her body. Bright red eyes stared down at him from the otherside of her body. He stared at the dark brown misshapened creature that stood before him. Tears again started to flood his eyes, he gazed down at his dead girlfriend. The creature slowly walked around her body to him as he kept whispering in her ear "I will see you soon, I love you." The creature slowly raised its hand above its head and prepared to swipe.

The tree's history started with a group of teenagers who tied a young girl to the tree then brutially killed her in order to try and make a portal. They hoped that the tree would bind whatever came through to the tree, weakening it, and allowing it to be easily controllable. The teenagers however never thought an actual demon would be the one who came through the portal. None of the teenagers survived that night. All were killed in the same way, claws on their chest, intestines riped out, and evidence of their blood being drunk. Now the demon sits and waits for prey to come to him.


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