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Good Night (be aware)

Short story By: XxalexandraxX

Emma is about to be ultimatly hummilated by her crush...to bad it doesnt end well for him...

Submitted:Apr 25, 2009    Reads: 304    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

Warning: might contain inappropriate content

Emma's phone vibrated in her back pocket.

"Hello?" she answered the interruption.

"Hey, Emma. Ummm, I was wondering if you want to get together sometime. It's me, Jesse."

Emma's heart stopped. Shock spread across her face. No way could it be Jesse Davis. Emma had been in so called "love" with Jesse since fifth grade, and now they were both juniors in high school, and Emma just fell in love with the idea that she'd have the head of the soccer team, blue eyed, blonde hair, Jesse all to her self.

"Umm, sure." She agreed.

"Great! Meet me at Charlie's house. Okay?" everyone knew where Charlie's house was. It was the loudest, most vibrant house in the rich neighborhood. If you'd ever driven by it when Charlie's parents were out of town, you'd see a big party going on. It was hard to miss.

"Sure. What time?" Emma pried.

"Uhhhh, about ten?" there was loud static in the background. It was hard understanding his voice, but Emma was to busy having a heart-attack to notice.

"Okay!" Emma agreed. Then the line went dead.

She almost screamed with joy. Emma, the girl who was always teased about being too much of a geek, and too little of coordinated, was going to be with Jesse.

It wasn't that Emma was ugly or anything, it's just that she lacked a lot of confidence. She had curly dark hair that was always glowing in the sunlight, light blue eyes that were the shape of tiny little diamond ovals, and full lips that were the color of light pink roses. She was slender looking, and always dressed plainly, she was invisible. But tonight, she wouldn't be. She hurried back to her home to pick out the best ensemble.

She arrived at the house at 9:59. She had straightened her black locks, and actually used some make-up. She was wearing a tight black mini dress, with long black boots. This was a first for Emma; she looked hot.

"Hey! Wassup?" Steve greeted at the front door, he was checking out Emma, and nodding his head.

"Come in, babe. Jesse's waiting upstairs." He winked, and swayed his head, a motion signaling to come in.

Emma stepped in, half of her body shaking in terror, and half in delight. She started for upstairs, barely breathing in the smell of the alcohol that floated through the house.

She reached the top of the stairs and walked to the first door, her hands were cold from being nervous. Was she really going to do this? Emma had always been a coward. What was so different now? She twisted the knob open.

There was someone in the shower, and cloths spread across on the bed.

Guy's cloths.

Emma felt like she was about to faint.

"Hey Em! You start with out me, I'll be right out!" A voice from the bathroom called.

What? What did he mean "start with out me?" Emma was shaking, but it was from excitement more then fear. He wanted her to take off her cloths?

Emma hesitated for a second then began stripping off her dress, and her boots. It was like a snake shedding its skin.

There she was in her undergarments sitting at the edge of the bed. She tossed her hair back and forth nervously. Then she almost gasped when the water from the shower stopped.

She laid down on the bed, waiting for Jesse; posing her awkward body best as she could.

The door was opening and Emma's body was in static.

She couldn't wipe of the smile on her face. Then Jesse appeared from the bathroom door; fully dressed.

He was holding a video camera in both hands, and he was wearing a devious grin. He pointed the camera at Emma's direction. Emma was to frozen in shock to understand what was happening in that second, but in the next, she was screaming and looking for her cloths.

Jesse was laughing so hard, that his face was turning blue. "You actually thought that I wanted to sleep with you?" he said between laughs. Emma was crying hysterically, tears flooding her face that she couldn't see what she was doing. She was trying to get her dress on, but was failing miserably.

Jesse came closer to her getting a shot of her sobbing face. Emma was terrified; she wanted to get out of there as fast as she could.

But then she had a better idea. She kept crying, and hysterically looking around the room, for anything she could use.

Then her eyes caught a glimpse of what she needed. There on the desk was an envelope opener, just sharp enough.

Jesse was laughing and getting a close up of her rear, when she stood up, still sobbing, and retrieved the opener.

Jesse stopped laughing when the cold metal pierced into his stomach. The expression on his face was pained, and now Emma was the one laughing. The video camera dropped from his hands and he fell to his knees.

Emma bent down, and kissed his lips as hard as she could.

She twisted the knife in his gut once more. And Jesse let out a cry of pain.

Emma kissed his lips for the last time.

"Good night." were the last words that Jesse Davis ever heard.

This has been a Dark short story, check out more in the collection…that is…if you dare…


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